I’ve been down this road a time or two before
 Between the shadows of death and life itself  
 Feeling that breeze of absence, push against me
 Like some nefarious ghost trying to sabotage hope
 Slowing my approach, that's heading off to unknowns 
  Stepping back in muddy tracks, I’ve laid previously
 Before falling off that deceptive precipitous cliff  
 Yet, once again in an earnest and blinded effort  
 Compelled to chase behind the same sun and moon  
 Like some shared, dutiful shadow, in search of
 What hasn’t been found in a wayfarers clock face
 That own but a limited life's without a restart  
 A place never known nor seen before in this life
 Yet, calls to an embedded fire in his heart  
 That's lays beyond the pall of human perception 
 Where mind, body and soul are elucidated, as one
 Erasing all scars and pain of every operose step
 Replacing failed loves, broke and shattered 
 To reach and live- in love's … welcomed arms
 Poet of the Light © 2020  


 I got married very young  
 Divorced nearly as quick  
 Then married impulsively
 Trying to rekindle a love
 That was lost to time past 
 Both my wives failed me
 In hindsight and honesty
 I know I failed them too
 I- just don’t really know 
 Who failed who… first!  
 Poet of the Light © 2020  


 To live yourself, is to live truth  
 But truth isn’t always accepted
 Much the way dark dislike, light
 I blaze my own path in a silence 
 Perhaps- I’ve outgrown some  
 Of the past- darkness of my life
 Parts I know all too well and yet
 Some I wish I never learned at all
 Far too much beyond my choice 
 But growth can come at a price  
 Often I feel more like a foreigner
 Amongst those I once knew close
 Most of which, in my heart I love  
 Which seem not to know me, now
 So- I find myself in eager search  
 For what exactly, I’m most unsure
 But I’m sure that answers await me
 We’ll meet, in the light … someday
 Poet of the Light © 2020  

Truth doesn’t lie

The sun has broken another horizon  
 and the light doesn’t play favorites  
 I’ve been up all night, once again
 discerning just what is really best  
 I know I seem different somehow
 maybe because I’m wearing sadness

 And yes, that’s shadows in my eyes  
 that I just can’t seem to hide, anymore   
 It’s why it’s so hard to face you now
 that alone makes me, feel like crying  
 Words just seem so hard to find  
 in moments like this here- this time  
 But words will never change the time
 of doing what has to feel like is right  
 Me- being a storm of loves disaster  
 instead of your, welcome sunshine  
 Girl, I think we really always knew  
 somehow deep on our hearts mind
 And we were just playing along
 filling up empty time in our lives
 I think we’ve both learned hard  
 what love is, and this really isn’t it  
 Mending those pieces of ourselves
 as we slowing relearned, acceptance    
 But- I just have to save my heart  
 from making another broken mess
 Saying goodbye, always hurts  
 but I know, right now it’ll hurt less
 So- I leave you here alone today
 instead of waiting, any longer, girl  
 until you do it, in some… tomorrow
 Poet of the Light © 2020 


 She flowed like a river of grace
 Until that water turned to flames
 Reversing her course of direction  
 Spilling over on my appreciation  
 As the taste of her brackish kiss
 And its burn lingers on my dry lips
 Much like her caustic words still do  
 Here deep within my inflamed heart  
 Oh how bitter a love can become
 Changing sweetness into vinegar  
 Eclipsing a sun- with true darkness
 Replacing warmth with frigidness
 Blind love hides the true motivation
 Of a serpents intention… until bitten
 Poet of the Light © 2020  

Conventional magic

 When forever, slips away  
 In love and everything  
 We’re left, as a broken mess
 And nothing more to believe in  
 My heart has been shattered  
 A time or two, and too often  
 When all that really mattered
 Left me behind, unapologetically  
 Since when does love require  
 Loving self first, above all others  
 And since when does forever  
 Only last a little more than a day
 I find it eerie these days, we only see  
 Love as blame…for broken dreams
 Poet of the Light © 2020


 Midnight madness revolutions
 Dancing on sadness in a song  
 Swooping into transformation  
 Someplace I really don’t belong   
 I’m the teardrops you never saw
 I’m the future you let go- of
 I’m the results of my love for you
 I became what you couldn’t use  
 You’re a dream that disappeared  
 Off into some cosmic thin air  
 I really believed you were real
 Until I fell, from even myself  
 Tossing and turning every night  
 All I do to survive you is fight… life  
 Poet of the Light © 2020  


 I want that type of relationship
 That dead grips my hand to jump
 Which inspires me to strip normal  
 And then splits itself wide- open
 Like a fresh ripen Georgia peach  
 So I can dive into it all head first  
 Degust all it’s hidden flavoring  
 Recklessly, down in the nitty gritty
 Where scars earn the legends  
 Or remain a mystery left untold
 And crawling is the only way out
 Each passing year is a lifetime lived  
 Throwing all caution to the wind
 Ignoring every second thought
 Plunging into the very deep of it
 Where real people get all messy
 And languish to get even dirtier  
 Where my only real consequence  
 Came from not having courage  
 To seize my opportunities sooner
 And simply love… unapologetically 
 Poet of the Light © 2020


  Lately I feel like a dark cloud
 Drifting aimlessly along  
 I’d cry but I really feel empty  
 As I really miss the person  
 I had really thought you were  
 Really just goes to show you  
 First impressions can be wrong
 Going to take some adjusting
 In my mind and in my heart
 Acceptance isn’t always easy  
 And sometimes it really hurts
 Long after we’ve moved on  
 To the lie, it doesn't really matter
 Living a life of love is all I’m after
 I still believe it can really happen   
 Maybe I’ll stumbling into one
 Once this pain has really… gone  
 Poet of the Light © 2020