Whisper words that stir my fate

Until its sweeter than past days

Let me feel each breath on my face

So, I’ll know the touch of love again


Move me like a mountain in your way

Smooth away all my precipitous cliffs

The way water does below the surface

With its soft currents of gentleness


Make me like a song you long to hear

Let me seep deep within your soul

Like the warmth of first kisses

Long enough until it feels like home


Rescue me from even my old self

With your moist whispers of… love


Poet of the Light © 2022


I’ve become more keenly aware

Of my present footsteps these days

The sound they make in transition

And even their ephemeral echoes

Which to me, speaks in multivolume

Randomly I ask those odd questions

To where do echoes flee to and land?

Is it always to some familiar place?     

What happens after they arrive there?

Might it be where unheard whispers go?  

And if so, do echoes and whispers die?

Or might they remain adrift- waiting?

Perhaps to return to origins of silence?

For me, our life is…a walk over thin ice


 Poet of the Light © 2021


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Not a day passes that I don’t

Question, why didn’t I notice

What you weren’t saying to me

Have I grown just too obtuse

And comfortable in my solitude

That I was deaf to your needs?

I felt it was a mistake to leave

Did those miles in-between- us

Damage my fatherly instincts?

Oh, I feel I’ve failed the very one

That always attentively listened

And been there during my needs

Only you and God know it now   

As I alone silently wrestle …without


Poet of the Light © 2021  


Rush of colder temperatures

Stir me from a noon’s slumber

In the meadows lush grasses

Under a drunken subfusc skyline

Tripping over the dirty clouds

Strewn about the vast horizon

While goosebumps erupt on my skin

As I wipe sleep sand from my eyes       

Somewhere in the back of my mind

I hear read words written by Yeats

Titled: Death, and now on this day

It depicts how I image death comes

Catching mankind lazily asleep

A dreamer within a dream… for peace


Poet of the Light © 2021  


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These new days feel as if

They’re shrugging me off

Or maybe it is I- to them

I do know dismissiveness

Feels rather condescending

And I don’t like it one bit

No days owes me anything

This much I appreciate fully

Each day is an opportunity

For us to fill it up with love  

From or with family, friends

In honesty for me right now  

New days won’t fit too well

Lacking warmth… I once held


Poet of the Light © 2021


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In the context of being unsettling  

I no longer recognize this reality

Nor sense of so-called normalcy

I never get to wear it long enough

Or to adjust to its comfort or fit

It seems to evolve far too often

Like changing of summer winds

Before a battle of colder currents    

It can feel as if life outgrows me

Yet, at other times too suffocating       

Some might call it maladjustments

While others will attribute it to age

But for me, I think it’s about losses

Loves suffrage over… special bonds


Poet of the Light © 2021


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Under a hidden sunlight prism

I sit here fixed like a bulwark

Overlooking the broken blues

Envisioned dreams I won’t see

Come to some jubilant fruition

It’s a treasure lost to dark sea’s

Stolen away from my fingertips

Unrecoverable from the depths

That heightens realties finality                              

I hesitantly try to hide my face

As my heart’s braver tears fall

Into life’s bittered ocean of grief       

My heart breaks wave after wave

In ways witnesses…can’t fathom


Poet of the Light © 2021


Photo by Jou00e3o Cabral on

I stare out- into space listening to

Platitudes of fabricated sentiments

By those who’ve never felt anything                                  

Especially anyone else’s torrid pain

You brought color to my whole life

Before you twas only black and white

I was amazed and thanked God too  

The color has now faded in my days

I walk blindless in some form of haze

Even the nights have muted in silence

I no longer see this trail out before me                         

Nor do I know just where it’s heading                        

Life’s landscape has become so different

I’m in route to a place I’ve … never been  

Poet of the Light © 2021


Where dawns and sunsets live to die

Where seagulls fly indiscriminately

Where fishes promise perpetual life   

Where explosions produce free stars

Where clouds evade any interference

Where ocean waves find sandy rest

Where a moon and nights harmonize

Where breezes land like lose feathers  

Where footprints are washed away

Where dreams are launched in skies

Where salt fragments soften rigidity                

Where a lone flowers love beautifies

Where eager prayers await answers   

Where memories of you… live forever


Poet of the Light © 2021