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I’ve no real magnetic control

Over my heart’s love for someone

Nor should I, least it be perverted

I can accept it or pretend and deny it   

But inside my heart, it is what it is

A truth I’m consciously aware of

Love defies mortal rhyme or reasons

And yet, it will reasonably rhyme

Like a divine harmonious song

And we play as parts of its chords

To make it sublime to us and others

And my affinity for someone may

Last a day or a lifetime- far beyond

I’ve loved beautifully and…tragically


Poet of the Light © 2022


Broad strokes

The morning is cold and gray   

Feels like winter is on its way  

Spring and summer are memories  

And there’s a hollowness inside 

Echoing back things about my life 

I’m missing chances I let slip away  

These echoes are reminding me  

Not to waste another fragile day  

Yet I still don’t know what to do 

But chase after rainbows I can’t see  

Slaying windmills found in my way  

Looking for where I truly belong  

Scarred, tired, and barely hanging on  

I’m a man you’d have to love… blindly  


Poet of the Light © 2022  

Pseudo syndrome

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We reside in a transitory world  

Giving out only what we get back  

Searching for permanent answers  

But settling instead for imitation 

In bewilderment of what went wrong   

We fearfully hold back for betterment 

Afraid we might lose out altogether  

While suffering with what we accepted   

Diluting ourselves and relationships 

Neither of which we would ever admire   

And overlooking the most obvious  

Unconditional is not…some paradox    


Poet of the Light © 2022  


Heavenly Grace is bestowed eternally  

In more ways than comprehendible 

No matter how many times we decern it  

There are always more levels unexplored 

More experiences left to learn    

When Grace is bestowed upon me  

It is not for me alone to covet  

Albeit I experience Grace in a presence  

I am also being used to refract it  

Just as the moon refracts the sun’s light 

Reminding us that even in darkness  

Grace remains eternally with us 

As we look around at all our darkness 

We refract Grace …in the presence   


Poet of the Light © 2022 


There are those that we will love 

From our unrestrained nature  

Who seem obtuse to love’s value  

Whether it is by choice or makeup  

And these loved ones may hurt us 

In multiple fashions of rejections 

Some will pay love no mind at all 

As if it is merely just another day    

Others notice but remain quite  

Intending to evade any mention  

Either way, we feel it down deep 

And it remains until we move on  

If- our love is not unconditional  

Then who is really hurting… Who?  


Poet of the Light © 2022  


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To live is to be called  

To be called is to serve  

To navigate from here to fro  

It is not by accident or happenstance 

It is all by design however denied   

It is a journey our souls believe in 

In times of uncertainty we faith   

In times of darkness, we must sacrifice  

In times of joy, we celebrate greatness  

We chose absences over abdication  

We chose acceptance over gratification  

We chose selflessness over selfishness  

Acknowledging our human conscious  

Is to commune honestly… with God

Poet of the Light © 2022  


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These sonnets akin to my leaves

Written words by a voice in me

Slowly I’ve resigned to let go

Of my untold stories, I know

Some are written by my pain

Some are written for a change

Some are written in my blood

Some are written just because

Some are written by my shame

Some are words I can’t explain  

Some are written in my tears

Some took me many of years

Everything comes in due time

My soul… whispers their flight 


Poet of the Light © 2022


Micro cues are very telling

However, there’s no telling

What they mean from person to person

Everything is just general in nature

Whereas nuances are conjecture

And people must invest real time

Before they can benefit from guesses

It’s still called getting to know someone

Learning the tones of their voices

Any reactionary mood changes

Quirky glances across a room

Longing stare into each other’s eyes

Juxtaposing hurt and joyful tears

When to care and when… to be quite


Poet of the Light © 2022

fruition (long read)

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I too, go now soon

Where is as I must

Before the snows fall

And greys become dust   

After all, tis my very nature

Heavenly hands instilled

And life nurtured by moonlights

As an inner child’s dream in truth

I’ll ascend near where Eagles soar   

There, up in a corner summit borrow

And campfires are lost to darkness

Where snippets of life are painted

In colors of wild mountain flowers

And lush meadow green lands

And sprinkles of sparkling stars    

Higher than is here now

Where breezes tumbleweeds for miles   

Across dried-out level landscapes  

Where Bison herds and bears roamed

Amongst glacier lakes and tall grasses

Back in a time long before I was born

When stars were filled with prayers   

And I too must complete a cycle

And I’ll do so with my Lord savior

Listening to my humbled heart speak

The way a Father does to his child  

As I bear witness of those who loved me  

And those who wiped my salty tears

Fed my broken heart promising stories

Triaged my rented skin and soul

Steeped me in warms cups of forgiveness

Reminded me of my mountainous mission   

In betwixt quiet hours of inner peace

And glorious dawns of dewy mornings

Where Mother nature kisses all living  

I’ll colorfully imbue as memories

Imprinted gingerly on my soul’s fabric

Carrying with to unabashedly boast

Where I’m from and to where I go  

As I walk in the complicit echoes

By legions of revered Poets of old

Whispering our creative thoughts

Into sleepy young hearts, we left behind

That try to comprehend why

Their tender nature compels them  

To sit thoughtlessly… admiring summits   

Poet of the Light © 2022