I could unwantonly reside without you
If that is the tomorrow I’m bequeathed
Though it would be most bleak, at best
I’d refuse acceptance of the cold ambiance
Know darkness could never replace you
Nor could it ever become my friend
We’d be more like armistice adversaries
Coexisting only for the sake of silence
My sanity would surely be overly taxed
My heart- withering in desolate winds
Not even the Ravens would dare visit
Out of fear of getting lost in my madness
A man, an island to himself...still in love

Poet of the Light © 2020


Hid ever changing colors of a prism
It’s not conventional thought of desire
That rages forth like a normal wildfire
From the very depths of my soul’s core
It’s a thirst, a hunger- an innate need
Beyond water, food, basic nurturing
Stripped of all the falseness or masking
Like a clear living block of ice- I burn
Without a flame susceptible to dosing
I smolder deep inside my skins cover
My blood boils in my veins nonstop
As all their echoes cling for dear life
Pictures, words sacrifice themselves
To feed this unrelenting abnormality
Like a volcano lava flow grows to burst
My heart has now lost all control within
To sustain a harmonious way of being
A sinful like rebellion has broken out
Defying logic of human understanding
Secretly abdicating to only...your touch

Poet of the Light © 2020

Bona fide

I’m not looking to complain
But life has been a ballbuster
With impeccable bad timing
Most of the time, for my life

Some of the best parts of me
I haven’t seen, in a decade
But that don’t mean anything
If it's really me- that matters

Can’t promise what it is I can’t
Deliver, so don’t bother asking
But you’re welcome to take me
As I am, with every broken part

My heart needs that special place
Where I can live love...effortlessly

Poet of the Light © 2020


I’d be but only a commoner  
What could I dare believe to
Offer a dream appearing like
A God gifted mirage to be seen
All I own is my marred heart?
Like twilight, you’re unique
Ever-changing yet unyielding
Gracefully moving in silence
Whilst speaking in glimmer
Your sheer veil drape apparel
Keeps your true beauty beneath
Protected as well as preserved
In a tempered honest whisper
Yet back dropped by darkness
Of scarred magical allure that
Beckons to my most inner soul’s
Madness: unquenched...hunger

Poet of the Light © 2020


You’d think I’d know better
Than cast all caution to the wind
Truth is I do, if this is now
Now exists for all unproven fools 
Some things are just inevitable
How fashionable you’re becoming
Even when I lay down to sleep
I can almost feel your silence
I can almost feel you breathe
Time keeps slipping away
From those nervous hands
Hey! speaking of hands
I wish I knew how yours felt
Especially nestled inside of mine
For now, I’ll just dream me an answer
That brings me a smile and serenity
Something inside me is restless
Can’t quite put my finger on it
But I know, I would if I could reach
My mind covers so many miles between
Makes me wish I was just a thought
I would’ve already been gone
Dancing the moonlight away
Inside your welcoming arms
Tangled in your kisses and whispers
My wished for reality, unspoken
Hidden deep inside as...your dream

Poet of the Light © 2020

Bird of paradise

Its kinda hard to explain now
When you saw me in the light
I was just breaking through
From a fresh morning dew
Out of the surface of darkness
For my- one- millionth- time
Embarrassing to say out loud
This is how some cycles happen
Be it a flower or human touch
When you’re unwanted, you wilt
I’d fall into the death of doubts
Where I’m covered in rejections
Until a new season comes forth
And I thirst to be held by love
Residing here in this lost garden
With my courage again I become
Just as you found me...a sprout

Poet of the Light © 2020

Natural selection

Photo by Cole Keister on
I’m trying to hold on
But these winds are so strong
I hope you can protect me
They say it's all an illusion
But they’re not listening
I’m falling
Oh no-
Cynical reactions
Never could save anyone
I’m at mercy of the breeze
Help me
It looks frightening
This giant mirror below
On this water, I’m alone
Current situations bleak
My life tree lost me
I’m floating too fast
I’m soaked
Rolling beneath the surface
Ripples are now churning
I can’t hear myself think
It's almost over
One final plunge
The underworld is ugly

Poet of the Light © 2020


My heart passively beset
Within this bubbled island
Laced with pitfall puddles
Chasing some butterfly truths
Holding a handful of dreams
Only the moon and I dare see
When the clouds are...vacant

Poet of the Light © 2020


Delicate flurries of you
Wrap gently around me
Becoming comfortable
With every passing second
Now, I’ve begun to pray
They become a hurricane

Your soft spoken words
Drift inside these breezes
Until they’d gather up
All my secret notions
And I surrender freely
To a hurricane’s truth

Sweep me fastly away
Inside of your energy
Take everything I am
Make it yours to have
Inside the whirling life
That's a hurricane...of you

Poet of the Light © 2020