Akin the breeze needs to be felt 
The way flowers need the rain
I craved- beyond my inner self
Like the everlasting sun 
You brought light 
Filling up all my darkness
And much like the moon
Ever gentle and smooth
You existed by just being you 
From afar, I could see- life  
Everything I could not believe in 
And then up close I held hope
Like a fragile child sleeping 
And felt it stirring in my essence  
That I was more than I ever knew
More than I was ever led to think   
I was greater than they said
Greater than they could have imagined
Greater than my empty absence 
Greater than even my empty hands  
Oh! Dear sweet love 
I wasn’t going to permit myself to dream 
Now- I just can’t help it
All the missing color brought life 
Which in turn, set it afire 
May never truly understand
What you help make happen  
The liberation you gifted
Breath by effortless breath
To every heartbeat I ever had   
In taking the time to be connected 
I learned to love enough, to let go
I’ve let be, of even me  
So, I- could live love itself- finally 
The way life and love were mean to be 
You nurtured my broken heart
You nurtured my damaged soul
You nurtured back from being marooned  
God knows, I do not want it, but-
I’ll understand, if ever you must… go 

Poet of the Light © 2021 

Non causa pro causa

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Points of views; professional or layman’s 
Can be deceiving and further distorting 
WE are all fallible at any given moment  
Dreams can be as inebriating as cathartic  
To vividly live beyond one’s own boundaries
Even in an imaginary bubble of sleep like 
Offer us insight we’ve unconsciously impeded 
Can create motivation to pursue past obstacles
Serve as a focus point and real sense of direction 
Unless- the dreams are beyond one’s ability
Beyond any practical means of achieving
Remember, the snowflake effect is actually real
And can just as easily burry us under context 
Well then, dreams become the drunken issue
Where we start living life only in dreams 
And stop paying attention to real opportunities 
Only to struggle in the real world, as a failure
A version of yourself, you play for everyone else 
Compounding, conflating and disorienting- us
Dreams are beautiful when realistic and honest
Or- like some drug filled life of disappointments
A means of sabotaging ourselves because we adopt 
Rational and reasoning from others; ignoring ours
Only to consume life, foolishly wasting it away 
By crossing over bridges of resentment and jealousy
Right after we torch the very foundation of them 
Conveniently inventing our excuses well in advance 
So much effort, for crumbs of someone else leftovers 
That, they may never even had wanted to begin with 
Remember that life is filled with bad accomplices 
Insecurely offering us cursory encouragements  
We must be our greatest arbiters, in every moment 
Not suggesting we settle for less than: achievable 
But we must identify our own true limitations  
Merely stating reality deserves our full integrity
And as such, shouldn’t we deserve our full attention? 
Be it about our finances, health, or introspection
Break the mirror, dare to shatter those illusions 
And have an unconditional conversation within 
I find, our duty: being the best self … we’ll accept 

Poet of the Light © 2021 

Exquisite friend

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A blushed sun is veiled this day 
Marbled grey skies; fogyish overcast 
Interchanging breezes, so apropos 
There is no one to send flowers to
Rose thoughts permeates the ambience 
Nor sentiments for the obvious loss
Or to see paying their last respects 
The sound of taps won’t be heard
Echoing out like moaning birds 
No- you expelled all that in darkness
In depths where love and you crashed   
Crowds won’t be here gathered around
To shake any hands or wiping tears 
Regrets for things left unsaid- vacant 
Your scars need not mend complete now
Cause for love is being laid, tragically 
The sermon, will come as silent whispers
All will miss the unsaid moral message
No one will know they were even thought 
And I- need not battle with your odd wits 
Nor the choices you made so impulsively 
I will miss dragging you out of hell’s gates
I guess in my own way, I always believed 
Your finishing act would be in such fashion 
Daring to love, one last time, unabashedly  
I will truly wish your full forgiveness  
Each time I come visit… my faithful heart  

Poet of the Light © 2021 



As warm swirls of a breeze caress me 
Oh, my love, judge me not so harsh 
I felt the essences of your esoteric being   
Skip and slip over these ocean waves
In the form of light happily dancing
Your distorted mirror image of grace 
So much so even my soul- quivered  
And truth be told, its realness: scary  
Suddenness fully embraced all I am 
So- I stepped back from the sandy shore
Back into this forgotten lava land 
As I clung to but my fragments of hope 
That life and others had failed to steal  
Avoiding the temptation of swimming 
Beyond my heart’s own capabilities 
Just to rush all that’s love is meant to be 
For surely, I would have eagerly surrendered 
All of me even to, the reflecting arms …of you 

Poet of the Light © 2021 


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Day by day I readily testify 
With every heartbeat of mine 
Just how much I need you
If only I knew you- now 

They say it’s calling for rain 
Fact is most the week is the same 
Nothing that matters ever changes
Outside of everything- you  

Seasons come, seasons go 
My feelings for you only grow
You’re the only matter I miss 
And I haven’t even met you- yet 

In the sun at the park, I felt a breeze 
Somehow, I knew it was you … whispering 

Poet of the Light © 2021 


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Crimson- black, blue, and undistinguishable  
Shattered; a scattered casualty of a mess
As if a giant glass kaleidoscope had- burst  
Her fingerprints, clearly all over all of it
That’s how she left my innocent heart
On her immense exit of my love, my life 
Her weapon of choice was whet caustic words
Razor sharp that cut to the bone of my soul
I never would have suspected this cruelness   
And I sat there stunned- alone in a dark corner 
Even my tears had given up on the task of falling 
Like an abandoned child ignoring the obvious
Still, with last fiber and conscious of my being  
My heart craved the best way to … forgive her 

Poet of the Light © 2021 


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I earned unwittingly, a PhD in heartbreak 
Having been a veteran of loves battles 
The triumphs that befell to unseen loses 
I carry many of scars deep within my soul 
Not all memories are pleasant, to say the least
However, many are held close to my heart 
I still love everyone I ever have before; 
And honestly asking, how could I not? 
It’s simply in the spirit of who I wish to be 
The level of degrees has receded somewhat
Like dry season’s do to fresh riverbanks 
At times I tease myself with those “what if’s” 
Just my way of imagining while I surrender 
Our love lasted as long as one could expect  
When you are the vessel; they, the currents  
Like time, they became lost from my present 
And like time, I know they’ll never return 
Reasoning, you can’t touch the same water twice 
But as for some, once was more than enough  
Albeit many of lessons I could have done without
There was no other way for me to be … elucidated  
Poet of the Light © 2021


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We both stared out over the horizon
Fixated on the intangible and imaginary
That both our hearts longed to discover 
That missingness only we could notice 
Longing to be held and gently embraced 
And by faith, trusted it would come 
Only in the right time, fashion, and play  
Like two boundless comets heading there 
We eagerly merged into a single atmosphere 
Our naked coalescence felt nearly flawless 
As if by designed but left unquestioned 
Believing fate had bestowed our wishes 
We tossed and turned at times got bruised 
We ignored damage done and moved on
Believing then it takes time to get used to
Those quarks and wonderments of another 
As time slipped away, so too did that image 
Like a slow unnoticeable dissipating mask 
We seemed to be heading in opposite directions
Scorned faces replaced all the smiles and grace  
All while clinging to our ideal point of view
Unaware our unlimited imagitions matched 
But from the distorted reality we really had 
We fell blindly in love with our shared eclipse 
Passing in a fogyish darkness like lost ships 
Unmet desires brushed each other’s wounds 
With the tenderness of quivering fingertips   
Mistook for each other’s wandering hearts  
The treasure we truly sought was absent 
Which is why our chaotic separation hurt 
As a cruel reality finally snapped us apart 
Sending us twirling on the cusp of invisibility  
And we drifted aimlessly back to our space 
Discovering no two points … are ever the same 

Poet of the Light © 2021 



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As if on cue to my insecure wounds 
Shadows appear, but only at night
Like flickers of nefarious flames 
As they hunt and prance about 
I find there’s nowhere to escape 
I shyly peek out- from beneath 
That thin layer of false shielding
That separate all them- from me  
Whilst preparing to inspire myself
To save all that is left vulnerable
As my heart pitter-patters loudly 
And in my immature clumsiness   
I know, I’ve slayed those monsters
At least a thousand different ways 
Yet somehow-they remain ever present
And return once again, just as lively  
Which axiomatically begs the question: 
What part maybe purely all delusion?
So as to fully embrace… the reality I’m left  

Poet of the Light © 2021