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When I- do love you  

I wade deep into our emotions  

I appreciate even the tiniest efforts  

I live my quirkiness unabashedly  

I adore all of yours admirably  

I let you be yourself as you are  

But should you throw me away 

My love will weather it regardless  

Only more hurt but at a distance   

I’m guilty to a fault that way  

Only pretentious love that reacts polemic  

Couldn’t have been love, to begin with  

Dynamics and degrees are different 

Like childishness versus… immaturity   


Poet of the Light © 2022  


Mutated sunsets

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Today the morning is laced  

In a bittersweetness of grays 

Its soberness can be tasted  

On the fringes of realization  

Some things are better left unsaid  

So, I will take my unspoken with  

As I pack up fragments of yesterday’s  

And my tidbits hope of tomorrow’s  

With broken promises and uncertainty  

As I leave behind what is left of family  

That could never fathom the depths  

Of my perpetual love for them  

I will nestle into a distant mountainside  

To observe life slowly …slip from sight  


Poet of the Light © 2022  

Holding out

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Alone at times, I close my eyes 

I just sit here in borrowed silence  

As I listen attentively for your whispers 

With tears streaming from my eyes  

As I anticipate what you might say 

My lawless heart beats thunderously 

It may seem a cruel thing to be doing 

But it secretly gives me more hope  

The way my prayers often do too  

Because even my love still hurts in truth  

So, what more is there I can say  

I will never compartmentalize you  

To love unconditionally from your soul 

You bear through it all… and never let go  


Poet of the Light © 2022  


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I was born bruised and broken  

Heading downhill fast  

Trying to survive life’s avalanche  

Lord knows I wasn’t given a chance  

Still here I am- subsisting this  

In the shadows and light cast  

Like some monstrous outcast   

When all I’ve done was be born  

And even then, I was never asked  

But somehow, I have to pay the tax     

When does life change into living it,  

As in dreams, movies … or delusions? 


Poet of the Light © 2022  


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Never been to this place before  

And yet, the moments seem so old 

Maybe they even feel overused  

Must have been something I dreamt 

Or seen, so long ago, somewhere else 

Maybe another life a lived and died  

And yet, I already know how it goes  

Even the next thousand heartbreaks  

Still resonating, here deep in my heart    

Some things have a way of repeating  

Like falling in love with love itself  

Instead of someone worthy of love  

Maybe that’s where I’ve gone wrong  

I’m not found worthy enough…  yet  


Poet of the Light © 2022 


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Nothing about love is negative 

Those platitudes are merely myths 

To get you to capitulate yourself 

To neurotic whims of someone else 

Those who have needs to manipulate   

Love is a gift they can’t appreciate  

Love flows in abundance naturally   

Around the bends and sprawls out 

It churns in-depth and even falls  

Out of nowhere in faraway places  

It is fierce and gentle all at once     

Silky and soothing with its touch      

Love ushers out no waves of regret  

Love is the exception… in everything 


Poet of the Light © 2022  

Unfolding realities

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Narcissists are naturally cunning  

Even factoring in being forgiven 

Into the fabric of nefarious plans 

And before enacting their deeds  

Upon those, they will victimize  

We should oblige them- just once 

Proving to ourselves that we can  

But void of any remorseful actions 

We must avoid becoming complicit  

By letting them convict themselves  

Next time they trespass boundaries   

As they utter forgiveness platitudes  

We end all our further interactions 

Because narcissists…evade change  

Poet of the Light © 2022  


You gave up on me long ago 

But I just didn’t know  

Not until this broken moment  

Still tearing apart my heart  

What was the sense, in pretending?  

I think that what makes it 

So much worse to feel right now 

Broken words to broken vows  

Nothing meant anything- to you 

Making me nothing- more too    

Somehow, I thought I knew you  

While you only knew me as a fool  

You played with like a childish toy 

Heartlessly broken… and tossed aside  

Poet of the Light © 2022 

Shameless shadows

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I can feel all my emotions  

Simmering below the surface 

As I try to restrain myself  

From lashing out- in my hurt  

Another added broken promise  

Another letdown set of actions  

Your careless words fall empty 

Like lifeless and dried-out leaves   

I’ve been down this road before 

It only tears down my sanity  

All you care about is being seen  

As some hero, you will never be  

Finally seeing truth of your flesh   

You’re the culprit in… all reality  


Poet of the Light © 2022 


Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric on Pexels.com

I lived out on the fringe of light  

Waiting to be saved just in time  

But got drawn away by darkness  

The way sugar does little children 

From that moment on I was lost 

It was like most seasons and me  

Shared our history but didn’t agree 

Along that broken road of loneliness  

Where I felt colorless times- hurt deep 

The way a sunburn tinges for days  

I thought I heard the moon mocking me   

Staring at the universe- feeling empty 

Till I finally came to understand my life 

And that I could’ve survived… any other 


Poet of the Light © 2022