How fearfully cold within you must be

Deep inside the dark cavity, you hide

From all the world plus yourself

Left by someone else at another time

And be also draped in inconsideration

You punish kind rather than appreciate

By heedfully opting to delete comments

Others have taken the time to leave

In their honest and cordial wordy visits

As they view your posted contribution      

How harsh the painful river of narcissism

Must flow violently through your veins      

You have a keen eye through the lens

How keen is your heart… for friends?


Poet of the Light © 2023

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Battle tempered

Like a shadow of who I once was

I’ll walk along my empty shores

In the twilight hours of times before

Gathering empty shells of dreams

Left in the wake of ugly betrayals

That nearly drowned me repeatedly  

I’ve stepped past the ghost of my hurt

That plagued me for too many years

Through my heart still feel the scars

That still hungers for- a love unfound      

Where I can practice all, I’ve learned    

To feel the warmth of love in my arms

While I’m clutched in her guiding hands

Teaching me to trust love… once again


Poet of the Light © 2022

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Sometimes we have to just sit in the quietude

Attentively listening to no one but ourselves  

Our dreams, our woes, uttered prayers aloud

Untangling why we always feel that blueness  

Paying close attention to what is not said too

Like those secrets, we keep locked in our head

Behind a hidden door of our most inner fears

Where we store the scars of rejection and love

Where we keep window and shutters nailed shut     

Those time-etched shattered pieces our ourselves    

We hold hope to revive back to some kind of life   

Knowing full well, in our hearts it’s not possible     

Not without a miracle that only love can bestow

The kind of divine miracles we’re born… to dream


Poet of the Light © 2022

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Living for the observed sake  

Of being an active resistance 

Is not at all life as intended 


Far too often we’re complicit 

In all the creation of illusions  

Mesmerizing our full attention  


From birth- we are set forth  

Upon our perilous pathway  

To discover our true inner self

We will be broken and scarred  

Our hearts and beliefs, shattered  

And some of us will surrender  


I have my sacred mission instilled  

I am duty-bound to its… fulfillment  


Poet of the Light © 2022  


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A journey in the wilderness  

Waffling in light or darkness 

Between freedom and or fears 

Or our up and downs choices  

Reality short of our dreams  

Damage of foolish mistakes  

But what hurts me the worst 

Are words of people’s truth 

Cause I remember them all 

And in the context, as stated  

Until those words burn up  

Deep inside my soul like fire 

When their following actions  

Turn their words… into lies 


Poet of the Light © 2022  

Pseudo syndrome

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We reside in a transitory world  

Giving out only what we get back  

Searching for permanent answers  

But settling instead for imitation 

In bewilderment of what went wrong   

We fearfully hold back for betterment 

Afraid we might lose out altogether  

While suffering with what we accepted   

Diluting ourselves and relationships 

Neither of which we would ever admire   

And overlooking the most obvious  

Unconditional is not…some paradox    


Poet of the Light © 2022  


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I look out each wall’s pane  

Everything is framed the same 

So, I look at the door I came in 

But doubting going back out  

Holds anything more- any more  

Then these three gray walls  

Oh, if only I could paint away 

The pain and emptiness today  

But I have learned long ago  

Illusions are colored shadows  

Offering us just pseudo answers  

Until the waves wash us away  

Nowhere to go, nowhere to stay  

My world of… one-way mirrors  


Poet of the Light © 2022  

Orweillian intentions

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There are those in our life 

We unconsciously trust  

Most are “professionals”  

Those deemed as “experts”  

In some discipline or other  

Truth is, they’re “practitioners”  

Bankers don’t practice money 

Lawyers practicing the Law 

Doctors practicing Medicine 

Seems to be rather deceptive  

I practice painting, as a novice 

I practice writing, as a novice  

Yet, for some strange reason  

Expert practitioners are… overpaid

Poet of the Light © 2022  


Heavenly Grace is bestowed eternally  

In more ways than comprehendible 

No matter how many times we decern it  

There are always more levels unexplored 

More experiences left to learn    

When Grace is bestowed upon me  

It is not for me alone to covet  

Albeit I experience Grace in a presence  

I am also being used to refract it  

Just as the moon refracts the sun’s light 

Reminding us that even in darkness  

Grace remains eternally with us 

As we look around at all our darkness 

We refract Grace …in the presence   


Poet of the Light © 2022 


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I am lost in limbo  

I cannot stay, nowhere to go 

With no one to follow   

I feel all used up  

And I feel a bit too old  

Directions were easy once  

But I have lost my motivations  

I am just here- and nowhere  

Waiting on a change or something  

So, I can change what I must  

I am no longer a subtle ripple  

I am no longer a rushing wave  

I need a new dawn, a new day  

New place to remain…anything but the same  


Poet of the Light