Too mortal

I’ve been lost and found, or so I thought

and life seemed happy in but, moments

Even the sun boasted with pure colorful joy

Rain was soothing on our bare skin, at night

but before I woke, you up and went- away

leaving me behind, lost, in a discarded shade

as if, I was just another kiss, untold by you

Now- every step feeling like a crumbling floor

I easily lost you and myself back in November

but when the month changed to May

I never even noticed- the change of days

Oh! I can still feel the crisp morning mist

that was left chilling like ghost on my lips

when reality alerted my sobering awareness

as rain drops fall more like snowflakes now

masking footprints where I alone walk on

and the sun secretly cries behind veils of gray

while I peregrinate this silent beach in memories

Knowing now- there isn’t enough ocean waves

that could ever wash you away from…my heart

Poet of the Light © 2019


My eyes failed me before I set about

while sand still encompassed my feet

as I lounged in shade of a Palm tree

naively believing in a face, I couldn’t see


Now- its nothing short of, turbulence

adrift amongst this cyanic desert

hidden deep below a sobered surface

I thirst for taste of fresh, pure water


All delusion of her mirage has faded

along with the waves of false promise;

her embrace of love would come along

and gently whisk me ashore to…home


Poet of the Light © 2019


I miss the whispers of the whorl

that wrapped around me

insulating from nothingness

taking and giving everything at once

Akin the hum of an electric current

that pulsated generously life songs

Oh, how so numb and deaf I feel this day

so lost amongst all time and space

She was that caressing enigma

that magical wand the universe waved

and at times weaved into my heart

piercing every beat in motion

with tethering fabric of her own essence

knotting our wantoning reverberations

as I- breathlessly and ineffably… felt loved

Poet of the Light © 2019


For only my poetic purpose

Her heart was like that of an island

that held within the perfect lake water

upon which I accidentally landed

gifting me the divine feelings

as if for the first time, I was home

and at peace at loves retreat


Its truly deplorable in ones mind

To have so much to give, rejected

and yet, have it dismissively overlooked

To be curtly told time and time again

it fails to conform all others needs

for those seeking an unconditional love

but only if found in their conception


My aberrational heart flutters

blindly in a rebellious pilgrimage

making it bewildering to fathom

yet alone live without- her surface

Once the reality of truth is lose

from its bolt, it simply reborn as

a free agent, impossible to find again


The years have silently slipped by

as I peregrinate this dry empty life

in a new and unwanted fashion

In fact my steps have come to feel

far too comfortable in their appeal

as if I’ve traveled them all before

and my days are repeated circles


Many of times I have truly tried

and even vainly at times to override

this unwanted journey I find myself on

that seems to linger in a fog betwixt

the darkness of night and dawn

with dawn’s ever changing positions


It’s like a percussion wave went off

unexpectedly at lightening speed

flocks of panicked birds and I scattered

from that quaint and calm watery surface

bound to a safe place as my fluttering heart

soars but as yet to find it’s…renewed home


Poet of the Light © 2019

Glossed over

For years I stood blank, in quietness

Like a canvases left colorless

I became what as the world reflected

None of which made me a saint


You think you know me

When absolute truth isn’t the same

You know the glimmer you’ve seen

Glimmers, you’ll love or simply hate


When in tangible of all realities

Beyond your flawed capabilities

I’m everything you couldn’t see

I’m that image you never felt…in-between


Poet of the Light © 2018


I should’ve known better

But I foolishly ignored rational

Thinking you’d return, again

Who knew except for you

I’d scoff it off so mindlessly

After all, I was never wrong before

At least- not until now- so it seems

I should’ve never egotistically

Washed your scent…off me

Poet of the Light © 2018

Fleeting flickers

I never wanted to be your whole world

That’s just too big a burden for anyone

And I’d surely tumble, sooner or later

I only hoped to be a few important moments

That you might chose to hold close and…remember

Poet of the Light © 2018