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At times- sorrow is all I have

Missing you is an understatement

I’ve never before admitted this  

Once an hour I lose my breath

As I drown in thoughts of you

Sometimes I let your memories

Capture me and hold me…under


Poet of the Light © 2021


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Baby, I know you get angry

And say things you don’t mean

So, if you’re really going to go

I won’t hold you back, but

Just kiss my last breath away

Give me that as a last memory

But before you leave me here

Save me that pain and misery

We both know what will follow

Don’t make my heart bleed out

Don’t make me suffer forever

Don’t make my tears a river

Don’t make me beg for a mercy

That only makes me feel … unloved


Poet of the Light © 2021


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I will honestly confess

There is this strangeness

That befalls me now and then

Having fully accepted a fact

I’ve been altered- changed

From my intended true self

Broken by nefarious events

People have unfairly wielded

In my mind and my life, itself

There remains that most subtle

Yet, unanswered probing question

Rise up in my fullest of emotions

Despite their ignorant intrusions

Have I become… my true person?


Poet of the Light © 2021


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Betwixt one’s life and death

Waffling in love or madness

Nearly a full lifetime is spent

Off or be it on tenterhooks  

I reached my own conclusion  

You’re the only real breath

My soul needs…to breathe


Poet of the Light © 2021


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I fail to fully understand

What is really at play here

I think of you and suddenly

My days blend into one another

I’m not sure if I’ve even slept

Out of the blue, a week passed

It’s like a mind-boggling blur      

Getting lost in thoughts of you

Divides me from daily numbing

An ethereal elixir- for my life               

Oh, just these little pieces of you

Make such a difference for me

Reinforcing my belief in something

Breathlessly beautiful… rescues me


Poet of the Light © 2021


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Broken notes play in my soul

I walk past the grey-filled window

Wind is blowing snowflakes hard  

And I can feel the added chills

Almost- as if they were waiting

The winter sun isn’t shing, anymore

I stumble down a silent hall  

Then I halfheartedly sit on the bench  

I tease ivory keys that tease my heart

Honestly, I never did learn to play

Sometimes life gets in the way

But that ain’t my excuse, anymore

I feel the notes touch, I feel the words

I’m not sure what that’s worth

I could write a million sad songs

But really what’s the use now

After love ran out- a lifetime ago

And loves warmth turn cold, anymore

They claim, life is like is like a stage

We’re all just substitute characters  

We make up our own lines and lies  

And all of us must play our roles

No matter how the dice is rolled

But I just don’t feel like it… anymore


Poet of the Light © 2021

Wished upon

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Yea girl, I really wanna be

Seen like that shooting star

Streaking across night skies

That befalls in your eyes

When you’re sitting in the dark

Feeling empty and lonely

I want you to wish upon me

With your sparkling-eyed tears

I want you to make-believe

In all your unfulfilled dreams   

Love only needs a moment

To completely fill two hearts up

You and I are all the proof

Believers- make dreams… come true


Poet of the Light © 2021


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Meet my heartaches my dearest beloved

Where wild cherry’s grow uninhibited

Where lush meadows are like mattress’s

And we can watch animalistic clouds fly

While nestled close to each other’s hearts

As easy breezes breathe life to our embers

While roars of hunger mean naught of food

But rather the carnal craving for us as one

When we’re but wrapped only in sun tinges

And our kisses cause slow mountain slides

Far away from the mundane of pure insanity

Others tend to mis-colorize- the world with

Let us be the shower that reins our heaven

To bloom like flowers of love… left unfound


Poet of the Light © 2021


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Liken a pirate of my heartbeats

She ripples through dark waters

In the lost channels of my mind

Sailing in silent billowy whispers

Aided only by a moons milky light                                             

I can feel her soft ghostly caresses                               

Gliding over my memory’s surfaces

Sending infinite chills in my body

Though I’m fast asleep in a dream

Where I have longed to welcome her

As she comes to land upon my beach                  

Liberating my mind, body, and soul     

Far from any fragment of my reality

We float off the edge of…our dream


Poet of the Light © 2021                      


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I feel breakage of oceans waves

Like them I’m trying to escape

Something bigger than myself

Cause I know I’m afraid of failure  


You’ve whispered into my heart

And your voice echoes in my head

Like a song you just can’t forget  

Nothing I do- changes any of this


Within the foggy midst of the nights

I walk along damped sandy shores

Where my tracks are quickly erased

To hide that I’m walking in circles  

I’m pretending love is out of the question

Then I keep regretting my … pretensions


Poet of the Light © 2021