I’m humbled to have been part

Of a new generation following their hearts

I remember when you were young

Back when you first learned to run

And became part of the changing wind

That blows through life its own way

I recall the bikes I bought you all

And seeing just one of those grins

Was worth every penny I spent

But I must also mention how they

Added to the memories in my heart  

On many of my cold lonely days

They’ve always managed to keep me warm

How I wish I could run with you all now

Like a silent shadow and time does

Oh, the old days are never really gone

If you ever loved someone

From the soul of your open heart  

They’ll live forever… and a day


Love Papa…

Poet of the Light © 2022


Whisper words that stir my fate

Until its sweeter than past days

Let me feel each breath on my face

So, I’ll know the touch of love again


Move me like a mountain in your way

Smooth away all my precipitous cliffs

The way water does below the surface

With its soft currents of gentleness


Make me like a song you long to hear

Let me seep deep within your soul

Like the warmth of first kisses

Long enough until it feels like home


Rescue me from even my old self

With your moist whispers of… love


Poet of the Light © 2022


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Where Eagles glide on faith  

Where sunrays are prismatic

Where raindrops are quenching

Where snowflakes are distinctive

Where poppy fields never die

Where lush grasses cover mountainsides

Where dreams stretch higher

Where children swing on laughter’s

Where all chasms are bridged

Where the sun meets its shadows  

Where lakes are a truly reflective

Where sandy beaches are inviting

Where rivers of truth flow forever

Where a casting moon showers     

Where lost hearts rediscover love

Where tears are replaced by smiles

Where gentle hands are caring

Where fingertips are for painting  

Where trees sway in endless breezes

Where sadness drift away like tumbleweeds

Where our cherished memories are relived

Where wrongs are only futile                                     

Where rights are what’s normal

Where nothing remains the same, continually   

Where grief becomes suspended

Where death of all life is abated  

Where every day’s go on and on

Where you have gone… I will follow’  


Poet of the Light © 2021

a/k/a Daddy…


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To be so emotionally invested

Prior and long after your birth

In all those countless moments

We epitomized our shared life

Of God’s loves in divine purpose

We found a truth in each other

Joy of the heart and soul alike

Heightening each other’s- love        

Walking a threshold so few find

That borders with heaven itself

We knew it and appreciated that

Living onward through our legacies

To impossible that our lived love

Let alone our- specialized bond   

Merely comes to a stop…at death

Poet of the Light © 2021   


December creeps closer

Evermore now and then

I’ll get lost until I’m not

By the smell of memories

That cut right through me

Like crips icy cold winds

Even when lying in bed

I realize I’m dreaming

In my visualized prayers

Dancing inside my head

Just you and I laughing

In unrestrained volumes  

Like when you were a kid

But the bluntness of reality

Still shrouds darkly over me

Such an insensitive spoiler

Nonetheless- moved inside

And my tears need no excuses

To fall whenever they want to

And I stopped wiping them

As they clung to my essence

I need to feel them slide off

Just like sweet drops of hope

My heart whispers in silence

That it won’t feel like forever  

Before you and I are reunited

Living even more memories

With all our lost loved ones

That welcomed you in… heaven  

Poet of the Light © 2021


Where dawns and sunsets live to die

Where seagulls fly indiscriminately

Where fishes promise perpetual life   

Where explosions produce free stars

Where clouds evade any interference

Where ocean waves find sandy rest

Where a moon and nights harmonize

Where breezes land like lose feathers  

Where footprints are washed away

Where dreams are launched in skies

Where salt fragments soften rigidity                

Where a lone flowers love beautifies

Where eager prayers await answers   

Where memories of you… live forever


Poet of the Light © 2021


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I stay in triage mode for safety  

Tolling of the bell now readied

I meander in- out of a fogginess

Unsure of which is the clearest

Some silence, some white noise

Without distinguished patterns

I’ve nowhere to go, nowhere to be

Except being lost, sentimentally

Brokenness lays deep within me                   

I waffle from being wide asleep

To liken being drowsily awake

Oft I question what is upwards

While denying what is before me  

What I truly seek …is a miracle    


Poet of the Light © 2021           


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I’ve discarded too many things

Over the course of my lifetime

I dare say the greatest was, me

Liken a colorless harden cover

That blends into the mundane

There’s a great deal to discover

Beneath the essence of myself

A half-lived life, half-lived lie

Often peeking through the pall

Trying to determine which side

Is reality and which is fantasy

Not that I really have a choice

Or mystical ticket for the other

But if I did, I’d live it all…truer 


Poet of the Light © 2021


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My days were becoming a blur

I needed a break from doldrums

Time was an unwanted guardian

I chose a ferry ride across the river

April winds swirled upon the water

Subtle change of pace for difference

No person in mind or destination   

Upstairs to a near-empty upper deck  

Sun gleaming off the watery surface

Then she turned, faced my direction    

Life paused and I became breathless    

But when she smiled, life is renewed

After three years we’re still having

The very same …first conversation  


Poet of the Light © 2021