Fare thee well


Last I knew twas most promising

Until I turned my back from view

Some count time like diamonds

Time lapsed like a candle flame

Extinguishing in every second

Now, cawing of a nearby crows

Expecting to devouring my soul

Before I woke their humiliation

As breath of life resumes again

In and out my own shallow- gasps

Purge outwardly from a salty man

A wet sandy bed lays beneath me

Like carrion left to the mercy

Of a bitter and thrashing wave

Murder thought hope to claim

I was tossed aside loves boat

And left to drown in the dark

Nowhere was a shore in sight

Just I- reaching for a moon beam

As if it were some sorta life line

At least before reality vacated

And some passing star saved me

Miraculously dredging me from a sea

Reality now finds me…loves castaway


Poet of the Light © 2019

Glossed over

For years I stood blank, in quietness

Like a canvases left colorless

I became what as the world reflected

None of which made me a saint


You think you know me

When absolute truth isn’t the same

You know the glimmer you’ve seen

Glimmers, you’ll love or simply hate


When in tangible of all realities

Beyond your flawed capabilities

I’m everything you couldn’t see

I’m that image you never felt…in-between


Poet of the Light © 2018