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Like a snapped breath of whispered air

On the cursed side of love gone wrong

I meander between lost daydreams

That I honestly can no longer fathom

And my frosty nightmare realities

Where far too often, I fall, victim

To your lively looking vivid images

Coaxing me into a quicksand of insanity

Pulling me back into the baleful caverns

Of cobwebbed interconnecting labyrinths

Only found deep within my fractured mind

Where my escape is always predicated

On dragging the shadow of my soul back out

Inch by inch on my feeble worn knees

As I clutch what’s left… of my tattered heart

Poet of the Light © 2021


Like a Word- whispering

My existence will meander forever

Between heartbeats and dreams

From beyond the pall of humanity

Where I drift, seemingly aimless

Eons long, long after

On but gentle air currents

Created by a blown kiss

Gifted with purpose

I will delicately touch hearts

Enlighten blind eyes

Stir inner human emotions

Affirm love denied

Teardrop after teardrop

And provoke truth

In my missions life

As a bequeathed poet

Long after I’ve fallen

Thru times gravity… of reality

Poet of the Light © 2021


 If I was worth  
 Quiet evening of simple things
 Wouldn’t you be here  
 Doing just that by now?
 If I was worth  
 Your amazing inspiration  
 Wouldn't you be here
 Doing just that by now?
 If I was worth  
 Intimate walks along the ocean
 Wouldn’t you be here  
 Doing just that by now?  
 If I was worth  
 Time for casual conversation
 Wouldn’t you be here
 Doing just that by now?  
 If I was worth  
 A hearty meal laced in laughters  
 Wouldn’t you be here  
 Doing just that by now?  
 If I was worth  
 Your unbiased understanding
 Wouldn't you be here
 Doing just that by now?  
 If I was worth  
 Your earnest warm embrace
 Wouldn’t you be here  
 Doing just that by now?   

  If I was worth 
  Making mistakes and forgiveness
  Wouldn't you be here
  Doing just that by now?  
 If I was worth  
 Anything for you to hold onto  
 Wouldn’t you be here  
 Doing just that by now?  
 If I was worth  
 Being loved honestly by you  
 Wouldn't you be here  
 Doing just that by now?  
 Where are you… now?  
 Poet of the Light © 2020  

Fire of Grace

  I was broken by all of those  
 I refused to break myself  
 Because love should never hurt  
 And on all the pieces I became
 I found a sense of motivation  
With the image of your face  
 Reminding me what love was  
 And in that I gained strength
 A renewed sense of real purpose  
 As I felt redemption rain down
 To heal, to refill my drained faith    
 Oh- so much younger than I  
 It was a huge surprise- to learn  
 From the day you were born  
 You were, my saving angel  
 Sent from the Holy Heaven 
 My daughter  … my baby-girl  
 Poet of the Light © 2020  
 Ashlee Dawn ... Love Daddy 


 I got married very young  
 Divorced nearly as quick  
 Then married impulsively
 Trying to rekindle a love
 That was lost to time past 
 Both my wives failed me
 In hindsight and honesty
 I know I failed them too
 I- just don’t really know 
 Who failed who… first!  
 Poet of the Light © 2020  


 To live yourself, is to live truth  
 But truth isn’t always accepted
 Much the way dark dislike, light
 I blaze my own path in a silence 
 Perhaps- I’ve outgrown some  
 Of the past- darkness of my life
 Parts I know all too well and yet
 Some I wish I never learned at all
 Far too much beyond my choice 
 But growth can come at a price  
 Often I feel more like a foreigner
 Amongst those I once knew close
 Most of which, in my heart I love  
 Which seem not to know me, now
 So- I find myself in eager search  
 For what exactly, I’m most unsure
 But I’m sure that answers await me
 We’ll meet, in the light … someday
 Poet of the Light © 2020  

La vie

 In depths of my own dark dearth
 All my hungers, my thirst- stalled  
 I stayed unmoved and unnurtured
 Safely imprisoned within myself
 Until I heard your… whispers call  
 Poet of the Light © 2020  


The way that hidden darkness of
Some forest gets unmistakably
Lost within some blinding light
I’d get lost in the eternal depths
Of galaxies hidden in your eyes
As our rhythmic bodies played
Under our ethereal spent breaths
And like instruments of request
Twirling within our arms, was-
Dancing on the edge of heaven
For us, here in our secret realm
But now you’re gone; and it's time
To change my tune, palates habit
Degust some new flavors to devour
In search of maybe finding one
That may satisfy my unfed...hunger

Poet of the Light © 2020


I finally got to look in her eyes
Tigress tones and whiskey glazed
The air itself was even different
It was as if some meteorite struck
I’d known right off- intrinsically
How dangerous she was to me
But then love and danger itself
Seemed oddly married somehow
As we began a razors edge dance
On insanity and in alter realities
Beheld within two separate minds
Neither of which words describe
Still- the unheard music played on
Within our own intoxicating notions
Throwing all caution to the wind
Hormones secreted human nectar
We danced and teased our hearts
Like spilled kerosene at campfires
Knowing love itself might burn out
Or ignite, taking us down in flames
They still talk about that night...and us

Poet of the Light © 2020

Loves frame of mind

I’d want to extract the real you

Only to paint you in picture perfect


Where we fashionable picnic in a park

Then lay in each other’s arms, kissing


Near vast remote lakes to go camping

Skinny dipping in its sun warm waters


Spend half a morn picking wild flowers

And we’d sit beneath a tree laughing


Afternoon stroll along the beach

Planning to do absolutely nothing


Sit within each other’s bodily clutch

As evening breeze teases a campfire


Breakfast at dawn while under covers

Then you, in my long tail shirt, smiling


Day hikes, off to those silent summits

Where we breathe in pure unspoiled life


Long hand holding walks in the woods

As peelings of lived colors fall upon


Winter’s precursor to powder snowfall

Where we lay and make soul angels


Stroll in sporadic flakes of white ashes

Before long close nights of making love


Oh- if I was such a painter of loves magic

I’d dip myself in wine and get drunk on…us


Poet of the Light © 2020