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You come to me, in thoughts

Micro-glimpses or expressions  

Touches, like an unseen breeze

In that so fashionable- youness

A zephyr in a mystical presence  

From the very day you born

As of late, too often, I stumble

Inside this existence shadowing me

Throughout this stuck of a circle

And as the world turns itself by

Like the sun, moon, and yesterdays

None of which I command or catch  

Factually I’m an unknown witness

In a tragic period of my own …life


Poet of the Light © 2022


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There’ll be times I feel beset

To an antiquated water wheel

Performing cursory cartwheels

As a cold river steals my energy

And I rarely recognize this life

My environment has so changed

Shadows are like tumbleweeds

As daily skylines get conflated

Amongst distant foggy mountains  

Their gentle silence; estrangement      

One’s soul-soothing song- absent

As ambient colors bleed in greys   

Oh! Late wishes, I’d known sooner   

Palatable choices I’ve…left unmade


Poet of the Light © 2022         


Breathtaking moments; absent

Wonderers of the world; average  

And my daydreams have waned

While hope fleeted into silence

Promised horizons; fog riddled

Colors became a dull ignorance

Life, like me, is losing meaning

In life’s envelope and surrounds         

It’s cruelty to learn our greatest

Resides ageless within our past           

To have come so far, yet so short        

In the little time, we’ve inherited     

To lose everything of any value  

After we understand…what matters


Poet of the Light © 2022  


I was made like a rouge snowflake

Beneath the silence of a grey skyway

Drifting further on faint amber sun rays

Slowly falling- like love naturally does

I’ve been to hear and there and back

But too often I always got sidetracked

And all I ever was yet remains lost

Along the meandering way, I came

Just as if it was laid in place, for me  

Where I am now, I’ve never been before

But sometimes I want to go backward

To someplace warm, worn, and familiar

I was created out of your heart’s dream

I was born from your tear… into light


Poet of the Light © 2022

The unrest

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Like a surprising fall from a ship

Then grasping at straws in prayers

As we tread the onslaught of waves

Churning the undertow of currents

Only to wash upon stranger shores

Once safe, disappointment sets in       

Finding I’m beset to where I am

Reluctant acclimation hovers over       

As I watch daily suns rise then fall      

But I’m not sensing an inherent life   

Here, where I currently do reside

And yet I see no other viable offer

But I feel this calling deep within

That only comes from…one’s home


Poet of the Light © 2022


It was as if my soul separated

And without leaving me behind  

Or so my emotions still imagine  

Yet, that’s where I am, just- left  

Left to remember our shared times

Left to wonder of my tomorrows

That I will likely not really notice

Not like I should, or once used to        

In the undertones of my own breaths

My thoughts will be tethered to you          

Wondering about your thoughts now

Of me, life, and your new everlasting

You brought life to my lost soul

But now- my life feels… so soulless


Poet of the Light © 2022


When I was much younger

I surrendered like a feather to wind

I remained quiet and afraid

Like a shadow is with light

Until love swept me away

As if I was a worthy whisper

And quashed surrounding darkness

Dispelling all my inner fears

And invoking my own courage

Blessing me with loves happiness

I would have otherwise not known  

Until time itself swept away love

And like that feather, I befell

Returning me to…my erstwhile self


Poet of the Light © 2022

Paradoxical echoes

The loss of one’s own child

Is to truly lose part of oneself

Unlike some mere appendage

That grief is a different sort of pain

Life is too impotent to prepare us for

And that pain resonates deep within

A sacred place only love can know

I’d dare say- love realizes, it’s damaged           

It’s a wound of yours without a scar

Unseeable, to indicate some healing

Evermore timeless and unrecoverable

Despite a plethora of touted platitudes                                            

When meaningful love is unconditional

So too remains its unconditional…injury  


Poet of the Light © 2022


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I sense her silent audience now and then

Like the manner, one senses a shadow

Ever present, yet resolved to its elusiveness  

Especial when I’m set away to myself

Where I meander betwixt life and memories

My inner dams hold back sorrow, mostly

Still, I’m innately beset to always wonder

What she might say to me today or tomorrow      

That’s the thing about silence and solitude

You tend to steep in the surrounding silence            

Today was better than my last lot of them

However not as great as my best days gone

I also wonder if I ever lived up to the image

She saw me as, cause I’ve always… intended to


Poet of the Light © 2022


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Shattered by a broken truth

That was written on the walls

Colored flames of my heart hid

Until passion became the ashes

Dying embers were all that fed me

In the reality of my lone darkness

My shivers remained my last friend

So, I embarked on a soulful journey

Discovering birds still flew daily

Butterflies reached transformation     

The sun and moon balanced life

Rivers flowed like unwritten songs        

Stars remained constant and free

My epiphany; I’m already… all these


Poet of the Light © 2022