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They don’t tell you how harsh

Losing someone loved, forever

Really can hurt your heart

Caught up in a sea of emotions

Through our unbroken connection

I still rise and fall so unexpected

Flashes of our moments come

Reflections on the face of my tears

As I lose the will of pretending

I can fake it alone until I make it

I’m learning I’m lying to myself here

As time only deepens, a hurting scar  

Still in the deepest depths of pain

You and I will always remain…alive  


Poet of the Light © 2022


Street cells

My motivation has slipped by

To a wayside, of wait and see

The world reflects how I seem

My whole universe has changed

Leaving me behind in shadows

Surrounded by walls I don’t know

None of which know my secrets

Nor any of my fears or lost dreams

Familiarity makes all the difference

Between us friends and or foes alike

They’re newer strangers in reality     

And I- an orphan, wade out- life   

I abhor hugs from showy strangers

And their utterance’s… of inanities


Poet of the Light © 2022


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There are those of us, accustomed

When bright lights start burning out

We acclimate as best we’ve learned

But its never easy, to say the least

Still- our world gets a bit darker

But that in itself isn’t really new

We’ve been trough many of storms

Each of them left us scarred, somehow

The scars replaced our missing pieces    

Though we oft pretend to be the same

It’s easier when no one notices anything

Losing loved ones- our greatest values      

Not all brokenness is on the surface    

Eventually, we’ll be left… to darkness


Poet of the Light © 2022


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Beautiful aspects of our lives 

Are slowly unappreciated  

As we innocently take them for granted  

We get lost in the search for newness  

That we begin to gloss over our present  

Brillant colors of a fresh dawn  

Warmth of the sun, caress of a breeze 

Sounds of laughing children playing 

Silence serenity upon a lone summit  

Uniqueness of every fallen snowflake  

Heartbeats of life to share and live 

Tears of love and tears of our loss 

Oh! How I have lost you somewhat  

Thank God, I still have…these tears  


Poet of the Light © 2022  

Holding out

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Alone at times, I close my eyes 

I just sit here in borrowed silence  

As I listen attentively for your whispers 

With tears streaming from my eyes  

As I anticipate what you might say 

My lawless heart beats thunderously 

It may seem a cruel thing to be doing 

But it secretly gives me more hope  

The way my prayers often do too  

Because even my love still hurts in truth  

So, what more is there I can say  

I will never compartmentalize you  

To love unconditionally from your soul 

You bear through it all… and never let go  


Poet of the Light © 2022  


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You knew me much better 

Then I could know myself  

Whenever the world left me  

A bit darker and laying  

Broken- and feeling alone  


We talked about everything 

From mistakes and dreams  

You listened and held me close  

And when you said “I love you” 

I felt your sincerity and hope  


What do I do now that you’re gone 

Who will pick up where you left off  


I’m broken in the darkness alone 

Listening to your echoes… in hope  


Poet of the Light © 2022  


You pitter-pattered along with me  

Before realizing your secret strength   

As I stumbled forth but a fool   

When the world forgot I existed 

When deep darkness was present  

You guided my sense of direction 

But honestly, it feels dark again  

I’m afraid to ask; are you still here?  

Cause I can’t see you like I used to 

When you were present in the flesh  

When stars gleamed in your eyes  

When you smiled like an angel  

That blessed my broken-hearted life  

I’ll cry but I won’t lie…I miss you  


Poet of the Light © 2022  


If I had to admit it out loud  

Life feels more like a stalled sunset  

Albeit I appreciate the moonlight  

But I do have to be absolutely honest  

My Dawn just isn’t here like before  

And sunsets feel quite a bit lonelier  

Colder temperature and far too quiet  

Songs of morning birds are missing  

That fresh morning dew is absent  

That unleashing warmth is gone too  

Our conversations seem one-sided  

Although they are also in silence  

I’m still looking for the silver lining  

Somehow, I don’t believe… I’ll find it

Poet of the Light © 2022  


Like wisps of one’s mortal illusion 

I keep grasping for those moments 

That keeps slipping from my existence  

But they still flow through my fingers 

The same way as my tears and water  

Only my heart and soul will recall  

They were even here- so emotionally   

Like all the people I have ever loved  

Some- far sooner than was expected  

And now I am left here without them 

Shrieking inside all that I have become  

And it does not seem fair to me at all  

For each new absence, sadness grows  

Crowding me within … daily sorrows  


Poet of the Light © 2022   

Chilling currents

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So far and yet so close  

There in your final dark hour 

I could feel the heart of my soul 

Being rented from its place  

And I know, it will never heal  

Like emptiness echoes breathless 

Everything drowns in the silence   

I am sometimes haunted by the sounds 

That I will not hear aloud- anymore  

And the cold is as close as I can get  

To touch something in the present  

Something in the stillness of the air  

Where my wishes and prayers- linger  

Love is just incapable of… shutting off

Poet of the Light © 2022