The way that hidden darkness of
Some forest gets unmistakably
Lost within some blinding light
I’d get lost in the eternal depths
Of galaxies hidden in your eyes
As our rhythmic bodies played
Under our ethereal spent breaths
And like instruments of request
Twirling within our arms, was-
Dancing on the edge of heaven
For us, here in our secret realm
But now you’re gone; and it's time
To change my tune, palates habit
Degust some new flavors to devour
In search of maybe finding one
That may satisfy my unfed...hunger

Poet of the Light © 2020


I finally got to look in her eyes
Tigress tones and whiskey glazed
The air itself was even different
It was as if some meteorite struck
I’d known right off- intrinsically
How dangerous she was to me
But then love and danger itself
Seemed oddly married somehow
As we began a razors edge dance
On insanity and in alter realities
Beheld within two separate minds
Neither of which words describe
Still- the unheard music played on
Within our own intoxicating notions
Throwing all caution to the wind
Hormones secreted human nectar
We danced and teased our hearts
Like spilled kerosene at campfires
Knowing love itself might burn out
Or ignite, taking us down in flames
They still talk about that night...and us

Poet of the Light © 2020

Loves frame of mind

I’d want to extract the real you

Only to paint you in picture perfect


Where we fashionable picnic in a park

Then lay in each other’s arms, kissing


Near vast remote lakes to go camping

Skinny dipping in its sun warm waters


Spend half a morn picking wild flowers

And we’d sit beneath a tree laughing


Afternoon stroll along the beach

Planning to do absolutely nothing


Sit within each other’s bodily clutch

As evening breeze teases a campfire


Breakfast at dawn while under covers

Then you, in my long tail shirt, smiling


Day hikes, off to those silent summits

Where we breathe in pure unspoiled life


Long hand holding walks in the woods

As peelings of lived colors fall upon


Winter’s precursor to powder snowfall

Where we lay and make soul angels


Stroll in sporadic flakes of white ashes

Before long close nights of making love


Oh- if I was such a painter of loves magic

I’d dip myself in wine and get drunk on…us


Poet of the Light © 2020


Soft scented candlelight’s flicker

Breezes whisk time itself away

Chilled wine slowly breathing

Far from the worlds peering eyes

As wet whiten ashes fall down

Like pillow feathers of heaven

A lone near frozen stream gurgles

Alpine fire pops, in a slow burn

In a fireplace of glowing embers

Windows covered in an icy sheet

And your trusting hand takes mine

We embrace our bodies and eyes

As we waltz across a wooden floor

To an old romantic song playing

Kisses help us escape misplacement

Going someplace neither of us

Has ever known in love before

Slipping off into a pale moonlight

Where are hearts and souls soar

In heights, understanding, each other

Through loves sole divine language

Etching promises on the others skin

Sealed by our kisses and oath whispers

Only our souls- could ever…interpret


Poet of the Light © 2020


Some of my feral childhood memories

Crudely invade my fluid dreams

So much so that

Over the years they’ve become

Well- a bit more like family

Painful, dysfunctional and unkind

Dropping in unannounced

Always dredging up some stupid past

Thought completely resolved

But mostly, blaming me for it all

And truth be told, half the time

I wasn’t even there or involved

It just goes to show you

That time doesn’t change- everything

And for somethings that a real blessing

Other times, when friends are absent

Or queerly few and far between

Memories rush back to fill that gap

Some with tears, some with laughter

And still, others with learned refreshers

Of how import loving relationships are

In their made moments as well as the future

Its a moment we should review ourselves

On how good or bad we treat others

Memories are their forever vivid echos

Always there waiting for us

They’re meaningful and important

Like friends and foe alike to be cherished

To be understood and placed in context

Because at some point for some people

Memories are really all..we’ll have left


Poet of the Light © 2020


I’ve acutely noticed

You’re missing from my days

And my heart deeply wishes

I was truly more magical

For…both of us.


Poet of the Light © 2020


My whole universe once revolved

Around you and life’s crazy dreams

Now, I’m untouchable by even you

I no longer chase the sun and moon

I learned to tame them, eventually

Now they chase after me… on a leash.


Poet of the Light © 2020


If only hindsight was more forwardly

Some repetitions, I’ve long tired of

I know it seem cynical by nature

But mainly when it comes to to love

When the relationships grows sour

And they- become bullish cyclopes

Inside my tender hearts china shop

Akin intimate time, pictures memorialized

Our shared memorabilia ends up, broken

And I alone, am left to clean up my pieces

Of my trust, life, dreams and of myself

Remodeling all the unnecessary damage

Changing me, my outlook, circumspection

Just like my last, premature- ever after

Strange how they break it, then blame us

You would’ve thought, people so close

Would be more understanding, in letting go

That the care would’ve easily extended

A kinder, more protective parting of ways

Instead of some prideful Pyrrhic victory

By a lover who’s unveiled as… a stranger

Poet of the Light © 2020


Beneath an unseasonal red moon

I lazed- being half consumed

As I gazed, up at delusional stars


My mind expanded galactically

As all my sensations sensing

Micro-explosions kept burning


My body felt tenderly from itself

As hers reveled nothing left to hide

Kissing like starving pariah to flesh


Her lipstick must’ve been laced

My heart quickened and raced

With drops of sweat from my body


Oh- smooth, wet and fully plump

Like a rare ripe Georgia peach

And sweet nectar of disbelief


I generously tasted without haste

As if I were wildly possessed

Despite the risk of being cursed


My soul being the currency of cost

As I slipped from heavens threshold

Plunging knee deep pass peachy skin


Air itself became an aphrodisiac

The greater I breathed in and out

The greater my craving became


Animalistic zeal took fistfuls hold

Barehanded like an untamed mare

As I mounted myself on and rode

She neighed in languages unknown

But I ignored any sort of answer

Until we fell naked from exhaustion


There on a blanket stowed in her car

For “in case of an emergency” stash

Or a life changing event of perchance


We panted like two horses after a chase

Energy sapped as a lesson was etched

Into my mind and every sensing muscle


Six years minor to her keen seniority

Earnestly tutored my full graduation

How lust can sin…so climatically


Poet of the Light © 2020