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My whole life has been the same

I was born out of a broken sea

Every day is a new ocean wave

Following a course to drown me


Life itself comes to me in agitations  

Setting a precedence of what to expect

I’ve not known the sense of wholeness

My expectations tend to drown away  


To find true love out in a bitter sea

I have to believe- that someone else

Is out here floating along patiently

Believing they’ll find some one like me


We’ll collide in the same broken wave

Finding love in the other’s … broken tragedy


Poet of the Light © 2021

Should you get lost

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I will come on, like early morning

Soft and soothing as an old song  

Just before dawn burst wide open

I promise, I will be there waiting

Before your beautiful eyes shine  

I’ll bring you your favorite flower

Full bloom greeting when you awaken

While fresh coffee will be brewing

Then I will bring your breakfast

And butter preserves on your toast

As you acclimate all your thoughts

Even if- you’ve forgotten my name

Afterwards, I’ll whisper in your ear

As I slowly brush your greying hair

I’ll remind you of our journey in life

Before and after, our love came to be

And in-between the forgotten answers

I’ll calmly smile as I eagerly reexplain

I will paint your memories back in words  

I whisper from the depth of my heart

We’ll talk about those magic mountains

We enjoyed in every refreshing winter

And the colors of fall- befalling changes

In shredded layers of dancing leaves

I will always find you, where you are

Oh, my Love of all things, I promise

I will remind you about your garden

All your beautiful flowers you planted

You called them, children of your soul

We’ll laugh at the stories we made up

Like all those butterflies that visit us

Really being secret angels, in disguise

Serving as ambassadors of all changes

I will escort you on your daily walks

Arm in arm talking steps of time away

Speak about the oceans we swam in

And nightly beaches, we made love on

While the moon hid behind sheer clouds

We will watch the setting of the sun

Every evening in a slow gentle breeze  

Sitting in our rocking chairs silently

As if life was our own secret movie  

And we played as its only character’s

Tears will swell up inside my old eyes

Whenever I know you recognize- me  

And hold me close in tightly forever’s

They way you’ve done so many times

We will continue to live our love true

I promise Love, I’ll watch… over you


Poet of the Light © 2021 Dementia

Ordained perplexity

Photo by Maria Tyutina on Pexels.com

We are gifted grey skies

Wind, rain, and cold snow

To learn from and to know

Fate itself: the finger of God

Swirling the waters, of life

Churning the best outcome

Even if we understand …not


Poet of the Light © 2021

Misnomer of mission

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I will not dare fictionalize my past

Then compartmentalize all that I am

Wasting the best of my heart and soul

Into little spaces of must be forgottens

Only to finish my present as dull nonsense

More still, there are those who believe fully

“Loneliness” is some plague of darkness

That resides inside hearts of still singles

Refusing to surrender their heartfelt purpose

Methinks- it would be pure foolishness to

Life and love are laced in unpredictability’s  

And like an unfished candle that yet beholds

Its fullest beauty of glow to share, cut early

Brings forth a most concerning mind, not fear

Apathetic fools misdefine as our “loneliness”

That’s beyond any of their understandment   

Others, like myself, are compelled to share

All of whom and what we are, in life itself

However, should it be we depart prematurely

We’re somewhat at a loss; how to come back

And finish the breadth of our unfished love

For hearts of those who want …what’s left


Poet of the Light © 2021

Finger painting

Sometimes we struggle to return in kind.

Can one gift back what’s immeasurable;

Beyond luminous of mere human words;

Especially if words are all a heart can gift?

Wisdom says no, so speak from the heart

If then- a picture paints a thousand words

You’re God’s colorful painting in progress

And I’ve been blessed to watch come alive

You’ve filled my heart and soul with libraries

Of our smiles, thrills, and unending stories

Made each of my stumbling less humiliating

Watched my full fallibility fall as teardrops

Wiped and wept with my outpouring pain

None of which my soul could ever…forget


Poet of the Light © 2021

a/ka/a Daddy


Time itself has numbing effects

If our minds remain complicit

Yet, there have been such times

Sadly, I’ve unexpectedly realized

Old wounds thought long healed

Just may rematerialize painfully

As all those memories come too

Learning that some of our wounds

Can never fully heal with time itself

Especially when the wounds wait

Substituting for what was stolen

Mindful innocents are unrepairable

We’re burdened bound to that legacy

Accepting that is … accepting healing   


Poet of the Light © 2021

Ashlee Dawn

Photo by Gord Maclean on Pexels.com

As you courageously walk blindly

Into your next dark storm by faith

I promise you, dear child of mine

You will not be walking all alone

What may have been left unsaid

Betwixt you, myself, and heaven

Was never worth any mentioning

I will never become accustomed

To your daily physical absence

In moments for me that do matter

You’ll always be a promising breath

Of each new breaking dawn, I inhale

As I hope to remain your inspirational

And breathtaking … as your setting sun


Poet of the Light © 2021

a/k/a Daddy…


Photo by Norbert Kundrak on Pexels.com

Some answers just never fit us right

Rambling in circles of a broken mind

The truth itself, can seem all to dark

And sometimes we must close our eyes

Cause we can’t stand nor stare it in the face

It’s bad enough, feeling so misplaced  

I’d much rather hang my head, what can I say?  

Tell me, where does the magic itself go to,

Once we notice that it has slipped away?

Tell me, how do you ever find it once again,

After you’ve already done, lost your way?

It’s not like a diamond you happen to find

Casually on your way sparkling in daylight

Or is it lost forever, like love to … finders’ keepers?  


Poet of the Light © 2021


Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric on Pexels.com

This is simply my life

For all its known worth

My brokenness and hurt

What’s done, is done

Life only comes but once

It could’ve been better

I could’ve been much worse

I’m not pleading innocence

Nor am I accepting full guilt

I’ve lived life in blinding dark

On Light’s most outer fringe

Whenever I fall, Oh! I fall hard

Like in love, I freely give myself up  

Heart and soul, is all…I really am


Poet of the Light © 2021