Dearest child


When life feels of a void

And you notice my missed voice

Take heart my dear one, not to cry

Unless you feel, you really must

My absence isn’t by disgust

Know I’m doing just fine

And you’re never forgotten

Just like the touch of the sun

Sometimes I will come or hide

Off walking on fresh fallen snow

That comes in flurries like feathers

Sifted from playful moments of pillows

Oh! a season ofmy white ash stroll

Just as I was, always destined to

Long before God made me, then you

But when life has you down

And darkness reins over in clouds

Remember I’m still there

Clasping you hand like my child

Always left within your clasp

Just simply- look deeply

Into your daughter eyes

See all the galaxies of life

The colors how the coalescent

Giving her sight, acting as a guide

In her every breath of words

In her love and childish rebellion

Where if you listen, you hear mine too

Recalling those moments- with you

Look at her authentic smiles

So hardy, in all her laughter’s

Never broken, nor painted on after

Parts of mine- are there, hidden

Somewhere within a shape of her grin

Along with traits- from you and I

Tethering all of us, within folds of love

So when the times comes, you’ll show how

If you hold her close, feel her heart beats

Those echoes are also me- speaking

Whispering soulfully to you both;

How much I miss and love you

And within the sound of her song

Will be parts of your carried along

And as she grows, becomes a woman

You will see and teach, to her

All theses feeling and whispering words

No mater how far you may seem

That one day- even she can find you

In her children, embracing our memory’s

She do just fine, even if you too are absent

But not in disgust, completing a purpose

Of living love in waiting of her as well

Strolling a winters-cape, beside me

I Love you, always…Daddy


Poet of the Light© 2019



I appreciate a near silence

That lightly hums over

Fresh moist fallen snowscape

As the moon illuminates

With a seductive coloring

My horizontal view of awe

As I can taste its flavoring

With every inhale and swallow

Sweet- in a cool minty way

Whereas I’m then taken away

In thoughts, to a new plane

Where everything is perfect

As my heart beats rhythmically

Just so- moment after moment

And my breaths of divine bliss

Fuel a perpetual euphoric feeling

I’m not alone; embraced… loved


Poet of the Light © 2019



The sunlight has only just set

As I lay here in deafening silence


Between twilight and morning

I could feel the colors coming

On the crux of cold satin sheets

Where you once laid with me

Our love was born, for us, to hold


Birds are tweeting a new song

It doesn’t seem near as sweet at all

Almost like they’re mocking me

Because I never really do sleep

Every since winter fell, in August


Now I could pretend I’m over you

But how could I really fool, anyone else

When my heart never lets me forget

It will never forgive- my foolishness

Cause loving you, was how I hurt myself


By letting you in, so radically deep

My heart became broken…forever


Poet of the Light © 2019



Why for must I steep

So deeply in darkness

In order to understand

And feel the hand of light?


Why must my tears fall

In single drops of sorrow

That trace along my face

Only to flee down below?


Why must I hear whispers

That are bound for no one

Other than for me- alone

Between each heart beat?


Will I ever truly live known;

The answers…promised me?


Poet of the Light © 2019



Steadfast as if I were a promised dawn

That carried burdensome raindrops it lost

After all this time, here amongst myself

Where life has rested as if- nearly- frozen

I could feel- the pull of your souls presence

How it captivates me so, that I opined you

Delicate as a flower yet heavenly like an angel

Beyond view of my set horizontal distance

But this demarcation of light and darken

Is fading to a dimness within my eyes now

Where blurred vision, fights its salty water

Anxiety has replaced my lofty anticipations

And my heart flutters- more often that not

Having weakened in belief that, you’re real

Still my soul cries out in aches of silent hopes

The way a candle flickers remains at vigil

As winds terrorize the open window panes

And my cold nights are adorned in snowfalls

Until truth of you saves me from…insurmountable


Poet of the Light © 2019



The ruins, they run deep

Like hollowed caverns

That still echo- anguish

Faintly in cold whispers

On the cusp of hearing

Tauntingly to the mind

Like extra dark shadows

That follow you behind

Hair on your neck, spiked

Notice of dropped temps

Heighten every step forth

Yes, these are the places

Where love once flowed

With the warmth of love

Before you abandoned it

As our own lover eclipse

For all the world to see

To softly gasp and envy

Now, no one even cares

In coming out to venture

To visit the state of…my heart


Poet of the Light © 2019



Love is a dangerous luxury

We oft lose in casual choices

Falsely believing, we own it

Liken an old watch we wear

When and if we’re feeling so

Ignorant that they can both

Suddenly just turn on a dime

Or simply…not turn for us at all


Poet of the Light © 2019