Fleeting flickers

I never wanted to be your whole world

That’s just too big a burden for anyone

And I’d surely tumble, sooner or later

I only hoped to be a few important moments

That you might chose to hold close and…remember

Poet of the Light © 2018


My heart: distinct rapport

Like some rural cottage, set aside

Amidst a lush meadow of droplets

And a quaint warm babbling brook

As fluidity rushes over bold boulders

Where I-bath beneath a lunar umbrella

As sweet mellisonant tones harmonize

With each of my thunderous beats, bellowing

As if they were divine whispered messages

Set sailing- emotionally on soulful breathes

Worded vividness; wished desires; art in motion

Bound for the silky treasure of her clasp…of me

Poet of the Light © 2019



Years have past but not without

my personal felt notice-

regarding each of those missed moments.


There still comes times

when I go mindlessly into other rooms

to initiate aflutter conversations

of something inspired to speak over

and the empty cold silence has to

drastically remind me- you’re gone.


I stand in a sorrowful dumbfounded mess

never really knowing, for just how long

let alone recalling…what day, today was.


Poet of the Light © 2019



It’s over

the flicker of hope


by a gasping breath

exhaled too soon

thru a premature grin


The hollows of a hearth

cold and silent

broken darkness

all is as it was, again


Normalcy for me…lives on


Poet of the Light © 2019

Given time

You just have to forgive her

If ever you want to feel her heart

You have to look past her words

Then sink deeper between the lines

Her half smile is just a veil

To keep away unwanted questions

She couldn’t answer, even if she tried

Deep inside- she’s living lonely

Where her soul is void of light

Between the heartbeats and sighs

But she’ll pretend to everyone

She’s happy and loving life

She forgotten how to trust

Daring eyes and suspicious smiles

So she passes on their colors

And their broken promise lies


She works too hard to live- love

A broken dreamers way of healing

She spends her quiet time writing

About everyone else wishful life

She tells herself, she’s doing alright

Until those ghostly feelings

Sneak in and up along her side

The way frozen air surprises

All she can do is close her eyes

She learned denying is only futile

There’s no place left for her to hide

Vivid memories play havoc in her mind

Tear-filled emotions flow

Steeping into her ink words

And her life feels a bit smaller

I can only watch from afar regretting

Not having found her…first

Poet of the Light © 2019


Haphazardly, in the process of finding ourselves,

we can still get lost, become self-complacent.

Becoming far too consumed on one focal point

that we are more like some horse with blinders

just plodding along- while in our mind

believing we’ve just finally hit our stride

and more important, way out in front of everyone else.

Never even noticing we are the only ones in a race

and missing life and all the scenery along the way.

There is something to be said of an old adage,

of stopping to appreciate the roses along the way.

I’d prefer to be a horse in some pastoral setting,

roaming mountainous green meadows- unencumbered

than some cosmopolitan rat chasing…toxic crumbs.


Poet of the Light © 2019

Miss Parsed


I became nothing but a memory

Moments after she read my words

Like an unwanted news ad

When- what I really wanted

Was to be read, and then felt

As if I was standing before her

Stripped of all veils, constraints

To be dreamed, wanted, loved

To be imagined by her heart

In colorful scenes- of longed dreams

Wrapped around her like a scent

If only she could absorb me as ink

Does spilled words upon parchment

Feel the beats of all my emotions

As one does from another’s heart

And be blind to my social aberrations

Until her ears could feel…my whispers


Poet of the Light © 2019