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I’m steeped in pure triage

My mind racing nowhere

My heart dragging behind

Like some fatuous stranger

I see life through a prism

That’s a shattered cloud

Pulled in every direction

Except the one I need now     

Most of me wants to flee

But there’s nowhere to go

I could run in blind circles

Knowing that path so well     

Only to end up back to here

A storm’s vulnerable… center


Poet of the Light © 2021


It’s honestly bewildering

I’ve traversed here before

I thought I was prepared

Yet, I’m still being startled

As I’m getting ambushed

Akin some thief in a night

Stepping out of some fog

Surprisingly weaponized

By sorrow and wet guilt

By the things I should’ve

By the things I would’ve

By the things I could’ve

By the things I just didn’t

By the fact that …it’s too late


Poet of the Light © 2021


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It’s brazened and extremely evil  

The way grief creeps into our lives

Only to extinguish love before us

It’s terrifying- losing a loved one

Knowing within our broken hearts

There’s really nothing we can do

Nothing within our fixed power

To undo, the vast wreckage we feel

In our minds, souls, or lost words

We gag and choke on its sour truth

Longing to save a part of our heart                     

Because we’re lesser- without them

Guilt yokes us in an apathetic fashion

Adding to our raw bleeding… wounds


Poet of the Light © 2021


I catch myself randomly

Like some obscure camera

Stepping out of my moment

Examining if this is reality

This most destructive change  

It doesn’t seem like it’s real

Perhaps denial is toying with me

Perhaps wishful thinking lives

Despite the cold truth of logic

My heart is now burdened with       

When I sleep, I can dream again

Of our yesterdays and laughter’s   

Where possibilities are endless

Where my prayers… are answered


Poet of the Light © 2021


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I stare out- into space listening to

Platitudes of fabricated sentiments

By those who’ve never felt anything                                  

Especially anyone else’s torrid pain

You brought color to my whole life

Before you twas only black and white

I was amazed and thanked God too  

The color has now faded in my days

I walk blindless in some form of haze

Even the nights have muted in silence

I no longer see this trail out before me                         

Nor do I know just where it’s heading                        

Life’s landscape has become so different

I’m in route to a place I’ve … never been  

Poet of the Light © 2021


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After taking your last breath

I felt overwhelmed by reality

My world darkened in silence                                       

My tears spoke what I couldn’t

How small and orphaned I feel

As if I’m mistakenly left behind

In but a foreign land of strangers

My shallowed breathes erupted

By fear, denial, guilt, and sorrow

I’m broken, wounded, bleeding

From every fiber of my existence             

I’ve unwantonly been changed         

Most significant person to me

Taken from my future’s… fingers


Poet of the Light © 2021

As of this morning, my precious daughter walks with God.


Where dawns and sunsets live to die

Where seagulls fly indiscriminately

Where fishes promise perpetual life   

Where explosions produce free stars

Where clouds evade any interference

Where ocean waves find sandy rest

Where a moon and nights harmonize

Where breezes land like lose feathers  

Where footprints are washed away

Where dreams are launched in skies

Where salt fragments soften rigidity                

Where a lone flowers love beautifies

Where eager prayers await answers   

Where memories of you… live forever


Poet of the Light © 2021


This perpetual pathway of bygones

I’ve never viewed it as courageous

At times it comes to mind as lifelong

In part, why would I, it’s unwanted

To have what is so sacred- shattered  

Loving and caring so intensely deep

About those that may not reciprocate

Then to have it all abruptly disturbed

As if tripped over unseen suffrage itself    

Feeling violated, stripped of all dignity

Stumbling blindly in a wicked darkness    

Left in some nearly abandoned reality

Appearing to come to terms with change

Of my losses and new inner brokenness

Wearing a pejorative as “one of them”

That only adds to an unearned shame  

Then drenched in cursory of platitudes

Others say to alleviate their obligation

Defying all their micro cues cold truth  

That oft seem to deepen a pains coulee

As I crawl silently past life’s finalities

One grey clutched fist of dust at a time

I thirst for an understanding and relief

Lord, when will we speak…Cor ad Cor?  


Poet of the Light © 2021

Daddy’s girl

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If only my emotions

Weren’t tied to my heart

If only God could hear

All my unspoken words

If only each of my tears

Weren’t loves silent prayers

If only I could just lie

And have it become truth

If only I had some magic wand

That changed lives for both of us

If only heaven was our world

You’d better forever my dear

Wish I could feel your whispers

Like butterfly kisses…again

Love Daddy

a/k/a Poet of the Light © 2021