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The highlight of our evenings separated
As we mingle amongst mere strangers
You- over there, and me, randomly here
Briefly, from across the way- you glance
Just long enough to mouth “I love you”
The weakness of my tears desperately cling
To the witnessing conclusion of my own reality
I, a mere mortal partakes in a blessing of divinity
Experiencing how love truly talks to…love

Poet of the Light © 2021

Leo’s Dawn

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1985- my whole universe would shift 
The better half of July was spent 
But the best was still on the cusp 
A miracle, so profoundly fragile 
I could feel the joyous cosmos erupt
Beyond even those last bit of stars  
As I held you cradled within my arms 
I discovered; you were more than my daughter
You were factually… the soul of my heart 

Poet of the Light © 2021/Daddy 


Somewhere between midnight madness
And heralding of dawns dreary truth
Beneath those Pink phlox like- moonlights
And lost cloak of overtired pretensions
I’m plagued by- my true vulnerabilities
Wishing you were there to veil me again
From the world, In everything … you

Poet of the Light © 2021


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We were strangers when we met
That felt comfortable- at last 
Caught up in desires visionary tale 
And the more we got to know and hold
Each other in those burning moments 
So hard to find in a growing cold world
Out and away from the world at large
Where only you and I- seem to exist  
Living off loves begotten exotic tastes’ 
And falling deeper into one another
Like twin rainbows across the skyline 
Beneath a heavenly rain shower of blisses 
But all good things come to an end 
When- the illusion simply dissipates
And all the colors drain away  
As the cold face of reality changes
Sweetness into a true bitter tragedy
It was a snowy day I’ll remember forever
We remained strangers- when we left
Each other’s broken self far, far behind
Reminiscing- if only, if only… we were right 

Poet of the Light © 2021


Like a stalled slow-motion moment
Far too many times, as of late
I find, myself feeling missing 
Inside, the silence of my mind
Where you- used to reside 
Like the sun and the moon
No matter the time, it was right
You were the chaos I needed 
To feel love, to feel alive 
Has this moment ended yet?
To be honest, I just cannot… tell 

Poet of the Light © 2021


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Perhaps it was some sick twist 
The cosmos nefariously conjured 
At both of our tragic story expense 
While the question remains ever present
One senses deep within ones heart 
Like an aberrational extra shadow
I’ve finally grown to simply ignore 
Now, that I just do not bother with 
Always asking myself “why?” anymore
Endlessly searching for some answer
Inside a labyrinth of plaguing questions
That towered over all I thought I once was  
Harshly learning instead, it doesn’t exist 
Anymore than “us” ever really did 
And even though I was the second one 
To eventually walk away from “us” 
It was only after you let go of me … first  

Poet of the Light © 2021 


I’ve written my deepest poetry
In but a near silence of honesty
But the world will never read
A single word, line or verse quilled
For the ink itself- became invisible
As soon as my hearts tears… dried

Poet of the Light © 2021


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Now I won’t lie, no reason to anymore
I’d find- a place to somewhat dwell
Every now and then but never for long
Cause something over time always told me
This won’t be lasting, cause illusions never do
And excuses wear out their welcome soon
Never lasting more than a few good seasons
Pretending at love, is never a good reason
Foolishly, we lived in a battle over our truth
The sun burned out and the moon turned black
It was like the ground no longer nurtured
And I slowly died- someplace deep inside myself
Until strong changing winds blew me off
In all sorts of misdirection’s, sometimes hell
I’ve thirsted for a place outside my dreams
Beyond the pall of all visionary things
A place that never dies up and fades away
Or suddenly turns forever winter cold
It gets harder to tell with passing time
If I’ll survive long enough, to be touched
Some place where I’d just truly know
This was always Gods plan, all along
Maybe it doesn’t exist, at least for me?
Or maybe it did but I was too foolish to know
I understand, I may never really know now
Still here I am, a misplaced seeded of love
Just waiting to burrow, in the right life
All I know, is I belong- somewhere yet unknown
In the arms of a heart, I’ll finally call… home

Poet of the Light © 2021

Intrinsic motivation

Wafts of air circulate the darkness
As the pattering of rain dance above 
In the midnight hours of fogginess 
His convoluted mind actively strays 
Signature scent of her delicate skin lingers 
Like a shadow, ever present in his presence  
Refusing to relinquish his stolen attention 
Like a spoiled child demanding- more
As his nimble fingertips could still feel 
Warmth of her silky surface, radiating
Despite hours having passed her departure 
She- a newfound vice was clutching, him 
His heart maintained an odd quicken pace 
Between eagerness and fear filled anxiety 
Echoing on the fringes of wild insecurity 
Vividness taunted his inner most hunger 
As he was beginning to lose all control of 
Like an addict; itching to relive those moments
Bit by bit, of each other’s lively flavors 
Within a fiery torrent of unbridle passion 
Drenched in sweat and damp ruffled sheets 
Of which, there was no other cure for 
If only she was more than … his conjured dream!

Poet of the Light © 2021 


I’ve really tried to somewhat reconcile

That void between my heartbeats

The one, only I feel, unmistakably

But facts are, it simply can’t be done

Complexity and variables change to often

Not to mention, your noticeable absence

That everything seems to hinge upon

Time- ticks past like a silent cloud

Weaving in and out of prevailing winds

Trying to avoid its complicity to a storm

That brews invisible- in the shadows

All the while, ignoring the present sunshine

Oh! Why must love become polemic to happiness;

When you’re filled with love… but alone?


Poet of the Light © 2021