In motion

Various species of trees stand up

Like palisades to hide a lake life

On its outer rim in mixed bushes

Rooted well within a muddy soil

Death befell before life was lived

Only the stalks of immature trees

Serve as perches for birds in wait

Pierce through the watery surface

Where their thin shadows mirror

As a fog washes over their silence

Dining fish become a fowl’s lunch       

Everything outside a near distance

Appears was wholly swallowed up       

Until rebirth of the reining … sun


Poet of the Light © 2021

Picture prompt, YouTube piano video-“Tenderly”


I resign that, I was created a certain way

For a certain set of unknown reasons

Till my skills are required in their moments

Which are often performed as impromptu

Like a refined humanized, self-fine tuner

Albeit, they’ve have aided my triumphs

However, they’ve also aided in my downfalls

I’m sure in my biased mind, I’d like to think

In some divine math it simply balances me

In a quaint fashion … I’ll never understand


Poet of the Light © 2021

Fool’s Gold

Propaganda is merely distraction

Axiom: “Leave no stone unturned”

Lives are a “now or never” gambit

And so, we embark to be the richest

But of all those moments in my life

Precious gems have truly touched  

My heart and soul most gracefully

And not just because- life is a gift

But by exquisite souls, I’ve known                          

That have shifted my full essence

At most apparent significant times

Humbling my pause as to recognize

Just what true beauty a life bestows  

Evidence, we’re … our true treasure 


Poet of the Light © 2021


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I’m so tired of these cold memories

That still touches this heart of mine  

And can make me sadly wanna hide

From even my own self at most times

Or the questions of wondering why

Lovers of lies depict perfect illusions

Until it feels like I’m imploding inside                   

Only to be abandoned to their ashes

All I wanna do is simply live a truth

The warmth of real love uninhibited

In the safe harbor of someone’s heart

Trust them in the dark by their whispers   

Feel the beat of their passion, arise  

I wanna be, a memory that… never dies

Poet of the Light © 2021


Poetry is unmistakably to humanity

What a golden ratio is to the universe

Whereas we may not understand why

We comprehend its impressive function   

Without poetry, there’s no true conscious


Poet of the Light © 2021

If you can, you must

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If doubt within plagues ability

Of your innate voice to speak

Whether by tones or on paper

Pay it no mind, it knows nothing

You see- doubt has no abilities

As such, know it cannot feed you

Or seek to serve or save your soul

Oh, but it thrives to seek control


If you can write from your heart

A genuine and authentic thought

However raw or in its final form

Brave it read by untold readers  

Smile during any critical retort

Then thank them when finished

In the same way, you thank heaven

Still, your heart, for you’ve been read


If- one reader smiles by your words

Take a note of affirmation, you’ve

Changed their world for the better

And those in their universe smile too

If you inform or can move others

Know you’ve hit your true mark

Then the next time you dare to look

In a mirror, smile proudly at a writer


Poet of the Light © 2021


We have been thoroughly robbed

Truly and most assuredly as if

A thief in dark of night had come

Stolen what we failed, to protect

Oh- how most complicit we are!

We’ve lost untold stores and smiles

All those gems you just can’t buy

We’re left here to cry, for ourselves   

We’ll guiltily hide the void inside

So, we never see it in the mirror of life

Never be reminded of our failing to you

Now we’re sorry, in all the wrong ways

Convincing ourselves you’ve found peace

From a narcissistic world… we’ve created


Poet of the Light © 2021  

In memory of Gabby Petito.

We should be better than this by now.

May you one day forgive our failing you.


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It’s like a draught of some odd type

Here I am, still trying, trying to swim

In puddles of shallow waters, I’ve left

Getting nowhere fast, in thick muck


Those bitter waters are draining away

Leaving me a wreck in all my todays

And all of my fresh hopes I still have

Are draining away too, into their last


Did I miss my course along the way?

Or was a curse exactly where I headed

Steering blind into a charted storms eye

Believing I ‘ve founded my own island


I never really wanted to be a lost Pirate

Just a pilot for my hearts… lasting heaven


Poet Of the Light © 2021


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My scars have recovered somewhat

Ashes of colorful futures fall amongst

This dust, through my shaky fingers

My fearless hopes in most all others

Still bleed profusely now and then  

I still struggle to clear blurred vision

In this new and unwanted landscape  

But- Truth be told, I can honestly say:

It isn’t just a heart alone that breaks

It’s all those whispered lofty dreams

And my irreplaceable broken trust

That I foolishly thought was treasured

It’s the full shattering of one’s world

That quickly imploded on me … all at once


Poet of the Light © 2021


Time itself has numbing effects

If our minds remain complicit

Yet, there have been such times

Sadly, I’ve unexpectedly realized

Old wounds thought long healed

Just may rematerialize painfully

As all those memories come too

Learning that some of our wounds

Can never fully heal with time itself

Especially when the wounds wait

Substituting for what was stolen

Mindful innocents are unrepairable

We’re burdened bound to that legacy

Accepting that is … accepting healing   


Poet of the Light © 2021