Between differences

Lost in these unnuanced shadows

Of what’s coming and what’s gone

We all live every day to its death

And the older I seem to be getting

The more I long for my yesterday’s

A child at play- naively laughing

My first kiss from someone I love

Discovering I could rise above- pain

When I was left for someone else

But I’m just not that young anymore       

Life just continues to change anyways  

And in ways- I never could’ve expected    

I wasn’t serious enough back then

I’ve forgotten how…to be childishly now

Poet of the Light © 2023

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I walked away from a narrative of lies

I had nothing to disprove- to anyone

Bloodletting is meant to demoralize

Indiscretions are measured in degrees

If sin comparison for everyone is equal   

I’ve got further from being recognized

Because I refuse to deny my lived life  

If I must, I’ll live alone inside my truths

And one-way conversations with old ghost       

Empathy is an island they leave unfound       

I breathe in its fresh air every single day      

My scars will forever be part of me now      

And I still bleed inside my heart’s dreams

Behind the fogginess of my true… reality


Poet of the Light © 2023

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My heart keeps rinsing grief away

But apparently, it’s become a stain

Permanently etched upon my soul

Liken molecular changes from loss

Making the expressions, unreadable

And my cost seems to still be tolling

It is sometimes our burden with love           

Relying on a hearts bleeding courage       

Giving everything of its own essence

To still love beyond the pale of death  

Just as unflinchingly as one does in life  

There’re no bounds restraining love itself   

All that’s required is a passion’s existence

And what’s love without… eternal fire?   


Poet of the Light © 2022

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Battle tempered

Like a shadow of who I once was

I’ll walk along my empty shores

In the twilight hours of times before

Gathering empty shells of dreams

Left in the wake of ugly betrayals

That nearly drowned me repeatedly  

I’ve stepped past the ghost of my hurt

That plagued me for too many years

Through my heart still feel the scars

That still hungers for- a love unfound      

Where I can practice all, I’ve learned    

To feel the warmth of love in my arms

While I’m clutched in her guiding hands

Teaching me to trust love… once again


Poet of the Light © 2022

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My mind does try to understand

All things my emotions just can’t

Like why my heart wants to forgive

But still feels too broken down yet

It favors I surrender and let you go

With all this pain you’ve called love

My soul believes were heading for

A crash much worse than all this

Heartaches aren’t worth the trouble

Let’s stop pretending their normal

I’m so far from everything I’ve wanted

And sometimes I may feel I deserve it

Broken hearts cling to a glimmer of hope

One day someone will love us…anyway


Poet of the Light © 2022

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Sometimes we have to just sit in the quietude

Attentively listening to no one but ourselves  

Our dreams, our woes, uttered prayers aloud

Untangling why we always feel that blueness  

Paying close attention to what is not said too

Like those secrets, we keep locked in our head

Behind a hidden door of our most inner fears

Where we store the scars of rejection and love

Where we keep window and shutters nailed shut     

Those time-etched shattered pieces our ourselves    

We hold hope to revive back to some kind of life   

Knowing full well, in our hearts it’s not possible     

Not without a miracle that only love can bestow

The kind of divine miracles we’re born… to dream


Poet of the Light © 2022

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Life proves it’s ever-changing; is a truth  

But many opt to “go with the flow”

Find a place within the tidbits offered

However, I cannot choose to do that

For me, it seems to be ceding of my dreams

To the degree, that I’ve lowered expectations

Not only of my value but in those possibilities

Almost as if I’ve found myself unworthy

Of dreams, I truly still desire to achieve

Albeit I may be well off the crucial track    

Possibility remains alive as much as I do

I concede my odds of failure do grow higher

Just as my supporters dwindle in contrast

Nonetheless, I remain a faithful… believer


Poet of the Light © 2022


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Somewhere, out there  

Beyond all this preverbal divide

I know your divine essence

Will be there, waiting for mine


However, changing currents here

Are regrettably cold and shadowed now

Blind, conventual, and antiquated

Where loneliness feels more palatable

And fleeting emptiness is more tempting

Yet, I remain entrenched as myself  


For some of us

To love from one’s exposed soul

Is no option but our truest nature

And as in nature, obtuse cruelty exist

Seeking to stifle and eradicate that love

Burning with a dark jealous cynicism

That most often will scar us terribly

Making our soul’s windows blur cloudy

As our hearts suffer worse- endlessly

Remaining true to our soulful mission

Until the end of… our human existence


Poet of the Light © 2022


My heart and soul are intertwined

Both have known being orphaned

Like all disposable objects in life

Where I learned I always had myself  

As one or the other carried me forth

Amongst all my silent darker times

Where even my echoes had gotten lost

And never returned me any advisement        

I sat umbrellaed beneath my sorrows

As birds do leaves in the rainy seasons           

I’ve trembled inside my own shivering

The way thunder does hidden lightning          

They’re things that can’t be separated

Like my eternal scarred love…for you


Poet of the Light © 2022