I appreciate a near silence

That lightly hums over

Fresh moist fallen snowscape

As the moon illuminates

With a seductive coloring

My horizontal view of awe

As I can taste its flavoring

With every inhale and swallow

Sweet- in a cool minty way

Whereas I’m then taken away

In thoughts, to a new plane

Where everything is perfect

As my heart beats rhythmically

Just so- moment after moment

And my breaths of divine bliss

Fuel a perpetual euphoric feeling

I’m not alone; embraced… loved


Poet of the Light © 2019



Why for must I steep

So deeply in darkness

In order to understand

And feel the hand of light?


Why must my tears fall

In single drops of sorrow

That trace along my face

Only to flee down below?


Why must I hear whispers

That are bound for no one

Other than for me- alone

Between each heart beat?


Will I ever truly live known;

The answers…promised me?


Poet of the Light © 2019



Steadfast as if I were a promised dawn

That carried burdensome raindrops it lost

After all this time, here amongst myself

Where life has rested as if- nearly- frozen

I could feel- the pull of your souls presence

How it captivates me so, that I opined you

Delicate as a flower yet heavenly like an angel

Beyond view of my set horizontal distance

But this demarcation of light and darken

Is fading to a dimness within my eyes now

Where blurred vision, fights its salty water

Anxiety has replaced my lofty anticipations

And my heart flutters- more often that not

Having weakened in belief that, you’re real

Still my soul cries out in aches of silent hopes

The way a candle flickers remains at vigil

As winds terrorize the open window panes

And my cold nights are adorned in snowfalls

Until truth of you saves me from…insurmountable


Poet of the Light © 2019



Who’d be the wiser anyways?


Brokenness becomes the whole

In a settlement to ones soul


The wear and tear of love

Often fray all the feelings

Of a persons dying heart


Bleeding hope seeps away

In clear streams of panes

As they slowly- suffocate

On crux of deaths threshold


Caring motivation is traded

For a daily numbing substance

In creation of a life of subsistence


Its most queer how blind we are

When the darkness isn’t ours


And we can edify them in…past-tense



Poet of the Light © 2019



I used to be bothered, being broken

Always sifting myself to be separate

Recognizing parts are lost from a whole

They serves different functions of purpose

I’m hardly ever politically correct

And know- when I’m am, its by accident

Perhaps its my natural aberrations

After all, I know I’m not a politician

I have no need to drive myself crazy

Flip-flopping akin, a fish out of water

Lying to one group just for appeasement

While secretly cutting tether of another

But remembering to wear stolen gloves

For when its time to point guilty fingers

It’s stands to reason to, just be honest

Without intentions of cruelness: diplomacy

Wouldn’t that be the real face of positivity?

Be empathetic and honorable, simultaneously

Why steep myself in a dark collective group;

That handcuffs anyone’s unique thoughts;

Or destroys their soulful gift of creativity;

Only to appear drowning in fake affinity?

Waves of harsh critics needing to oppress truth

Lies- unjust human second nature choices

Via fear, trying to escape culpability by words

Albeit, I’m oft found alone on many pathways

Finding they serve as a safe harbors, sorta speak

As I peregrinate my journeys, in all life’s seasons

At least I know they’ve been seized by integrity

Like a beacon amidst an ocean…of darkness


Poet of the Light © 2019

I speak for me- alone


There are times I read or hear people

Being overly inclusive, void permission

Assuming their experience is the same

As yours or mine, without asking a thing

Calling us- “Survivors” …no- not me

Nope, I refuse such a dishonest label

In part, upon the same moral grounds

Slaves refused a name from a master

Master’s that modified them forever

Something being attached to a being

Not of their making, nor their choice

Its an automatic open door for others

To use like an unexpired show ticket

Seeking to traipse through our ordeal

As if entitled, to interrogate our veracity

And all too often victimize us once again

Only to add to our burden of sensitivities

To strip away what God hadn’t intended

They’re pejoratives, plain and simple

Labels are not informative or definements

Of who the person is, or experienced

To impose such a lifelong obligation

Is not only cruel but humiliating inhuman

Besides, the person was rightfully named

For most, their name of origin, authenticity

Stemming from a bloodline of history

Beyond mere fellowship: but familyship

Something one can chose for themselves

On whether they want or not to take pride in

Not a shackle to be looked down upon

Nor pitied as if marked nonredeemable

And in need of share charitable emotions

Or clinical objectified; endless evaluation

Because some self-serving narcissist

Pontificates they can undo the experiences

Heal you by means of their modern science

Only to compound us with more intrusions

And when they all failed…blame the victim


Poet of the Light © 2019



Humanistically speaking

I want to feel the waves

Of your innermost passion

Overcome me like an ocean

Make me dependent on you

To breathe life into my body

As if you’re a mystic Mermaid

And I- merely your…endless lover


Poet of the Light © 2019