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The mystics of human nature

Tend to be elusively misunderstood

Whilst I logically understand

I’m amazed that it really happens

Overtly catching myself- looking

As if I’m waiting for your return

As if I expect to hear your voice

As if I’ve captured a mere glimpse

Of your presence, however brief

I suppose in part, it’s expected

When you really love others- forever

When you believe, they’ll find a way

To reach out, affirming love’s faith       

Affirming we’re still… with them


Poet of the Light © 2022


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Folks, take note: it is here-

In this wonderment of life

Thru this miraculous gift of time

As mere mortals; living as Gods  

Where our elated joys or pains  

Our inner desires or satiations  

Find loves outburst or implosion  

Where our smiles or our wet tears

Are given their voice of- words  

As we bare forth our naked souls        

To friends and those we don’t know

In unabashed hope- to just connect  

As we drift in our planetary heaven

I’m eternally grateful I… was heard   


Poet of the Light © 2022


I’ve accepted as I learned

Over my anguished time  

How to recognize this- me

This wreckage I’ve become

Familiarity with forced change

I sought not- as some trade-off

Of my once beloved dreams

And all those dreams remain

Hidden inside safely buried deep         

So when I feel broken, or alone  

I visit and fully embrace them

To remind each one- individually  

They’ll never be forgotten by me

They’re my sanctuary… my peace


Poet of the Light © 2022


I was born into lost

Where my heart wandered

For most of my empty life

Battered, bruised, and torn

After daring to love others

Who’ve misuse everyone or things  

I retreated deep inside myself

That only place it learned to feel safe

Like the sun and moon

That travers’s space and time

Like a kept promise being delivered

You took a few of your moments

To listen to my words

And move me with your answers

Ignoring my brokenness and hurt

Somehow it really seemed

An unbelievable kind of feeling  

You reached beneath my scars

Unlike anyone has ever before

And I finally started to believe

The way you were treating me

With a lifetime missing love

But all it was… was fool’s dream   


Poet of the Light © 2020

Double edges

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Love can seem burdensome

But only fear sees it that way

Love itself is everlasting and freeing

Our insecurities make it feel unreal

By way of our flawed expectations

And or damaged cynical teachers

Taught to us throughout our past

Our acceptance of something lesser

Is often a safe play to avoid loneliness

Only to feel imprisoned inside ourselves

The thing about conventual wisdom

Is sooner or later, it quickly expires                  

The only I’ve thing I found consistent

Is unconditional love… if we gift it


Poet of the Light © 2022


Between the distance and silence

There lives a hollowness to subsist

Where fires burn from held memories

Of older days that have passed

But live forever in our hearts

Like whispers without shadows

Only our souls can interpret

I tried to spare you some pain

Even if it came, at my own expense

But I was totally oblivious

That you were doing the same

Sometimes the price of love

Comes at our greatest tax

And that’s what makes it… beautiful


Poet of the Light © 2022

Master recipe  

Somewhere betwixt life and death

There is this clear pathway hidden

Where our souls do traverse blindly

As they leave those of us far behind

They also leave their love as proof

We are loved and treasured dearly

Some of us feel torn in two directions

And in our grief, we want to be with

Loved ones here as well as there too      

Our heartbeats here seem to go silent  

We know their echoes speak volumes    

That only those who’ve crossed over      

Could truly receive and appreciate

Body and soul makes…love dialectical


Poet of the Light © 2022


Whisper words that stir my fate

Until its sweeter than past days

Let me feel each breath on my face

So, I’ll know the touch of love again


Move me like a mountain in your way

Smooth away all my precipitous cliffs

The way water does below the surface

With its soft currents of gentleness


Make me like a song you long to hear

Let me seep deep within your soul

Like the warmth of first kisses

Long enough until it feels like home


Rescue me from even my old self

With your moist whispers of… love


Poet of the Light © 2022


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When it comes to the finality of a death

You drown in sobering understandings

A lifetime of proverbial seconds chances

Were squandered away by justified pride

Unlike love- grief is an all-consuming fog

Pervading places you never knew existed

And grief taste like a bitter root of death

Lingering in pores of our unconsciousness

So as to make even our greater days sour

Curdling all fond memories of our beloved

Making us question fidelity of our sanity   

Love- the only thing to salvage our palate   

Rescue our broken hearts from the sadness

Restore our lost hope… until we’re reunited


Poet of the Light © 2021


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I know it’s wintertime here

Even snow has fallen a few times

But it’s colder than it should feel

As I stand here alone waiting

Tears are falling from my eyes

But that’s no big surprise, is it?  

Imagining you here too

I think about all the things I’d say

Like I love you endlessly child

And thank you for being a blessing

I know I never felt safer than

When we were together laughing

Or the warmth of your embrace

The promise of daybreak peeks

Over the horizon just slightly

And my heart beats a bit faster

Cause I believe you hear me talking

Tell me, show me- somehow

You’re happy and better now

We can both make-believe together

Just like when you were a child dancing

The light breaks through my tears   

Like a thousand waves crashing

In this secret seat of silence

I feel the breeze wrap around me

With the warmth of all your memories

And now I can’t stop crying

As all my fears slowly lay down

Believing you’re found… in every dawn


Poet of the Light © 2021