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(When you find the courage to forgive the world, you must also forgive yourself.)


Finally, after all this time  

We are here, face to face in truth  

Smiling at this opportunity 

Look how far we traveled broken  

Separated by unfair circumstances  

Neither of us could control , but we tried    

One of us was always- letting go  

Trying to keep those battle scars whole  

Trying to survive, trying to do right 

And here we are now in triumph    

There is nothing needing to deny- anymore  

It is our time to reconnect as we once were    

We have been waiting to live love 

My mind and heart have overcome… reunited  


Poet of the Light © 2022  


There is no way to reach you connectively   

Though you have had a profound effect on me 

And while I know it was not all our fault 

I have still forgiven everything- anyway  

You reside inside another realm   

Someplace I cannot afford to be part of  

Even though it breaks my heart- in two  

It is ok, I love you from my soul- anyway 

I had hoped so much more for both of us 

There was so much more we could have been   

But life and time can be cruel teachers  

I will cherish all the good times we shared   

In reflection of my eye, I see shadows of our past  

You will always be my brother… anyway

Poet of the Light © 2022 


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These sonnets akin to my leaves

Written words by a voice in me

Slowly I’ve resigned to let go

Of my untold stories, I know

Some are written by my pain

Some are written for a change

Some are written in my blood

Some are written just because

Some are written by my shame

Some are words I can’t explain  

Some are written in my tears

Some took me many of years

Everything comes in due time

My soul… whispers their flight 


Poet of the Light © 2022


I know deep in my heart

She’ll be the one to come

As easy as a prismatic dawn

Delicate and precious

Like she’s always been

God’s perfect angel

She’ll heal me- in a breath

With her divine touch

Whispering love to my heart                      

As her grin makes all the difference

And heaven’s gates open up

As we stroll side by side, in step   

Over the threshold of life

Daddy and daughter hand in hand…again


Poet of the Light © 2022

Love overcomes

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I walked out before daylight  

There was a chill- in the air 

Step by step I thought to myself  

What happens if no one cares?  

Somewhere off in the distance  

I swear I heard some whispers 


I could see across the vast horizon 

As the sun slowly inched near  

But somewhere in the zephyrs 

Were those drifting echoes of words   

I thought it was rain but was only dew  

Trying to collect my full attention

I stared up at the twinkling stars  

Wonder a bit more in the dark  

I never felt alone in all this time 

But something deep inside me broke  

As a tear raced down my cheek  

I felt my soul inside- give a sigh  


Brightness of the dawn overcame  

Everything including my sight  

There was no way I could see  

But in all that ethereal brilliance 

I felt a Holy presence- embrace me  

And all my questions dissipated  


It seemed to have lasted only a minute  

I noticed most of the day had gone on by  

I was confused as it left me far behind  

I stood all that time- in the same place 

And that light gently slipped away  

Night had come into its silent space

Then- those echoes returned again   

And I understood… what they meant   


Poet of the Light © 2022  


I do openly admit to selfishness

Not all my life has been so dark

Or series of misery after another

I’ve had my cherishable moments

In relationships, and successes

And because I so treasure them

I’ll rarely share them with others

They serve in part as beacons of hope

When all else seems to go wrong

They remind me of the possibilities

When I feel closed in by my walls            

They are lifelines in human storms

That helps to maintain my sanity         

They’ll be here… as comforting stars


Poet of the Light © 2022  


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What hurts me the most

Is when we both really know

You break me down, for no reason

And you leave me suffering

Broken inside of- what’s left of me

Until I grow numb again

Until I’m beside myself- wondering

Why I can’t stop loving you

Why I try over and over to touch you

Somewhere inside all, you believe                

But I only cry because I know it’s worthless    

To give up everything I need to be

And defeat those doubts you see on me

Reflecting off my desperate tears

Your ugliness left… on a face of love  


Poet of the Light © 2022


Micro cues are very telling

However, there’s no telling

What they mean from person to person

Everything is just general in nature

Whereas nuances are conjecture

And people must invest real time

Before they can benefit from guesses

It’s still called getting to know someone

Learning the tones of their voices

Any reactionary mood changes

Quirky glances across a room

Longing stare into each other’s eyes

Juxtaposing hurt and joyful tears

When to care and when… to be quite


Poet of the Light © 2022


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Occasionally when spring rains

Come to fall with heavy intensity

I feel drawn to rush out and splash

In the growing puddled landscape


Occasionally when summer suns

Melt away the nights and stars

I feel compelled to just laze about

Floating in pools of cooler waters


Occasionally as colorful leaves fall

To speckle the ground in crispiness

I feel obliged to create a massive pile

To childishly dive into its centeredness  


Occasionally when winter snows fly

I’m readied… for its fires and quite  


Poet of the Light © 2022


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Best laid plans are transitory

But sometimes I wish I could see

My future far enough to prepare

To readjust and remain on track

To know when to hold in place

When to walk away- ever silent

Know the best way to let it all go   

Know who to trust with my heart

When to know when love is truth  

There are empty-hearted people

Selling out love for any attention

But I ain’t one and will never be

I’ll see it through until the end

Even if in the end… it’s just me


Poet of the Light © 2022