Crumbs or promises

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Upon the yellow brick road

Laced in cracks and shadows

Many will fall and get lost

Be tramped upon old imprints

Of tired dreams and beliefs

Its shine will become blurred  

In tones of crimson and tears

Lines are crossed or stopped       

As silent prayers get drown

Into the petrichor air of earth    

Yellow is far more than color

It’s also a very eager blindness    

That deceives earnest believers

Into silly thinking… they be, God


Poet of the Light © 2022


Jenna called to tell me you crossed

Think I felt my soul trying to follow

It was like my universe just stopped


Never needed your embrace- more

Then I did in that frozen moment

Sometimes I think I’m still there

Sometimes it’s too hard to swallow


Nothing about this made any sense

God, I wish I didn’t know how it felt

I don’t think it’s ever going to leave

It’s like an inhuman cruel hollowness


That no place in a time of no returning

Echoes inside my heart each morning

It’s like morning promise… without a dawn


Poet of the Light © 2022


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I no longer compete, I’ve no need

Having long stepped away from

Crowds of self-proclaimed warriors

A legacy of battling an invisible foe

As if different foes wear the same face

That most if not all, are yet to encounter

While daily justifying their abstractions    

Espousing their superior knowledge

Secretly desiring to recruit others      

Perhaps they find peace in numbers

Or perhaps they enjoy when- mob’s rule            

Until you become what’s overly ruled       

I’ll be- my second greatest advocate

After living conscientiously… comes first


Poet of the Light © 2022

A man sea’s

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Twilight molested my attention

So, my utopian dream must wait

Thunder reverberated my ambiance

Without further thought I prepped

Dressing, then I headed outwardly

I drove myself to a nearby beach                    

Loaded my fishing gear into a boat

Then pushed away from- what if’s  

Just then rain and sunshine collided

Random waves dictated my course

Settling to be an observant passenger

And while trolling about my existence

I debated if I should’ve brought oars

Within a memory, I failed to…live first


Poet of the Light © 2022


I’m living what has been foretold

In words, examples, and metaphors

Of days of my youth and triumphs

Of broken promises and tears cried

Of love- when it visited for a time

And of enduring broken heartaches


I’ve heard Hawthorne’s whispers

As they rustled through the trees

Then quietly slide down shadows

To eventually sit here next to me

Neither did we speak to each other

But we shared an understood peace


I understood far less than I really knew

But I always sought to secretly improve

Stupidly hoping; none be the wiser of me

But as the adage claims; I had my bliss

In mind, intentions, and my heart alike

Odd how we change into someone else


One day far too soon for me even now

I’ll be the forgotten time…I borrowed


Poet of the Light © 2022

Eternalized dawn

After shedding hails of platitudes

That rang more like veiled excuses

There come these quiet moments

I set aside for an intuitive visit

Where I feel somewhat bewildered

As if I’m part of some Parliament

Of observant but rouge Night owls

Scattered about forgotten landscapes

Reexamining musty leftover yesterdays

Looking for introspective answers

To pending questions no one else dares

As I try to nurture my own nature  

Of enlightenment and scarred truths        

I’m so thankful to have had… you  


Poet of the Light © 2022 


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There are a great many things

I’ve managed to acclimate to

The good, bad, and even untruths

Some admittedly easier than others

While some, I don’t care to remember   

But- there are a few things in my life

I just don’t accept, I- I simply can’t

A couple that defies even my own will

Via obligatory power of the universe    

Power that taps fools and heroes alike    

A line, threshold, or that bridge too far 

It pushes you to that point of no return     

Much like love that we- claim to gift

In my mindset, love can’t be… bridled


Poet of the Light © 2022


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Those whispers of dawn

Are calling to me once again

The moon wanes in darkness  

Lord, knows it feel like winter  

And like in every morning

A colorful promise is delivered

I’m staring out the window

To watch it break the horizon

Touching my heart in silence

Like surprise kisses happen

As easy as dawn comes on

It oft leaves me far too soon

Puzzlement of life continues

In my emptiness… without you


Poet of the Light © 2022

Double edges

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Love can seem burdensome

But only fear sees it that way

Love itself is everlasting and freeing

Our insecurities make it feel unreal

By way of our flawed expectations

And or damaged cynical teachers

Taught to us throughout our past

Our acceptance of something lesser

Is often a safe play to avoid loneliness

Only to feel imprisoned inside ourselves

The thing about conventual wisdom

Is sooner or later, it quickly expires                  

The only I’ve thing I found consistent

Is unconditional love… if we gift it


Poet of the Light © 2022

Leftover courses

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Yesterday’s love lays on the horizon

As a kind of beautiful, only found

In a once in a lifetime kind of love

My heart skipped over the ocean

Until a wave rose up- to drown it

Mirages feel real until you get there

No sky, no floor, space of emptiness

Akin as if some black magic took over

I passed by Alice and some others

By some unearned grace, I emerged

My heart washed up on foreign shores

Feeling like an empty shell discarded

Black magic always brings you pain     

Allure of darkness makes us… insane


Poet of the Light © 2022