Silver linings

Where but star’s gleam

And planets fade away

Where eons were born

And galaxies are at play

Where time has never lived

Nor their faces need to die

Try even in vain as I might

I struggle again and again

For that place, that something

Where life’s presence lives on

And its reflection mirrors

That bridge between us

However, be far or near

Until your whispers are heard…again


Poet of the Light © 2022  

Crumbs or promises

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Upon the yellow brick road

Laced in cracks and shadows

Many will fall and get lost

Be tramped upon old imprints

Of tired dreams and beliefs

Its shine will become blurred  

In tones of crimson and tears

Lines are crossed or stopped       

As silent prayers get drown

Into the petrichor air of earth    

Yellow is far more than color

It’s also a very eager blindness    

That deceives earnest believers

Into silly thinking… they be, God


Poet of the Light © 2022

After letters Nov, 22

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After letters

Nov, 22

Cold air swirled about the near-silent darkness as the moonlight fell through a bare glaze frame near my blanketed feet. Ghostly whiffs of your sausage gravy and biscuits teased me for a while as I laid on your side of the bed while staring out our big window watching giant snowflakes crash into our frost-covered landscape. It’s almost hypnotic and at times, I admit I get lost within it all.

I finally talked myself into getting up to light a fire and make coffee and write you during my ritual mornings. No- don’t worry, I took time yesterday to cover all your flower and vegetable beds. After all these years here, I had an inkling winter would be coming early. I still recall how much effort you used to fuss over them like dependent children. Sometimes I can almost hear their sad mummers in the summer breezes while I rock away sleepy sunsets, all part of our life here simply missing you dearly. I know, it’s no one’s fault and part of God’s plan.

Got our first snow of the season early this morning. Not sure it helped much if any overnight where those firefighters have been all week, over there on Anderson Gulch. Word was everyone was evacuated in time. The animals were all taken to farmland nearby. They’re mountain people like us. Even if they lost their barns and house, they’ll dig in and rebuild their lives as if nothing happened. So long as they have each other, just like we did after our first long winter. Strange how when one of us felt like packing and heading back to the plains and towns, the other one of us would inspire strength and keep us resolved to see our dream here through, together. It’s really one of the best things I miss about you, your delicate voice, like a signature song to my heart.

Well- as you know by now, winter is well on its way, and I must head out and split more firewood. Dawn is about to peek, and you loved how I enjoyed watching her splendor spilling over our summit, along with her warm glow touching me. That and how she’ll always remind me… of you.


Poet of the Light © 2022

After letters collection.


I’m old friends with loneliness

We spent many of nights together

Talking like brothers until dawn

Reminiscent about a love we lost

Or the dreams we still hunger for

We’ve cried in each other’s arms  

Felt breakage of each other’s heart

When our frail worlds fell apart        

Solitary isn’t just something bad

Solitary doesn’t mean that I’m sad   

Loneliness is like a shadow unseen

My friend is spiritual comfort… for me


Poet of the Light © 2022

Unsung Heroine

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Most of my traumatic life was lived

One dire storyline at a time

Expressing disappointments

Or fresh heartbreaks of my life

Cynics thought friends; laughed, and say

It’s time boy for you to turn the page

Leaving me face down on the ground  

As they all easily walked away

But you never could or did

And helped erase dark times away

Until your life burned out too soon  

So, dear child when it comes to you

Nothing’s ever going to feel the same

And I just can’t… turn that page


Poet of the Light © 2022


Jenna called to tell me you crossed

Think I felt my soul trying to follow

It was like my universe just stopped


Never needed your embrace- more

Then I did in that frozen moment

Sometimes I think I’m still there

Sometimes it’s too hard to swallow


Nothing about this made any sense

God, I wish I didn’t know how it felt

I don’t think it’s ever going to leave

It’s like an inhuman cruel hollowness


That no place in a time of no returning

Echoes inside my heart each morning

It’s like morning promise… without a dawn


Poet of the Light © 2022

Stranger Me’s

Hung head, hands in my pockets

Brisky summer mornings

Silence isn’t always golden

The grey fog rolls in heavy and soft

As a beacon’s light glows

Under a tenebrous atmosphere  

And I walk along- alone

My footprints drown some  

Shadows and wakes collide

Hard-to-swallow waves break

I can feel it all in my bones

Knowing you the way I do

Remains the only reason I still hang on

Yet, I get lost- sometimes…in-between us


Poet of the Light © 2022


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I no longer compete, I’ve no need

Having long stepped away from

Crowds of self-proclaimed warriors

A legacy of battling an invisible foe

As if different foes wear the same face

That most if not all, are yet to encounter

While daily justifying their abstractions    

Espousing their superior knowledge

Secretly desiring to recruit others      

Perhaps they find peace in numbers

Or perhaps they enjoy when- mob’s rule            

Until you become what’s overly ruled       

I’ll be- my second greatest advocate

After living conscientiously… comes first


Poet of the Light © 2022


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There are mornings I get lost

Staring out over the horizons

As if I’m watching my life play

Ignoring its memories, we made

Trying to comfort those feelings

Unaware tears have been falling

Nothing prepares you for- gone

Words sound foolish and wrong

Even if some sentiments are pure

Pain can’t distinguish life past hurt     

I’ve felt fires that were a bit cooler

I’ve felt no words that cut me deeper

Making friends with your finality

Is beyond anything left here… in me


Poet of the Light © 2022


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Storms come from off the horizons

I’ve come to recognize their nature

Long before any make appearances

Dark, unforgiving, and pure- evil

I still wear many of its past scars

Some seeable, others not so visible

But over the years I’ve also learned

To weather, to bend, to take cover  

Stave off yesterday’s nervousness      

To trust and to faith in newer days   

Days and nights of loud laughter’s

In those moments love is magnified

So, no dark storm can hurt, or bruise

Because love remakes us…invincible


Poet of the Light © 2022