Rush of colder temperatures

Stir me from a noon’s slumber

In the meadows lush grasses

Under a drunken subfusc skyline

Tripping over the dirty clouds

Strewn about the vast horizon

While goosebumps erupt on my skin

As I wipe sleep sand from my eyes       

Somewhere in the back of my mind

I hear read words written by Yeats

Titled: Death, and now on this day

It depicts how I image death comes

Catching mankind lazily asleep

A dreamer within a dream… for peace


Poet of the Light © 2021  


This perpetual pathway of bygones

I’ve never viewed it as courageous

At times it comes to mind as lifelong

In part, why would I, it’s unwanted

To have what is so sacred- shattered  

Loving and caring so intensely deep

About those that may not reciprocate

Then to have it all abruptly disturbed

As if tripped over unseen suffrage itself    

Feeling violated, stripped of all dignity

Stumbling blindly in a wicked darkness    

Left in some nearly abandoned reality

Appearing to come to terms with change

Of my losses and new inner brokenness

Wearing a pejorative as “one of them”

That only adds to an unearned shame  

Then drenched in cursory of platitudes

Others say to alleviate their obligation

Defying all their micro cues cold truth  

That oft seem to deepen a pains coulee

As I crawl silently past life’s finalities

One grey clutched fist of dust at a time

I thirst for an understanding and relief

Lord, when will we speak…Cor ad Cor?  


Poet of the Light © 2021


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There was a shift in our universe

Its appearance was even dimmer

Music became indistinguishable

We both noticed but said nothing

I believed instinctively we knew

More and more effort was required

As we tried to recapture that- us

First, I thought it was me being off

Then I thought it was really you  

I was right in part on both counts

But not for the reasons concluded

Turns out, we were really good at 

Misleading each other; survivalist

Truth was, we never really had … us


Poet of the Light © 2021


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When brilliance becomes grays

The foreboding head front winds

Tries to play like big bad wolves

We’re all our affirmation together

When raindrops became icy pellets

My love cast itself like our shelter

Betwixt the lightning and thunder

In the silence before the clapping

I’ll be there, loving your darkness

Embracing together all your pieces

Shrouded by mere moonlight glow

Long after those frightening storms

Neglecting to raid us of each other

I will hold on longer …to love you


Poet of the Light © 2021


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At times- sorrow is all I have

Missing you is an understatement

I’ve never before admitted this  

Once an hour I lose my breath

As I drown in thoughts of you

Sometimes I let your memories

Capture me and hold me…under


Poet of the Light © 2021


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I will honestly confess

There is this strangeness

That befalls me now and then

Having fully accepted a fact

I’ve been altered- changed

From my intended true self

Broken by nefarious events

People have unfairly wielded

In my mind and my life, itself

There remains that most subtle

Yet, unanswered probing question

Rise up in my fullest of emotions

Despite their ignorant intrusions

Have I become… my true person?


Poet of the Light © 2021

In motion

Various species of trees stand up

Like palisades to hide a lake life

On its outer rim in mixed bushes

Rooted well within a muddy soil

Death befell before life was lived

Only the stalks of immature trees

Serve as perches for birds in wait

Pierce through the watery surface

Where their thin shadows mirror

As a fog washes over their silence

Dining fish become a fowl’s lunch       

Everything outside a near distance

Appears was wholly swallowed up       

Until rebirth of the reining … sun


Poet of the Light © 2021

Picture prompt, YouTube piano video-“Tenderly”


I resign that, I was created a certain way

For a certain set of unknown reasons

Till my skills are required in their moments

Which are often performed as impromptu

Like a refined humanized, self-fine tuner

Albeit, they’ve have aided my triumphs

However, they’ve also aided in my downfalls

I’m sure in my biased mind, I’d like to think

In some divine math it simply balances me

In a quaint fashion … I’ll never understand


Poet of the Light © 2021

Fool’s Gold

Propaganda is merely distraction

Axiom: “Leave no stone unturned”

Lives are a “now or never” gambit

And so, we embark to be the richest

But of all those moments in my life

Precious gems have truly touched  

My heart and soul most gracefully

And not just because- life is a gift

But by exquisite souls, I’ve known                          

That have shifted my full essence

At most apparent significant times

Humbling my pause as to recognize

Just what true beauty a life bestows  

Evidence, we’re … our true treasure 


Poet of the Light © 2021


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I’m so tired of these cold memories

That still touches this heart of mine  

And can make me sadly wanna hide

From even my own self at most times

Or the questions of wondering why

Lovers of lies depict perfect illusions

Until it feels like I’m imploding inside                   

Only to be abandoned to their ashes

All I wanna do is simply live a truth

The warmth of real love uninhibited

In the safe harbor of someone’s heart

Trust them in the dark by their whispers   

Feel the beat of their passion, arise  

I wanna be, a memory that… never dies

Poet of the Light © 2021