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God mindfully made heaven and earth

And sprinkled his perfection about

So, all the imperfects can be perfected

Through series of trail, errors, or doubts

Introspection is our constant true storm

We may erupt in an outpouring of tears  

Introverts are simply just a type of species

Not some pejorative needing eradication  

Our seasonal weathering does endure

In the groves of our emotional fruition

Our blemished hearts remain centered

Albeit we may show some signs of wear

We were seeded to provide love and care

Nonetheless, we’ll finish our… ripen mission


Poet of the Light © 2021


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At times I stall myself long enough

So as to slip between shadows

That move like untold mountains

Portraying monsters to our fears

But I’ve learned to depict bravery

Quietly within the solitude of silence

To shed dissonance like dirty clothing        

Trusting in that unseen Marshal

That’s drifts within life’s orchards

Ruling laws and powers of the universe

We rely upon for our sense of peace

Helping us laydown all our burdens

So, we can slowly recover hope in sleep

Unafraid of tomorrow’s …daybreak


Poet of the Light © 2021


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When I was young like a child

Love wasn’t anything to ever fear

I knew how elusive it was even then

But I didn’t care, and remained open


I grew up far too soon to ever know

Love can simply be so misconstrued

When someone controls its full truth

Turning love into irreparable harm


I settled for much less than I was worth

Accepted all the dark pain and the scars

And delivery of loves promised goodness

To heal my heart- to whole my brokenness


I desire to love like a child’s heart in silence

Waiting for healed promise … of fulfillment


Poet of the Light © 2021

Ripple effect

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No day has been the same since

Or my moonless nights or sunsets

I’m filled with chills and cold

I’ve lost my sense of self control

Without guidance of your presence

At times I have to close my eyes

In hopes that I might just find

Some answer I haven’t heard yet

From many of your faint whispers

Still lingering within my heart

That might offer some direction

What to do next- before I cry and

Die again inside another moment

Without you here … to hold onto


Poet of the Light © 2021


We have been thoroughly robbed

Truly and most assuredly as if

A thief in dark of night had come

Stolen what we failed, to protect

Oh- how most complicit we are!

We’ve lost untold stores and smiles

All those gems you just can’t buy

We’re left here to cry, for ourselves   

We’ll guiltily hide the void inside

So, we never see it in the mirror of life

Never be reminded of our failing to you

Now we’re sorry, in all the wrong ways

Convincing ourselves you’ve found peace

From a narcissistic world… we’ve created


Poet of the Light © 2021  

In memory of Gabby Petito.

We should be better than this by now.

May you one day forgive our failing you.


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It’s like a draught of some odd type

Here I am, still trying, trying to swim

In puddles of shallow waters, I’ve left

Getting nowhere fast, in thick muck


Those bitter waters are draining away

Leaving me a wreck in all my todays

And all of my fresh hopes I still have

Are draining away too, into their last


Did I miss my course along the way?

Or was a curse exactly where I headed

Steering blind into a charted storms eye

Believing I ‘ve founded my own island


I never really wanted to be a lost Pirate

Just a pilot for my hearts… lasting heaven


Poet Of the Light © 2021


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My whole life has been the same

I was born out of a broken sea

Every day is a new ocean wave

Following a course to drown me


Life itself comes to me in agitations  

Setting a precedence of what to expect

I’ve not known the sense of wholeness

My expectations tend to drown away  


To find true love out in a bitter sea

I have to believe- that someone else

Is out here floating along patiently

Believing they’ll find some one like me


We’ll collide in the same broken wave

Finding love in the other’s … broken tragedy


Poet of the Light © 2021


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Still after all this time

I find, I’m still amazed

Just how many times

Pain changes many things


Learning again to let go  

Has many more versions

But I’m happy to know

I’m learning them easier


Letting go of some people

I gave far too much credit

Can never really love me

As I do them in every moment


It’s not me hurting deep inside

It’s really my raw love … that cries  


Poet of the Light © 2021

Should you get lost

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I will come on, like early morning

Soft and soothing as an old song  

Just before dawn burst wide open

I promise, I will be there waiting

Before your beautiful eyes shine  

I’ll bring you your favorite flower

Full bloom greeting when you awaken

While fresh coffee will be brewing

Then I will bring your breakfast

And butter preserves on your toast

As you acclimate all your thoughts

Even if- you’ve forgotten my name

Afterwards, I’ll whisper in your ear

As I slowly brush your greying hair

I’ll remind you of our journey in life

Before and after, our love came to be

And in-between the forgotten answers

I’ll calmly smile as I eagerly reexplain

I will paint your memories back in words  

I whisper from the depth of my heart

We’ll talk about those magic mountains

We enjoyed in every refreshing winter

And the colors of fall- befalling changes

In shredded layers of dancing leaves

I will always find you, where you are

Oh, my Love of all things, I promise

I will remind you about your garden

All your beautiful flowers you planted

You called them, children of your soul

We’ll laugh at the stories we made up

Like all those butterflies that visit us

Really being secret angels, in disguise

Serving as ambassadors of all changes

I will escort you on your daily walks

Arm in arm talking steps of time away

Speak about the oceans we swam in

And nightly beaches, we made love on

While the moon hid behind sheer clouds

We will watch the setting of the sun

Every evening in a slow gentle breeze  

Sitting in our rocking chairs silently

As if life was our own secret movie  

And we played as its only character’s

Tears will swell up inside my old eyes

Whenever I know you recognize- me  

And hold me close in tightly forever’s

They way you’ve done so many times

We will continue to live our love true

I promise Love, I’ll watch… over you


Poet of the Light © 2021 Dementia