Too good

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Like magic  

We were there  

Where love lives forever 

Inside each other’s hearts 

For unknown reasons we got scared  

So, we ran away from each other 

And the magic disappeared  

But never left our hearts  

How I dream of us then 

How I dream of there   

I wish I didn’t regret  

I wish we had it again  

I wish you still loved me like that  

Cause my love…came back  


Poet of the Light © 2022   

Ink blots

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Like a young naïve sparrow  

A magnet for who gets hurt  

They say I am being foolish  

I always give them a chance  

And see who treats me right  

But so far all I have learned  

Is coldness of a dead hearts  

I know the death of my trust 

And just how long it takes  

To recover back into this life 

And the rust of their words 

Sill leaves a taste of bitterness  

Remnant gifts of their dark love  

When shadows finally…move on  


Poet of the Light © 2022  

Chilling currents

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So far and yet so close  

There in your final dark hour 

I could feel the heart of my soul 

Being rented from its place  

And I know, it will never heal  

Like emptiness echoes breathless 

Everything drowns in the silence   

I am sometimes haunted by the sounds 

That I will not hear aloud- anymore  

And the cold is as close as I can get  

To touch something in the present  

Something in the stillness of the air  

Where my wishes and prayers- linger  

Love is just incapable of… shutting off

Poet of the Light © 2022  

Misty notes

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I’d watch my breath- dissipate  

As I sat out in the twilight fog 

The burbling brook playing notes  

Shivering myself near half dead  

Memories and emotions burned on  

Whispering thoughts of you in the air  

Secretly praying you’d get them  

Hopefully, before they lose their way  

No one ever mattered as much as you 

I always thought you were an angel  

And if I were to tell the gospel truth  

It is a hell of a thing to lose- as a human    

I can see the colors of dawn coming on  

I really could use a warm hug… love me

Poet of the Light © 2022  


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I have learned what to say  

And how I must appear  

I paint the smiles on my face  

Avoid conversations I do not want to hear 

Every day serves as a reminder  

Is that not enough to endure  

I do not like what has been changed  

Or who I am becoming  

The only thing that remains, is the hurt  

Nothing is as it should be to me  

I never expected this  

That life would be so caustic  

I cannot shut off what I feel  

It is the only thing proving this… is real  


Poet of the Light © 2022  

Used to believe

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Thought I was running away from you 

I just ran from what you do- to me  

Until one day my weary shadow  

Finally took the time to tell me the truth  

I was running from myself  

And everything I could become  

Running from the illusion I thought I was 

But mostly, everything I never could be   

Believing only in others’ make-believe   

Believing that I was never good enough  

Believing in all the shameful ugliness  

Like- I could never be loved 

Now I fully understand, I’m better than that  

And today I love me… just as I am   


Poet of the Light © 2022  

Coeur à coeur

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Out of the moon’s witnessing  

I humbly wept upon my knees  

My essence, weary and broken  

As days, weeks- years passed by 


Time after time, I was tempted  

To become angry and lay blame  

To point- at the world at large  

My rented heart hushed my ego  


I evaded my own tragic selfishness  

I sequester myself from the world 

I closed my eyes in contemplation  

As I sat alone in the darken silence  


Finally, I requested an audience  

Whispers answered… I am here!  


Poet of the Light © 2022  


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(When you find the courage to forgive the world, you must also forgive yourself.)


Finally, after all this time  

We are here, face to face in truth  

Smiling at this opportunity 

Look how far we traveled broken  

Separated by unfair circumstances  

Neither of us could control , but we tried    

One of us was always- letting go  

Trying to keep those battle scars whole  

Trying to survive, trying to do right 

And here we are now in triumph    

There is nothing needing to deny- anymore  

It is our time to reconnect as we once were    

We have been waiting to live love 

My mind and heart have overcome… reunited  


Poet of the Light © 2022  


There is no way to reach you connectively   

Though you have had a profound effect on me 

And while I know it was not all our fault 

I have still forgiven everything- anyway  

You reside inside another realm   

Someplace I cannot afford to be part of  

Even though it breaks my heart- in two  

It is ok, I love you from my soul- anyway 

I had hoped so much more for both of us 

There was so much more we could have been   

But life and time can be cruel teachers  

I will cherish all the good times we shared   

In reflection of my eye, I see shadows of our past  

You will always be my brother… anyway

Poet of the Light © 2022 


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These sonnets akin to my leaves

Written words by a voice in me

Slowly I’ve resigned to let go

Of my untold stories, I know

Some are written by my pain

Some are written for a change

Some are written in my blood

Some are written just because

Some are written by my shame

Some are words I can’t explain  

Some are written in my tears

Some took me many of years

Everything comes in due time

My soul… whispers their flight 


Poet of the Light © 2022