Subsisting more like a rural scenic prop

The weathering comes on unexpectedly

Lost somewhere between broken treetops

Scattered amongst all the obvious things


I’ve become like an unnoticed shadow

Becoming quieter as the world turns

As I fall away from your windows

The way fog dies in passing currents


There once was in a missing time

A wild and seemingly unending season

Me, when I was the brightest of light

And the world was the darker servant


Full circle is how this is oft described

We live in worldly winds as a candlelight

Clinging to our own frail existence self

Secretly, wanting to be counted…forever


Poet of the Light © 2020



I cursed you-

With every molecule of my being

Until the sound of my own voice

Abruptly breached my sleep

Rampant heartbeats, clashed into reality

And then I cursed you again

In a broken voiced whisper

As a fistful of sheets crinkled aloud

While I struggled to see about, nothing

In that slightly moonlit room

Where we shared our dreams, unadulterated

Sung old love songs like lovesick teenagers

As our random playlist reverberated

Where we hid like outlaws from the world

Pretending no one else even existed

As if, we were all that was ever created

And our utopian bubble, our oyster to devour

Where our sweaty nakedness shivered

Sinfully grinning as snowflakes pelted the windows

Where lust-filled desire drained our energy

As we remained intertwined during recovery

Where we ate breakfast in bed for dinner

Only to share delivered dinner at the next dawn

Where our long intimate talks still echos

Amongst candlelit aroma and blushing walls

Where nothing we owned was off limits

Reveling unquestionable trust in each other

Where promised words of our love

Became threaded around our emotions

That served as a protective palisade to our hearts

Until- all of it suddenly became

Meaningless and desireless to you in anyway

Igniting a maelstrom of destruction and loves existence

Becoming a galaxy of lifeless stardust…and me


Poet of the Light © 2020

Abandoned lanes


Beyond vivid images of who you are

Can only be found beneath their surfaces


How you seem to wander mindlessly

Yet, fully aware of all your surrounds

The way your eyes lend life to the sky

Enhancing colors and stolen moments

That unsuspecting wind teasing your hair

Remaining constant, like your heartbeats

How gently the sun caresses your soft skin

As its presence rarely leaves sign of a visit

How oceans well up in your soul’s windows

At the first sign anyone or thing, is in pain

Those sensitive little kisses in your sleep

Whenever you draw yourself closer to me

Midnight giggles in the midst of your dreams

Reliving our earlier childish chase that day

The way you adore the blush of nature itself

Almost as if it silently seeks out your notice

How you can’t wait to make snow angles

As your shivering laughter ignores the cold

The way heat always radiates between us

Like a consuming fire the never grows old

The way you can gaze out a window pane

As if your in commune with heaven itself

Breathtaking clasping of your giving hand

Knowing mine will always offer comfort

That delicate tone inside your broken voice

As it reverberates my name like a love song

How easily anger dissipates your mindset

Because your heart loves only whats import

Your “everything is going to be alright” embrace

When everything seems to be going so wrong

Surely you’re more than a ghost of my hopes;

And our footsteps just haven’t collaborated yet?


Attributes are the avenues I oft endeavor

Unfortunately I rarely encounter anyone…on them


Poet of the Light © 2020



A single set of footprints

Blemish a dawns virginal snowfall

Right up to, where I sit alone

On an old frozen park bench

My front row, unadulterated view

Send chills like whispers, up my spine

Suddenly- You- catch my breath

You run through so childishly

A field, of tall whiskey colored grasses

Your arms out and heart pumping free

Eyes closed, uninfluenced courage

As if that wasn’t enough- to fall in love

A warm sun, kissing your silky skin

In every breath taken, love is being lived

Heavens grace, certainly so beautiful

And your leaving nothing

But your giggles as a footprint

At least here, this moment, silently

In the imaginary vivid scene

Playing out, in my mind

Loves life of a yesterday

When I’m gone from my reality

Where I walk around, dazzlingly

Wearing the face of foolish regret

As if it were an appropriate mask

Over mistakes- I never made

Lord knows, that’s what happens

When there are no reasons, no clues

Left behind from someone you loose

Oh, we both know the unknown truth

That causes me to weep inside

And weighing ever heavily on me

I never lost you- you just left

Like a midnight rain storm

As a trusting heart slept

But I can’t, can’t- get past it

Where time and I are trapped

Between my heart and mind

On an island of perfect memories

Surrounded by a minefield of glaciers

Needing answers, I’ll never get

To all those heartbroken questions

Why couldn’t you stay and love me

As you did- perfectly…in our yesterdays?

Poet of the Light © 2020


I remember when

You first stole me, as a friend

I remember when

You stole my full attention

I remember when

You let me steal the first taste of your lips

I remember when

You stole the sun, with your eyes

I remember when

You stole the whispers, of the wind

I remember when

Your touch first moved, my soul

I remember when

You stole, this trusting heart of mine

And I remember when

You left all you stole, broken and behind

The way whitecaps break

The way echoes can haunt

The way lightning strikes

The way whirlwinds turn

The way a sunburn kisses

The way the stars, alight

The way your love- hurts

No matter whenever, I’ll always…remember


Poet of the Light © 2020


Like a sparrow uplifts

On seemingly nothings

I fell into your words

Deeper than you did mine


I took all of yours to heart

But they’ve become all lies

Still- I dangled on hope

Rubbing against the course


That didn’t materialize

And drowned in its truth

I will wait above the fray

Of all my lost, yesterdays


Believing someone can love me

With the courage to be…true


Poet of the Light © 2020

Wakes of whispers

I pensively look around me

Realizing, this is my destiny

But not where, I ought to be

How did I get so tossed- aside?


I try to look up to the sky

As if answers, would fall on cue

Far too bright- for me to see

I remain here even more confused


And yet, that river flows- on

To places I’ve never gone

And comes from, where I’d been

Maybe- we’ll meet up at the end


She was all my sunshine and rain

Never thought I’d be the current…she’d change


Poet of the Light © 2020



I know I did my best

Until the best of me left- long ago

Oh baby- it ain’t hate speaking

I’m just honestly saying

I’m too tired to even leave

Don’t look surprised, we both know

Every word I say is our unspoken truth

Why don’t you just go- be free

And save yourself from even me

Please, don’t let me hold you back

I promise to turn away- uneasily

Your embraces secretly, tore me apart

As you wore someone else’s scent

I’ve had enough of your kind of love

I just can’t bare to carry it- anymore

Not on these depressed shoulders

All my strength sapped away

Like those dreams of yesterday

From living a loves, ugly mess

I see in the lines on my face

Starving in all this lost time

For so much as just a loving hug

That didn’t feel cold and distant

Whenever your cruel words- didn’t

Or the looks and undertones

Cause my eyes to break into water

That I hid in withdrawn silence

And shattered reality of my mind

Someplace far too familiar

That I never wanted to know

An island, far from what we were

Far from where you’ve taken my heart

And I learned what they mean by

Loving some enough to- “let go”

Of burnt bridges and pieces of love

That no longer depict a pretty picture

After it’s frame fell from its cherished wall

Cause we don’t represent that…anymore

Poet of the Light © 2020

River run

Nowhere to go but where I’m laid

As if it was always meant this way

And I’ve only just woke to my fate

Standing on a bank I’ll never own

Dwelling on things never coming

Just to keep from thinking of you

If only- I could walk across

The mirror of my sky, I’d find

A place in the raw deep darkness

Where I could sit and cry- alone

It would sound like thunder

That no one else could hear

And I’d know- nothing but blue

Oh- I’m lost in your leftover love

And dreams we’ll never see

After you up and went away- silently

Not so much as a note or a fight

That might help to explain

What you’re thinking in- your mind

All your promises fell like rain drops

Covering my face with hurt and pain

With the likes of I’ve never experienced

As cold air currents rush over me

I feel like a river destined to be

Darkened, long, winding and…endless


Poet of the Light © 2020

La malédiction

I can’t get out or stay out- alone

Outside light leaks through crevasses

Creating a heavy sense of murkiness

Each drop within my cave, echoes

As if they alone mark passing time

My memories of her are resilient

Not even time ablates their faces

And their dark shadowy followers

Are my beset, and broken emotions

That wants to trust and love again

But like a ghost left blindly abandoned

Only to be coaxed to remain within

This is the torrents of a love- that lost

A chasm, where once a heart lived

This place of which there is no escape

Until my fiery heart is renewed…or quits

Poet of the Light © 2020