Love- is not painful by nature

Human perversion does that

Taking away its unique beauty

In order to claim ownership

Of love itself, all that it derives

Crudely etching one’s inscription

Across some fabric of delusion


Pain itself is discreetly infused

When the enchanted emotions

Of love is discolored, then abused

Only those who wish to misuse love

Would dare promote its wreckage

As being a necessity in loves quest

When the truth is, love only- loves

And humans, well they do the rest


Lust is who wears that false face

The true thief, of human hearts

Boldly stealing what otherwise

It could never obtain- or touch

Dragging us all most unwittingly

Into depths of sheer darkness

After tethering our deep fears

Submerged, we’re wet embers


It is there, in that dark palace

Where we are left abandoned

Far from where love intended

And the only thing we dare rein

Is our own infected imagination

Whilst our hearts beat onward

Its distinct song in silent hope

Our true lover will come along

And rescue us and truth of…love


Poet of the Light © 2019




Whet chills

Compelled, I walk alone

The fog follows

As if ghost can cast a shadow

Colorless in darkness

The scent all too pedestrian

For these steps that visit

On the fringe- of water wet

As it lashes the beach

Wave after pounding wave

Over and over, punishment

Seeping beneath- the grains

Filtering out bitterness

Only to be inundated again

Its too hot to breathe

And yet, my bones shiver

From the other side of- us

I still cling to each drop of hope

That, the waves will subside

The sun will again rise

You find me- here- waiting

And for but a little colorful while

I can love you dryly…in warm peace


Poet of the Light © 2019



Indirect realism

The most valuable thing in the universe

Are those secretly colliding heartbeats

Independently colluding to fall in love

Unfortunately, the pause between echo’s

Is also where we live and breathe…poetry


Poet of the Light © 2019




Heart: so vulnerable to unsuspecting attack

For me, what burns ghostly is loves implosion

As the grand delusion comes tumbling down

By mere incentive words or self-serving actions

And all those meticulous arches of support, shatter

In a smoky palace on the sandy soil thought a mountain

As cold and bitter river- comes rushing over; sorrowfully

We lay as ruins to waste away inside our own silence

There on the bottom, staring up as if blind and froze

Beneath all that once was thought to be our own reality

Ember ashes of a fire silting in muddy memory cast…of us


Poet of the Light © 2019



One day will eventually come

When I will finally stumble upon

That pathway that take me- there

To where you are, live and breathe

A place beyond all these boundaries

Of death, time and interplanetary space

Where the touching light of day, is felt

And moist whisper of night is surreal

As they grace, the nakedness of our skin

While we lay intermingled as us at rest

That spot where my heart is truly home

And you’ve become all- I’ll need…to know


Poet of the Light © 2018




Something innately is telling me

Not to go out searching, to wait

I still glimpse ever now and then

Faint fragments in my current present

Of a life for me that might’ve been

Had I turned right, instead of left

When facing- that great divergence

Had I known more than I really did

I’m unsure I would’ve even opted

To go another way- in hindsight

Such is the ghost of a maze in life

And not often thought of, simply

Was the chance to backtrack steps

Maybe to a different intersection

Life afford so many, unknowingly

Always believing it is best forwardly

Because everyone else has done so

Never thinking they too had failed

Peregrination’s veil truth’s reality

When the focus is too narrowly seen

Then again maybe we- didn’t change

Our life trajectory that’s yet to hit

Perhaps I would have been found

In a deeper darkness or maybe by love

That came and saved my foolish heart

From all its tragic scaring- and hurt

Maybe you would’ve been, actively

That question answered in kisses

I so vainly searched for in blindness

Where two paths did become- one

Leading us to loves true nectar bliss

And stolen us- from all the worlds

Cold, cruel and ugly divided…silence


Poet of the Light © 2018








Painfully, drop by bitter drop I feel

The dark deception of your words

When you try to pretend to still care

And yes, I will let you, hurt me again

Scar my soul deep from bitterness

I will heal- one day, because I can

As you run away from the truth inside

That the source of your pain- is not I-

But a bleeding and broken-hearted ghost

Consumed by those screaming echoes

We left behind, unspoken and unsettled

From the love we lost…growing our own way


Poet of the Light © 2018