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Visions rushing inside your mind  

When you wake after midnight

And cold chills erupt on your skin

Don’t get anxious, don’t hesitate

Trust what your feelings are saying

It’s them visiting, passing through

Reminding us that they miss us too

Memories still serve as our proof

We lived love despite any of our pain  

It’s what we as angels chose to do

Like we did when we had to choose

Sacrificing ourselves through life

Acts of love that can’t be erased

No better way to say…I love you?


Poet of the Light © 2022


Live like a Weeping Willow

Always thirsting for more

Roots that reach for miles

Acclimate with open arms

Be a tall and broad shroud

For anyone seeking comfort

Bend within those dark storms

With innate strength to recover      

Observe all the plains honestly

And forgive all your trespassers

Grow openly with natural integrity     

Be a distinct marker for the lost      

And throughout your lived days

Remember to utter your… thanks


Poet of the Light © 2022

The list

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As soon as misery moves in to reside

You instinctively try to hide, everything

To create new do’s and don’ts for yourself

While a double binding of startling shock

Offering your ignored intuition- reprieve

Alongside a secret glow of fresh ridicule

An emotionally scarred withering of- life

Especially if, only you know it still hurts  

So, you pretend- healed, grin- moved on

To recapture even a semblance- of pride

Akin life before your tragic heartbreak

To live in betrayal of lied bitter truths    

Love feels so far from reality and desire

As you seek to overcome… tear by tear


Poet of the Light © 2022

A man sea’s

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Twilight molested my attention

So, my utopian dream must wait

Thunder reverberated my ambiance

Without further thought I prepped

Dressing, then I headed outwardly

I drove myself to a nearby beach                    

Loaded my fishing gear into a boat

Then pushed away from- what if’s  

Just then rain and sunshine collided

Random waves dictated my course

Settling to be an observant passenger

And while trolling about my existence

I debated if I should’ve brought oars

Within a memory, I failed to…live first


Poet of the Light © 2022


I’m living what has been foretold

In words, examples, and metaphors

Of days of my youth and triumphs

Of broken promises and tears cried

Of love- when it visited for a time

And of enduring broken heartaches


I’ve heard Hawthorne’s whispers

As they rustled through the trees

Then quietly slide down shadows

To eventually sit here next to me

Neither did we speak to each other

But we shared an understood peace


I understood far less than I really knew

But I always sought to secretly improve

Stupidly hoping; none be the wiser of me

But as the adage claims; I had my bliss

In mind, intentions, and my heart alike

Odd how we change into someone else


One day far too soon for me even now

I’ll be the forgotten time…I borrowed


Poet of the Light © 2022


Someplace in the continuum of time

Over the eons, throughout galaxies

Our existence changed- immensely

Brushing close enough to recognize

Your eternal soul and mine felt reborn

As we passed like two ships in a night

Realizing, we belonged to one another

As we tragically tumbled further apart

And my heart- searches every moment

Past or lived, for whit of your presence

Any meager utterances from your voice       

Fragments of your vivid dreams of us     

Anything to fuel my mere mortal heart

My love, my eternal soul… with hope


Poet of the Light © 2022


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Before dawn has dressed in colors

I’m curiously pulled from slumber

Prodded to peer out a glazed sheet   

Covered in random dewy presence

Envisioning shapeshifting clouds

Of a moist quiet fog slowly uplifting

In their train of gossamer sheathing  

Up across a mountainside shaded  

Pondering: if the fog isn’t evidence

We’ve mistaken in simplistic terms

Dismissing any heavenly presence  

Of lost loved ones, now our angels

That visit, while watching over us

Before darkness exploits… our hearts  


Poet of the Light © 2022   


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Folks, take note: it is here-

In this wonderment of life

Thru this miraculous gift of time

As mere mortals; living as Gods  

Where our elated joys or pains  

Our inner desires or satiations  

Find loves outburst or implosion  

Where our smiles or our wet tears

Are given their voice of- words  

As we bare forth our naked souls        

To friends and those we don’t know

In unabashed hope- to just connect  

As we drift in our planetary heaven

I’m eternally grateful I… was heard   


Poet of the Light © 2022


I’ve accepted as I learned

Over my anguished time  

How to recognize this- me

This wreckage I’ve become

Familiarity with forced change

I sought not- as some trade-off

Of my once beloved dreams

And all those dreams remain

Hidden inside safely buried deep         

So when I feel broken, or alone  

I visit and fully embrace them

To remind each one- individually  

They’ll never be forgotten by me

They’re my sanctuary… my peace


Poet of the Light © 2022


As a blue-eyed young lad

I believed in youthful stories

They were lifelines to my soul

Beyond the mere metaphoric

So- I followed a yellow brick road

Only to discover it was pyrite

Breaking my will’s inner spirit

So- I sought out true love instead

And found a brown-eyed girl

That broke up my poor heart

Leaving me lost and alone

When you love from the soul

We become beset to those we love

Even if they love us… not


Poet of the Light © 2022