Oligopoly relations

Beyond the pale boundaries

of reality’s imaginary reservation

My rogue depression

is my best oddest of friends

that remains long after others left

Which seeks me out, inopportunely

for its own dark desperate needs

whilst giving me a malignant purpose

as I try to replace the rifts void

knowing full well, I’ll answer

with my torn empathetic heart

and dependent open arms

because after all, this is… who I am

Poet of the Light © 2019

In a moon’s dimmed light


She can act and not live a lie

After all the times- he pretended

And left her heart without a good bye

As if she was a dark cloud, passing by


Now she’s been broken

Inside and out, in all the wrong ways

By believing someone foolish

Whenever they spoke loving lies

Someone who didn’t feel her love

Or see the truth in her eyes

So when she holds you close

And you feel her heart beat- alive

Don’t take it to hard when she cold

But- she’s being lonely with you

And I can help but wish I was you- today


If only, I wore your pretty face

If only, my eyes sported your colors

She’d look at me, deeply in my eyes

And like her, I could pretend a bit better

Every time she held my body closer

That maybe, just maybe- some day

She’d stop acting, when she touches me

And stop feeling lonely…in my arms

Poet of the Light © 2019


There are many of bound books

one could caresses; finger pointedly

beyond their dusty picturesque

but inside we find, the real stories

that brings a heart to life, happiness

Immersing yourself within their lines

As if it were a warm spring of ink

to soak our worried and battered soul


Like a character living the plights

We shed the tears, the smiles- the loss

live in confusion of clouds- dismay

The highs, the lows- and bitter falls

all while our longing grows on

awaiting to be read in the hands

of someone that comes along

to write us our happy ever after end


Like an atmospheric river lose

you unmistakably fall on me, all at once

breaching any and all hoped truce

and I slowly drown in our memories

as the currents of sadness- tugs

like ghostly hands upon my feet

until I surrender all myself- up

to lifelessly flow away in my grief

having realized, I’m left…unscripted


Poet of the Light © 2019


Lying so often to ourselves, they become truth

We revolve like sun and moon, seeking eclipse

Fearfully following societal flawed constraints

You’ve save yourself from hurtful heartbreak

For having never dared a moment on…our love

Poet of the Light © 2019




Glossed over

For years I stood blank, in quietness

Like a canvases left colorless

I became what as the world reflected

None of which made me a saint


You think you know me

When absolute truth isn’t the same

You know the glimmer you’ve seen

Glimmers, you’ll love or simply hate


When in tangible of all realities

Beyond your flawed capabilities

I’m everything you couldn’t see

I’m that image you never felt…in-between


Poet of the Light © 2018


I should’ve known better

But I foolishly ignored rational

Thinking you’d return, again

Who knew except for you

I’d scoff it off so mindlessly

After all, I was never wrong before

At least- not until now- so it seems

I should’ve never egotistically

Washed your scent…off me

Poet of the Light © 2018