You and I- are like the naturally occurring equinox

Try as we might by our desire to mesh as the unmistakable equals we are

Would foolishly lead us into a sacrificial implosion  

Having only metrically irritated one another from our efforts

You’ll follow your innateness to the end of time

As I follow the reflections of heavenly mirrors with mine

Only one of us could ever serve in the sun

While the other hovers as the face of the moon

We’re designed to harmoniously balance darkness and light

However, only if neither of us chases or lays claims as the other’s shadow

Our desire is meant to serve throughout our passionate fate  

That motivates all we will ever become, as individual codependents

We’re constricted by our existence for a grand function

Poetically bound together in everything … but love


Poet of the Light © 2023

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Pexels.com



I recognize there are those that abhor when their emotion get disturbed

And dislike any pictures or evoking talks of the realities of death and or war

Or of the collateral damage that lingers behind like a tainted legacy

While those of us who have lost loved ones are left to live our broken actualities   

We’ll light candles in remembrance or write letters never to be sent

We’ll speak openly of our enduring pain and hollowness within our presence  

While overly burdened with a love for them with nowhere to gift it

We’ll absorb as best we can by compelling ignorant glances given towards us

We’ll surrender a life we once had, having no other choice in the matter

We’ll identify others like us, in our walks, fashion, or perhaps blank stares

We are not alone, yet lonely for the response from those missing

But the greatest cause of our daily loneliness comes from those still living

Those we love like those we lost, but we’re avoided like a plague

Resolved not to surrender, forget and move on as if… they’ve never existed  

Poet of the Light © 2023


Casting mere simple velleities aside

I’ve peregrinated landscapes of love

Along my way, I’ve paid heavy tolls

I still wear those scars on my heart

As I dared not to give up and let go  

Of a love that left me malnourished

After abandoning my heart and soul

My attenuated mind trust as a child

Albeit love remains my Achilles heel

Love liken a flower survives off hope

And sooner or later true love blooms

In places, no one would’ve thought so

Times grains have been lost to winds

Yet, I endeavor as a … divine sonnet


Poet of the Light © 2023


I abhor when others dishonestly mispaint the world as only beautiful

As if avoiding true ugliness humans endure should be hidden

And their pain and suffering erased from everyone else’s view of realities

To prevent darkness from infecting and causing even more tragedies  

Albeit others oft recreate a more palatable truth of what they ingest  

In order to stomach the illusions, that they themselves afford to live

What then of the efforts for those who’ve climbed out of hell

While all others were busy ignoring their cries for help

Those brave souls that wear unseen scars from their battles

Is not their choices to resist obvious fallacies more courageous         

Are not warriors as ascetically beautiful as an unblemished model   

Or an inspiring soul that has overcome a pervading presence        

How so disingenuous to use our beliefs to mismeasure the lives of others

And avoid the task of truly seeing our ignorant selves in… a mirror


Poet of the Light © 2023

Photo by jorien Stel on Pexels.com


I stare easterly at a future dormant horizon that lays bare and ominous

That imaginary long thin line we notice cognitively in a pensive mind

Just as a northern breeze caresses my left cheek, invoking my childhood memories

Of when I stood offside of my mother, and she innately touched my face

As if saying without words, “Worry not about today my child, I am still here”

In that loving fashion only, mothers can do so affectionately without ridicule

When an impressionable lad’s head is filled with naive fleeting thoughts

Far removed from the dangers of life, love, and other immoral malice      

But time and life lessons overcome a parental effort when absent

And children become near adults with all life’s answers all wrapped up

As if bequeathed divine knowledge like chosen future saints of a church       

Reminding me in this sober moment, we’ve not enough time to learn          

How to openly communicate and respect one another’s differences

Let alone grasp a fuller understanding of what love really… is


Poet of the Light © 2023


 Conceived beyond mere accidental    

I am that which I always was to be

A learnt Son: I’ll finish my mission

Having peregrinated this broken life

Created by Holiness- for my benefit

An assignment to no one else but me

Twas punctuated by tears and scars

Throughout years of tumultuous pain

Raw fear begetting blinding humility  

By unrelenting trials and tribulations  

I have, with the greatest of reluctancy

Reconciled within my deeper core self

That I’ll not die as alone in near silence

As my, breath utters a quiet… I love you


Poet of the Light © 2023

Photo by EYu00dcP BELEN on Pexels.com


I was born an idiosyncratic child

Elicited in specific ways or senses

No rhyme, no reasons- intrinsically

Often at the bewilderment of others

Which made it easier to trek along

Those lesser-taken pathways of life        

While they fought for hierarchy slots  

Or to advantageously bend the rules        

I’d be antidotally affirming who I am  

Usually outside of their social norms         

And they danced to their choice of music

As I walked in sync with a lone universe        

Most of them faded into social acceptance  

By trial or tribulation, I found… myself


Poet of the Light © 2023

Photo by Marek Piwnicki on Pexels.com

Clarifying distortions


How easy it is to fake glossing over the obvious   

Learning those cues from our nurturing parents or friends    

Only taking brief notice of the far-off horizon we never intended to discover

It’s simply an unwillingness to accept what we’re really after

Our humanistic failing to recognize the true distinct matter that matters

Between our life and our true overinflated journeys  

Whereas people just seem to conflate them into one convenient stop

If they go to “that spot “somehow their lives are suddenly richer

I would posit, life and journeys are not all that different

However, you must refresh them in their proper context

Places are merely environmental destinations, like the Moon or Mars

These are just attributes left behind by others and time alike

They’ve just commercialized clutter people learn as children to desire  

They require nor provide any sort of refinement or secret answers

We’ve foolishly come to view people as mere objects like rocks to be skipped

Over the surface of time and break up our childish boredom

But “life” is a short hallway throughout an unknown expanse  

Where the real jewels and values are meant to be collected

People’s spirits are our “true journeys” to love and experience

Yet people venture out into the vast openness looking for fools’ gold

Then come back bragging about all the life-altering things they learned

They romanticize their travels and speak about exotic things

 But somehow, they never express or live that knowledge gained

Albeit some may embark into a new philosophy- briefly

People venture because it provides them a placebic sense of control

Or like trinkets to garner narcissistic fodder from others

Places help us justify some faked need of change for ourselves

After all, we can intellectualize anything we dare desire appropriate

But- what we’ll remember and cherish most of all

Is the transit to and fro with “someone” more so than the place visited

These places are romanticized dirt and rock or color and glitter

The real journey loved and lived was the accompanying person(s)

We have forgotten how fleeting and unique lives are, until they’re gone

How we fail to venture into the depths of those closest to our hearts

And create lives worth taking with us, in our own departures

We’ve fallen so in love with the suitable idea of being in love- is enough  

Without daring to wade the journey of someone…out of love itself

Poet of the Light © 2023

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I find myself tripping over imaginaries

That razor edge of aloofness and reality

Where my imperceptibility blindly strays

Amongst murkier times memories were made

And despite the lack of surefootedness

I feel more agile waffling in pretense gardens

Then life I frequently wake to, within each day  

Sobering winks offer me no safe harbor               

One aspect of self awareness can be a hangover

That drapes off your shoulders like a cloak

But gifting you no spellbinding superpowers                                    

Just added weight to hearts of us, bleeders                       

Still reeling from devastating loses

Endeavoring a smidgen… of loss equilibrium


Poet of the Light © 2023

Photo by K O R A Y B O Z K U R T on Pexels.com


Like a whisper in a vast universe

I rise and fall in unseen currents

I’m but a frail wisp of collections

Esoterically etched in memories  

Imagery and conversations lived

A shared sense of connectiveness

Lingering within a young woman

A junior to a junior of my adored  

Links in a divine crimson lineage                     

Forever bound wherever our lives

Coalescence or diverge over time                      

Our spirits can never be separated                      

Having inherited the true language

Of how love communicates… to love


Poet of the Light © 2023

Photo by EYu00dcP BELEN on Pexels.com