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My only sun is broken

Its fire turned direction

And I- but a forest deep   

Its depravity burns harsh  

Its salvation all dried up

And my moon, out of site

Much like a rat’s wheel

My world still churns

For its own amusement

And I- merely a puppet           

The courts seek victims

So, the jesters can play

And all the judges laugh

This was my…life stage


Poet of the Light © 2022


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I felt a flow of abeyance today

Lingering off the near horizon

In an unexpected conversation

Between implied and inferences

Where notice of frayed teethers

Were being taught a bit tighter

Straining corroding tie points

Aspects feel a tug now and then  

Things age within their lifetime

Just as some lifetimes are shorter

And some become more corroded     

So now, I must prepare- myself     

For razor-sharp words to speak

And a wounded heart to… bleed


Poet of the Light © 2022


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There lives a place of sanctuary

Where I- alone often go to visit

Where my mind, heart, and soul

Can safely together be consoled

Within some contextual triage

Where their wet wounds can heal

Beneath an umbrella of pure grace

Where attentive thoughts be said

Where attentive listening- is heard  

A space solid kinship are solidified      

Where bloodshot eyes can be clear

Newfound perceptions- welcomed    

There is no real pathway to and fro

Wounded or not, I follow… my soul

Poet of the Light © 2022


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I was born amongst 

A fiery summer gone long

I’ve been burnt by love

Left to feel abandoned

But I must admit aloud

I’m not innocent or guilty

I’m simply weathering- my way

With all that I have left

I’ve found and lost desire

Learned things I never knew

Been obtained and denied                                 

Cursed and prayed for forgiveness

I’m not the best or the worst       

I’m just a soul with …a heart


Poet of the Light © 2022

Pas toi

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It happens unexpectedly  

A cruel shiv of reality

Made of bone and flesh

Oft pulls double duty

Slitting your throat

While simultaneously

Stabbing your soul

You’re left speechless

As well as bleeding out

Feeling very abandoned

In like some dark alley           

Helpless, almost alone

An unknown shadow flees

Loves mask left… empty


Poet of the Light © 2022  


I know I struggled into changes

But I turned around in silence

Broke away from darkness

I bore the tears and scars

Most of which I never earned   

And I know you ignored it

Like it never mattered- at all  

I’ve made my share of mistakes

Some were hard, some simple

But in all that while

I tried to reach out to you

Over and over and again  

Looking for a true connection

Maybe a little understanding  

Looking for your point of view

I apologized for your trivialities   

Oh, what a shame for both of us

You remained too cynical

And you never really knew me

Honestly, from the inside out

Never understood my passion

Showered me with your doubts

I know I never made it easy

But I always left an opening

Cause my love empathized

My love trusted- in you    

It took time to find myself

Tell me, how do I explain

What you’re not hearing

Would any different words

Really change anything- now

You have your harden feelings  

Already carved in stone

You’d rather watch me waste away

Than take time to walk along  

Oh, what a shame, what a shame

I can’t tell you what I need

Knowing your too good at pretending

You refuse to meet me half away

After all these past years

I know what you think I believe

When it’s so far from reality

So, I just accept, that’s your truth

Oh, what a shame, what a shame

You just can’t do the same

I’ll never make you see, otherwise

All this breaks my heart, breaks my eyes

Oh, what a shame, it must hurt

So, I’ll pay that price all by myself

Tell me it doesn’t matter to you, again   

And I’ll remain-unknown…for you  


Poet of the Light © 2022


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I sit here like an ephemeral scale  

Juxtaposing yesterday’s past pile

With tomorrows promising dawns

Knowing those dawns will- cease

But spent yesterday’s left me wiser

Concluding the time left in-between

Is only where love or life are found

So long as you forget what has gone

And faith- in your new tomorrows       

Our portion of time is very limited                     

And no two portions are ever equal                          

In terms of their quality or interval                        

It’s a blessing to enjoy love and life

Cause our last sunset gifts us… dust


Poet of the Light © 2022


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The grass isn’t always greener

Sunshine isn’t always brighter

But the winds and the rains

Remain the same- together

There’s mountains I can’t climb

And rivers I’ll never swim

But I’ll pretend, maybe someday

As somedays ripple away

Flowers bloom in glorious perfume

And silky petals will gently furl

As springs rush off into winters        

The moon portrays my nighty sun

As the sun chases like its shadow

Life passes us by best… sought


Poet of the Light © 2022


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I’m one mortal masterpiece

Life made from chaos and me

Pieces of my broken dreams

And fallen cloudy tear drops  

I seeped deep into the darkest

Until I became a mosaic mess         

Knifed by time into life’s fabric   

From my palate of raw emotions  

Miscoloring my newest essence

Redefining all my tinted values

Left out in the hot sun exposure  

Brushed dry in wrong directions         

I’m framed inside of life’s reality

Hung up for world to…evaluate


Poet of the Light © 2022


I’ve flooded my compartments

With knowledge and fiery truths

Befitting my emotions that are

Not mutually interchangeable

Like robotic algorithms or parts  

They’re unique and as intelligent

But under only my full autonomy   

They do not need any modification

Or an iota of foreign philosophies

Nor specious rhetorical gaslighting

They serve me vitally in all functions   

Causal links in a plethora of actions

I’ve fully empowered them to rebel

By any essential means…for my peace


Poet of the Light © 2022