Like the winter snow
 Shows up while you’re asleep  
 What I felt had changed  
 From every time before today  
 Albeit, that doesn’t mean a thing
 For anyone, especially for me  
 There are things we know
 In a cosmic lightning speed  
 And recognize it’s truth  
 Long before we can even think  
 The writing is on the wall  
 Even if we don’t dare to read  
 We can feel the message presence  
 Even if it never tries to breathe  
 All my wishing won’t change a thing
 Reality can speak so bitterly
 If this, if that- just shifting sand
 To pretend it can be different   
 I don’t want to believe it's true
 Another storm I have to get through
 I’ve been here a time or two
 Though I can’t say, ever this deep  
 The writing is on the wall
 And time itself is… nearly gone
 Poet of the Light © 2020


 I’ve noticed, of late, I’ve changed
 Its not that I don’t care, cause I do  
 I’ve lost that fear of losing people
 Even if they mean a great deal still
 I’m unsettled yet, if it's a good thing
 I wasn’t ever really like this before  
 Maybe I’ve forgotten what matters?
 Or, I’m discovering… I should too!  
 Poet of the Light ©  2020  


 A snick of love is itself most unique
 Smiles grace the face of its key-holder
 As if unlocking a room full of treasure
 However, what of the other keys left?  
 It gets me nowhere- to be a spare key
 On someone else’s key ring in waiting  
 To see if I’ll become selected someday  
 Am I better off being a door that’s lost?  
 Or lock that eventually rusted… in time?
 Poet of the Light © 2020


 Seems anecdotal  
 But it took some time  
 For me to realize  
 We won’t fill that void
 Existing in each others lives  
 And I find it heartbreaking
 Maybe, you always knew
 But kept it to yourself  
 Things aren't what they seem 
 So little makes any sense
 But we all know- that's love  
 Its honestly hard to cope
 When you feel you got so close  
 Only to watch it burn away suddenly
 Left here in the darkness
 How so poetically apropos
 And you’ll move on
 To where you belong  
 I’m at a lost for words now
 Of what I should say to you  
 There’s a part of me that hurts
 That doesn’t want to hurt you too
 All I know, is what I don’t  
 And I wish I didn’t- now  
 As I try to feel the wind again
 Maybe it's just too cold?
 Now, you just wanna be friends  
 Story of my life, new chapter  
 Same continual tragic ending   
 Me- picking up the pieces  
 Of my open hearts… disaster  
 Poet of the Light © 2020   


 By choice or  
 At some point  
 Sun rays will tire  
 All rain ceases to fall  
 Echoes fall damp in silence
 As my whispers forget to call
 And I've gone out of your sight   
 As my desiring love...gets forgotten
 Poet of the Light ©  2020


Her colorful red sky conversations
Were captivating to say the least
Like shadows falling into crevices
I fell into her spoken alluring words
Unbeknownst they exit

Poet of the Light © 2020

True to fault

Searching for a story without an end
My heart got caught up in a synopsis
I knew my role foretold a pending hell
Being a messenger...instead of the hero

Poet of the Light © 2020


I’m tired, so, so tired
Tired of wearing the blues
I’m tired of listening
To the lies from your disguise
That you keep selling to me
Your words make my head spin
You’re my hearts illusion
I’m living off your confusion
And your lack of understanding
Is killing all my emotions
How can love really exist;
When you treat me like this?
Tell me, who ever heard:
Of watering dead flowers, 
Then expected them to bloom? 
After all this time of waiting
After all this time of pretending
You’d think I finally- get it
But- baby, I just don’t
And that's the real problem
I don’t get what you're promising
I don’t get anything from you
But more lies
More sleepless confusion
More heartaches
More nights, without you too
More secret crying
More no sweet loving
More of what I’ll never get
But is all I really want
I’m tired of living this mess
And I’m tired of lying to me
Just to cover...for you

Poet of the Light © 2020

Grey going black

It should be criminal
How you do me this way
I can see it all now
You don’t want my love
I’m just your passing time thing
To replace what you’ve lost
A temporary kind of ghost
Keeping you from going insane
How vulgar you’ve made me
Like an infection spreading
Now I need someone else
To be vulgar for me
A plaything to keep on a string
Whenever my emotions get to me
And I’m missing that touch
Of whispers caring bout me
I miss the shivers you gave to me
When I first believed
My mind is slowing dying
In a gray pall of reality
Because my heart is broken
And my cure left me on the floor
Not even one little taste
Unsatisfied in every way
In the darken pain of… unloved

Poet of the Light © 2020