Great writers pay a tragic price

For relatable words, they’ll utter

Transcendental storms of truths

Come full circle every other decade   

Beset in priori and posterior battles

Where the writer clings to what was

As life drags them along to what is

Broken, scarred but still ever faithful

To their heart, bleeding or otherwise

Their tormented mind cries silently         

Only their soul keeps them together

Time passes: they eventually recover 

Being one of life’s humanistic muses  

To express renewed tragical…truths        


Poet of the Light © 2022


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It was a Saturday evening

Cooler summer breeze blew

Clouds intervened the sun

You wore a new gold dress

And in one glace- stole me

I was in the near shadows 

Beneath cottonwood trees

You were across the street     

Your smile and the laughter

Overwhelmed my heartbeats     

Oblivious to my surrounds

I crossed without- looking     

Horns honked; people balked

All that mattered… was you


Poet of the Light © 2022


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I know not of such greatness

Of writing like others praised

Or those known great speakers

So many of the learned bestow

I’m of but meek talent and heart

Oft conveying my mission work

Relating what I do comprehend

From an observing kind of mind

Of keen eyes for subject matter

Even if it matters not to others    

I toil in multi-states of existence

The way a painter does a canvas

Striving for unattainable perfect

By an imperfect subject… accepted


Poet of the Light © 2022

Be causal

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Maturity- is not time fixed

But my ego never knew this

Required changes took place

Cause I once needed to be seen

Or needed to be heard aloud

Craved to be believed or loved

I’ve reached my summit- of self

Humbled by silence observantly  

Where I then understood greater

All that I was not– ignorantly       

Realizing my home was the valley

Where lush lives live by necessity  

Where I’ve become in authenticity

To thrive in my own… genuineness


Poet of the Light © 2022


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I returned to our beach

And the sun broke early

I sat, recalling you, and us

I found an abandoned pail

I began making sandcastles

And I was trying to recapture

Life in motion from memories

But I was having little luck

They crumbled over an over

How I empathized with them

Struggling to remain strong

To at least appear- alright

The lake water had dried up  

All I had left fell… from my eyes


Poet of the Light © 2022

Pride, prejudice, and pettiness

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The only real passion you held

Was your own self-admiration

Seeing success in materialism

Gaines off other’s misfortunes 

You despised anyone- different  

Who offered commoners help  

Or gave away valuable advise

Entirely secured in themselves    

It made you colder and cunning

Relationships were but punitive

Praise was your drug of choice

You loved the taste of revenge   

Yet, you go to bed humiliated

Incapable of being …charitable


Poet of the Light © 2022


Photo by George Becker on Pexels.

I spent so much time in darkness

That one day it befriended me

It was as if a new door opened

I felt absorbed into its essence

Finally, the fear I carried left too

I heard vesper whisper of prayers

Yet, there were no bodily presence

Understanding each of their words

Interpreted through my emotions

A zephyr caused chills, then peace

Then came an orb of buoyant light

Suddenly the space was lit alive

As I calmly looked over to my left

There stood Christ… holding my hand

Poet of the Light © 2022


Inspired by my love for my siblings.

May you never feel alone in darkness.

I love you all dearly, Rick

Thomas: 77b


My life has never been perfect

And I’ve reconciled to that fact

I’m not sure I’d know perfection

If it stood before me personally

At least in context often misused

I’ve known a gauntlet of darkness

Well enough I could trek it blind

As I do in my reality- instinctively           

Weaving across constructs of life

In and out of greys and shadows           

Or relationships ups and downs

More so when friends become foes    

My best comes- when familyships

Treat me more like…a human stain


Poet of the Light © 2022


I seem to be living in a time

Doubt rises with the dawn

Long before I open my eyes

I got a whole lot going on

Winds of change circle me

Like a cloud of confusion

Nothing is gained or freed

I’m left with no one to talk to

Lord knows- this ain’t easy

But I wish it could be with you      

Knowing you were listening

Made all the difference for me  

When I felt like I was being heard

And my words mattered… too


Poet of the Light © 2022


Nearly all we do is transitory

Much like many aspects of life

Happiness itself- is oft fleeting  

In its very authentical fashion

From one moment to moments

Chaos only reins in its absence

We are so sensitive to change

To those often-missed nuances

Noticing more the empty voids             

Attributing something outside

Of our own self for love and joy

Oft correlated it to other people

Forgetting we are centrical to it

As both may seek refuge… in us


Poet of the Light © 2022