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I bear the scars rented

From misbegotten love

From ten thousand roads

From where I have trodden

By both my body and soul

Where I’ve walked dusty  

Where my lips have thirsted

Where I felt unfulfilled hunger

Where I cloaked in only cold       

Where my heart was broken

Where the darkness reined

When the sun was unrelenting

Where came the nonstop rain    

Where Grace accompanied me

Where I am…for all of my days


Poet of the Light © 2022


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I felt a flow of abeyance today

Lingering off the near horizon

In an unexpected conversation

Between implied and inferences

Where notice of frayed teethers

Were being taught a bit tighter

Straining corroding tie points

Aspects feel a tug now and then  

Things age within their lifetime

Just as some lifetimes are shorter

And some become more corroded     

So now, I must prepare- myself     

For razor-sharp words to speak

And a wounded heart to… bleed


Poet of the Light © 2022

Tick tock

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It’s like some campaign of a war

Someone else ignorantly declared

Without giving me an opting out

A war I can’t win or surrender to

No flag of neutrality- to present  

No lifted Pirate flag of ownership

To fend off others by a mere threat  

I’m just a prop; pieces of casualty

And left to be strewn about myself

Internal vestiges of a battleground     

I’m the last piece of a hidden riddle

No King’s horses or men will solve       

Everything will decay, be for naught

Until there’s no evidence… I fought  


Poet of the Light © 2022