Street cells

My motivation has slipped by

To a wayside, of wait and see

The world reflects how I seem

My whole universe has changed

Leaving me behind in shadows

Surrounded by walls I don’t know

None of which know my secrets

Nor any of my fears or lost dreams

Familiarity makes all the difference

Between us friends and or foes alike

They’re newer strangers in reality     

And I- an orphan, wade out- life   

I abhor hugs from showy strangers

And their utterance’s… of inanities


Poet of the Light © 2022



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When I- do love you  

I wade deep into our emotions  

I appreciate even the tiniest efforts  

I live my quirkiness unabashedly  

I adore all of yours admirably  

I let you be yourself as you are  

But should you throw me away 

My love will weather it regardless  

Only more hurt but at a distance   

I’m guilty to a fault that way  

Only pretentious love that reacts polemic  

Couldn’t have been love, to begin with  

Dynamics and degrees are different 

Like childishness versus… immaturity   


Poet of the Light © 2022  


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Almost nowhere left to go to 

Except into the truth of you  

Nothing left inside to hide  

Nothing more to set aside  

Time is slowly running out  

I’m too tired to chase down lies  

Or drown in doubting pools 

I’ll leave it for you- to sort out  

Just want to watch dawns rise  

And settle down for the nights  

Feel the breezes on my cheeks  

Hear mellifluous whispers of life  

In a way, only love can…speak  


Poet of the Light © 2022  


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I rush to get myself nowhere  

Feeling like I’m always late 

I feel my life missing things  

As I sit around in the silence 

Waiting on a colorful dawn 

How else will I know to rest?  

Sleeping tires me these days  

I can’t shake feeling strange  

Did I miss too many steps,  

Or a road to the right bridge,  

Getting me to this lost space?  

I don’t really know anymore  

I used to think I knew enough  

That’s the nature of …lost loves


Poet of the Light © 2022  


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I was born bruised and broken  

Heading downhill fast  

Trying to survive life’s avalanche  

Lord knows I wasn’t given a chance  

Still here I am- subsisting this  

In the shadows and light cast  

Like some monstrous outcast   

When all I’ve done was be born  

And even then, I was never asked  

But somehow, I have to pay the tax     

When does life change into living it,  

As in dreams, movies … or delusions? 


Poet of the Light © 2022  

Broad strokes

The morning is cold and gray   

Feels like winter is on its way  

Spring and summer are memories  

And there’s a hollowness inside 

Echoing back things about my life 

I’m missing chances I let slip away  

These echoes are reminding me  

Not to waste another fragile day  

Yet I still don’t know what to do 

But chase after rainbows I can’t see  

Slaying windmills found in my way  

Looking for where I truly belong  

Scarred, tired, and barely hanging on  

I’m a man you’d have to love… blindly  


Poet of the Light © 2022  

Unfolding realities

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Narcissists are naturally cunning  

Even factoring in being forgiven 

Into the fabric of nefarious plans 

And before enacting their deeds  

Upon those, they will victimize  

We should oblige them- just once 

Proving to ourselves that we can  

But void of any remorseful actions 

We must avoid becoming complicit  

By letting them convict themselves  

Next time they trespass boundaries   

As they utter forgiveness platitudes  

We end all our further interactions 

Because narcissists…evade change  

Poet of the Light © 2022  

Careless flickers

My love was like some fervor 

Something inside me took over  

But I didn’t care, and I let go 

When I fell in love with you 

It was all fun at first  

It was the best I ever had 

It was a fire that loved to hurt  

It was quickly burning me alive  

Romance has a way of dying  

Like a slow-burning ember  

Sometimes it takes days to subside  

But others may smolder forever  

Now I’m the tainted smoke  

That drifts in the wind… alone   


Poet of the Light © 2022  


You gave up on me long ago 

But I just didn’t know  

Not until this broken moment  

Still tearing apart my heart  

What was the sense, in pretending?  

I think that what makes it 

So much worse to feel right now 

Broken words to broken vows  

Nothing meant anything- to you 

Making me nothing- more too    

Somehow, I thought I knew you  

While you only knew me as a fool  

You played with like a childish toy 

Heartlessly broken… and tossed aside  

Poet of the Light © 2022 

Shameless shadows

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I can feel all my emotions  

Simmering below the surface 

As I try to restrain myself  

From lashing out- in my hurt  

Another added broken promise  

Another letdown set of actions  

Your careless words fall empty 

Like lifeless and dried-out leaves   

I’ve been down this road before 

It only tears down my sanity  

All you care about is being seen  

As some hero, you will never be  

Finally seeing truth of your flesh   

You’re the culprit in… all reality  


Poet of the Light © 2022