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He could envision loving her forever

Even though she paid him no attention

Life is surely full of plenty of surprises

Little did he know, she wasn’t one of them

Often, she noticed him gazing at her


Winter and spring came and went as usual

Rejection sometimes hurts nearly forever

It was becoming clear she had no interest

Time became a guard to his emotional cell  

Echoing in the hollows of his broken heart

Regrets of lost time had begun haunting him

She freed him when she married … another


Poet of the Light

An acrostic poem-

Flesh and bone

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August charred anything breathing 
Especially if you went out after dawn 
Everyone thought I was just reading  
Biding my time but silently dreaming
Of love dipping in midnight passions
Dehydration plays with imaginations  
I used to wait mostly by the window 
Watching that amberoid ball lumber  
Around suppertime she’d be glancing
Between those ivory sheer curtains  
An hour later she’d go out for a walk 
I be out there- conveniently waiting
Summer sweat dripping of my body  
She’d smile and wink; I followed along 
Down a dirt road to the fishing pond 
Summer heat needs some cooling off 
But man! I was just warming up 
No one noticed we were missing 
Their laughter’s echoes in the breeze 
But I sure wasn’t missing anything 
Her pale skin glowed in moonlight 
I was convinced she was all goddess
A pair of bare silhouettes splashing
Churning up more than shallow waters
More than a simple boy could handle   
Her hair danced in the setting sun 
Amber tinted black just like molasses
She could have colored me blind 
I tell you, I wouldn’t have minded
My soul was flirting with danger 
Nearing midnight, she lit us on fire
Time after time I nearly lost conscious 
I was willingly caught in her clutch 
Only the good Lord could have saved me 
But thankfully, he was just far too busy 
My whole childhood; coming undone 
She took me to insanity … and then some 

Poet of the Light © 2021 



It’s bewildering: synchronicity

Stumbling over that threshold

Of someone else’s

Into the cold sobering air

Of reality; that waking sensation

That numb and yet accidental

Humiliation, all rolled into one moment

Experienced simultaneously

Wanted or not, shattering your delusion

Circumstances make for romantic fools

Time and time again over the ages

After you started believing in a love possibility

That would defy all odds of probability

But- instead find yourself facing- it not

Standing alone in that never ending moment

That you don’t have a chance in hell

To sum it all up, mildly

Not only are they silently rejecting you

But you have to fully admit

And responsibly evict your unwelcome self

As one of those “good ones” again

Another scar for your souls sleeve

Seen and praised for all your realness

You and your revealed heart of gold title

Are left in as a dark shivering of an answer

As not good enough to be the one wanted

And now you’re forced to silently…move on


Poet of the Light © 2020


Sunlight had nearly been suffocated

As gray clouds and smoke tripped

Over the hidden mountainous ridge

I stood there, brazenly upon its tip

Of the precipitous rocky summit

Defying gravity and my own sanity

Shield-less from the blinding light

And a teasing intangible winds touch

As it prodded at my skeletal frame

Like some devil hoping for my demise

Palpitating heart remained constant

There before me; the face of an angel

Eyes like fields of sparkling emeralds

I was spellbound to the ignorant point

I turned bluish inside my scattered mind

That I- almost forgot to breath- outwardly

When insanity abruptly took hold of me

As if possessed by some other elder self

Blurting out… “care to go out later?”


Poet of the Light © 2020

Night drips

Midnight silence hums

As the moon fall asleep

Ice chilled whiskey glass sweats

When she stole the empty stool

Next to where I sat

And ordered a flaming shot

Then turned my way to say

I need me some doctoring up,

To fix my lonely heart “

Fine! I fully admit it

It happened in an instant

As soon as I looked, eagerly

Into the depths of her big blues

I willingly surrendered

All my questionable values

And my manly, resistance

Knowing there in that moment

There would be hell to pay- later

Like a morning or two after hangover

I’ll deal with it when I get it

But up and until then- valueless

Me and my desires cringed and grinned

Like an ecstatic child at Christmas

Unwrapping was half the pleasure

To the hidden toy within

And everything tastes sweeter

As passionate doctoring melts

Away at syrupy cream- drizzling

Creating an addicts hunger

Burning away human candles…before morning


Poet of the Light © 2020



From the very first moment

I became- most enthralled by her

As the sun lowered its colors

Before her dainty steps of royalty

As she moved like a goddess

At least, from my own perspective

I couldn’t take my eyes off her

Or how the wind teased her hair

Her lavender scented silky skin

That spoke like spells in my head

Eyes that sparkled when she spoke

I also learned much of loves magic

How it stalled me- infused me

All while daring my courage

To approach her, to talk to her

I felt flushed as my heart rushed

As if smiling wasn’t hard enough

Hell- swallowing felt like choking

Especially when she gazed at me

Me: my bubble of emotional confusion

I wanted to claim her, with permission

But my innate shyness wore me down

Until- we were forced to sit together

My male counterparts became jealous

And she used me to taught them all

Loves perchance by alphabet lotto

I became her whore in full attention

Obsequiously objectified at…merely ten


Poet of the Light © 2019



O’ Lord, how my

Emotions have sinned

They wouldn’t listen

To me nor reason

Nor any argument, said

Like an animistic scholar

It knew better than to

Give pause to its pulse

Surrendering its all, freely

To a goddess of a flower

Surely one of my readers

Will dare to save me a seat

Amongst all the others

As a last ditch effort- to avoid

The crowding into…hell?


Poet of the Light © 2019



Love is a dangerous luxury

We oft lose in casual choices

Falsely believing, we own it

Liken an old watch we wear

When and if we’re feeling so

Ignorant that they can both

Suddenly just turn on a dime

Or simply…not turn for us at all


Poet of the Light © 2019



Apocalyptic fire and raw steel

Flame marks remain on my soul

Wherever her scorching passion

Consumed mine into submission


Make no mistake, I’m no simpleton

Becoming submissive has it moments

When it leads things to your objective

Least anyone forgets, I ignited the fire


Then again, known planning is essential

For controlling all used combustibles

However, not all things will cooperate

That fire is still raging, last I seen her


I’ve been mangled, manipulated and burnt

If I could move at all…I’d jump in her fire


Poet of the Light © 2019



Love with her: adventurous I guess

Love and lust can wear the same smile

Unchecked carnivorous cravings

Exploding with human raw intensity

A roller-coaster ride of emotions

Contortions offering no end ramp

Far too many lost breathes to count

My weight plunged as energy rose

Lust became like a synthetic infusions

Creative impromptu’s slowly waned

Routines became her daily staple

More and more plateaus appeared

And then we hit an unexpected bump

The ridding turned cryptic in nature

Down should’ve been left or right

Honestly, I still can’t get a handle on it

Fascicle micro-cues were hampered

As she chose a mask over her make-up

Tones in her sensual voice changed

Falling deeper with caustic demands

My weight fell again trying to keep up

I noticed she ordered a dozen whips

And a whole slew of other exotic toys

I grew up and I’m nobody’s pet boy

Her light drinking; now a day long habit

She had changed, I feared as into what

Sometimes ones fate is surely disguised

The first time she passed out.. I jumped


Poet of the Light © 2019