Like a Word- whispering

My existence will meander forever

Between heartbeats and dreams

From beyond the pall of humanity

Where I drift, seemingly aimless

Eons long, long after

On but gentle air currents

Created by a blown kiss

Gifted with purpose

I will delicately touch hearts

Enlighten blind eyes

Stir inner human emotions

Affirm love denied

Teardrop after teardrop

And provoke truth

In my missions life

As a bequeathed poet

Long after I’ve fallen

Thru times gravity… of reality

Poet of the Light © 2021


 Somewhere beyond the pall of sleep
 Love is searching frantically for me
 I feel desperate whispers of her heart call  
 For mine, for my full embrace, my soul-  
 But it’s chained here to my humanity  
 In a twisting fate known as reality
 How cruel to treat fragility this way
 My soul is even rent, struggling over if-  
 It’s best to remain or simply to leave  
 My corpse behind to live love carefree
 And connect with her in foreverness
 In divine bliss, far from all of this
 I must wake to avoid the finality  
 For I fear my soul, tis … too duty bound
 Poet of the Light © 2020  

Conventional magic

 When forever, slips away  
 In love and everything  
 We’re left, as a broken mess
 And nothing more to believe in  
 My heart has been shattered  
 A time or two, and too often  
 When all that really mattered
 Left me behind, unapologetically  
 Since when does love require  
 Loving self first, above all others  
 And since when does forever  
 Only last a little more than a day
 I find it eerie these days, we only see  
 Love as blame…for broken dreams
 Poet of the Light © 2020


 I want that type of relationship
 That dead grips my hand to jump
 Which inspires me to strip normal  
 And then splits itself wide- open
 Like a fresh ripen Georgia peach  
 So I can dive into it all head first  
 Degust all it’s hidden flavoring  
 Recklessly, down in the nitty gritty
 Where scars earn the legends  
 Or remain a mystery left untold
 And crawling is the only way out
 Each passing year is a lifetime lived  
 Throwing all caution to the wind
 Ignoring every second thought
 Plunging into the very deep of it
 Where real people get all messy
 And languish to get even dirtier  
 Where my only real consequence  
 Came from not having courage  
 To seize my opportunities sooner
 And simply love… unapologetically 
 Poet of the Light © 2020


 On most complicated days  
 I’m easy, in a good way  
 Don’t have time to play games  
 I’m a simple man  
 With a reckless heart
 That follows loves path  
 Wherever it may go
 Even if it gets, burned again  
 But one thing is for sure
 I’ve been hurt  
 More times than I can count
 Or I can love, with a love
 That last forever and a day
 Only takes time, to find out  
 But what I can’t do  
 Is use love or you  
 The way others know how to
 And then forget your name 
 I know how to own my mistakes
 I’ve cried, with the best of them     
 I’m a simple dreamer  
 Who wants a simple love  
 To live a simple life  
 With someone, who feels right  
 Between bad and good 
 Mischief and pinch of Hollywood
 With a soft and firm heart  
 But doesn’t mind at all  
 If we fall in a world of love  
 Whatever that looks like  
 Maybe float out on the lake  
 Sing happy foolish songs  
 When the moon comes out
 With nothing to do  
 Except find a few
 Of whispered- I love you’s
 Written in the stars
 Eons and eons ago by someone   
 Or simply lay
 In one another arms  
 Drifting on the waterscape
 Until the morning sun  
 Wakes us up late in the afternoon
 Wouldn’t matter to anyone  
 As long as our love story  
 Is written by us… and a simple one  
  Poet of the Light © 2020  

Little drummer boy

 I’ve learned at a young age
 Not to follow the crowds
 My heart was too compelling
 How could I not listen to it?
 Though I must fully admit  
 It oft took me to odd places
 That taught me, love can be  
 Terrifying until you embrace it
 Skydiving a number of times
 My faith in prayers whispered
 Just me, emptiness and God  
 All the way to lush green grass
 Long trails through mountains
 And camping along riversides  
 Far from the chaos and noise  
 Preference of smaller groups  
 Where more intimacy thrived
 As friendship formed by firelight
 My arduous search for my God  
 Who lead me into the Holy pews  
 As tears of mine found their truth
 Peace and overflowing acceptance     
 Baptized into an endless familyship
 Where those two roads diverged
 On a frosty whispery afternoon   
 I alone sojourned myself a third
 Having learnt to split the two
 Oh yes- I was created especially  
 For devoted service to… my heart
 Poet of the Light © 2020  
 Author note; 
The little drummer boy    
In the lyrics, the singer relates how, as a poor young boy, he was summoned by the Magi to the Nativity of Jesus. Without a gift for the Infant, the little drummer boy played his drum with approval from Jesus' mother, Mary, recalling, "I played my best for him" and "He smiled at me".   

Moment born

 Another day slipped away
 Sitting on a bench wasting   
 Countdown tick-tock begun  
 Changing time continues on
 Cleaning out all my closets  
 As well as my own daily life
 Piece by piece I’m dumping
 Things I don’t need anymore
 And things I never needed  
 As well as broken promises  
 I kept hoping would mend  
 To still come true, but can’t  
 Meaningless words are ashes  
 Time to scale down to reality
 Trim off all the excessive fat  
 And those unwanted asses
 Using me for a play thing  
 As if my life was only theirs
 Friends and family leeches
 Misnomers for the speaking  
 Misusing me for dishonesty  
 Wanting to drain limited life
 Pretending to really like you
 So long as you remain fooled  
 Need to up my ride as well
 Prep it for someplace else
 Pack it up a one day before
 Grab some rest leave notes   
 Then off for a life of hopes  
 Desert, or mountain summit  
 Maybe Oceanside landscape  
 Who knows, who can really say  
 Maybe even an exotic country
 But wherever it is, it needs to fit
 Like a unique tailored made suit  
 I am who I am and will remain
 Paths come and go like shadows
 One is bound to be a yellow road  
 A week, a month or maybe a day
 Radically, just moving onward
 I hear a call, and I feel my needs
 To inhale it, taste it, feel its curves
 To live love… in found moments  
 Poet of the Light © 2020

By invite only

 Oh- all those chaste days
 We’ve spent in our silence  
 Ignoring those unexpected  
 Invitations by cab or notes
 Written on checks or receipts
 With smiley faces and numbers
 Those millions of leaving planes  
 Off to some known exotic resort
 All expense and fun fully paid for
 During a euphoric week of long
 Of drunks, God knows what else
 With honestly a total stranger
 Caring nothing for our heart  
 Those subtle cues next door
 Or grins found while shopping
 Seeking to compose information
 All while offering a secret option
 We’re surrounded by temptations
 Seeking a lust filled integration
 But still, I’m glad I’ve turned down
 Each one, and without a thought   
 Grateful for their enticing offers
 To become  a spoiled h’ordeuvres  
 What I desire is… so much more
 Poet of the Light © 2020  


The way that hidden darkness of
Some forest gets unmistakably
Lost within some blinding light
I’d get lost in the eternal depths
Of galaxies hidden in your eyes
As our rhythmic bodies played
Under our ethereal spent breaths
And like instruments of request
Twirling within our arms, was-
Dancing on the edge of heaven
For us, here in our secret realm
But now you’re gone; and it's time
To change my tune, palates habit
Degust some new flavors to devour
In search of maybe finding one
That may satisfy my unfed...hunger

Poet of the Light © 2020

In significance

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Another time, another life
I could be someone else living
On the other side of losing love
Where the sun shines just right
And I sleep intertwined in limbs
Of the woman that saves me everyday

Conversations, all the things you don’t say
Are like echoes returning
Repeating inside my foolish mind
And I don’t know why- as if
They’re trying to say something else
Maybe, none of it means a damn thing

Foolish dreamers always get hurt
Believing in lofty miracles
Just to keep hope alive inside
Instead of realizing, they're not enough
Of all the things she keeps needing
That she only finds, with someone else

She’s crying again, another tonight
He’s hurting her, every bruised emotion
Lies and manipulations of words
Shattering her heart and dreams
Making her feel lost and empty- alone
Instead of loved and truly wanted...forever

Poet of the Light © 2020