I stood there looking foolish

to maybe, only- me

while the rest of the world

went about playing the living

As you walked away in my silence

my heart was breaking inside

until the deafening sound

tore my soul- inside out


Beneath the sun and stars

snowflakes and the drizzling rain

we laid, engulfed in each others arms

All those dreams we spoke about

became dark thunders clouds

in all my tomorrow days

And I will barely survive them all

to prove I’m willing to endure for love

whatever it may take, as my proof


I- couldn’t have loved anyone

but you- that’s just my truth

And I know what it means now

that you’ve really moved on

Taking the sun and leaving me in fog

I’ll remain lost- in time and space

between the silence and yesterdays

Standing foolishly, just waiting…for you


Poet of the Light © 2019

Loves dichotomy

Thoughts beget us a trap door: kiss 

How most seemingly strange it is

the touch, the whispers, the scent

remains long after the warmth left

Perhaps to extenuate the presence

we would have otherwise not missed

but for those searing moment of bliss

Yes, tis true, love birthed…my misery too

Poet of the Light © 2019

Tides out

In love and or its loss, the heart

bleeds profusely, like a river

while drifting mindlessly alone

There came times we’ve opined

In our own antithetical banter

Love and wisdom fashionably

have their own unique craving

Yet codependent, on one another

But there also comes those times

when a divorce is all that is left

and the incompatible couple split

Yet, it is a love I can’t easily dismiss

and for me, logic has its frail limits

So I decided to follow logic’s lead

in my own mannerism, sort to speak

I rent from myself as loves dissenter

I’m sure at times, I will miss…my mind

Poet of the Light © 2019

Cracked flute

I never felt so connected

she wrote all my heart was missing

Oh, love was calling me at last

Everyday I rushed to her post

feeling my galaxy be stirred

by whatever she wrote, there

Escaping here- line by line

My heart absorbed her inked

concoction of letters- like whispers

akin of a pristine symphony heard

That I could slowly degust

From life’s full wine glass


Until today’s- heart wrenching

When tears read her words

she’d found herself a real lover

I’d been replaced before being chosen

My world was imploding

My vision became tunneled

My heart and soul felt sick

and then, it was as if, this was it

My sight blurred into blackness

in a cruel and slow fall to unconscious

Death of a poets heart by…poisonous ink


Poet of the Light © 2019

In a moon’s dimmed light


She can act and not live a lie

After all the times- he pretended

And left her heart without a good bye

As if she was a dark cloud, passing by


Now she’s been broken

Inside and out, in all the wrong ways

By believing someone foolish

Whenever they spoke loving lies

Someone who didn’t feel her love

Or see the truth in her eyes

So when she holds you close

And you feel her heart beat- alive

Don’t take it to hard when she cold

But- she’s being lonely with you

And I can help but wish I was you- today


If only, I wore your pretty face

If only, my eyes sported your colors

She’d look at me, deeply in my eyes

And like her, I could pretend a bit better

Every time she held my body closer

That maybe, just maybe- some day

She’d stop acting, when she touches me

And stop feeling lonely…in my arms

Poet of the Light © 2019


For only my poetic purpose

Her heart was like that of an island

that held within the perfect lake water

upon which I accidentally landed

gifting me the divine feelings

as if for the first time, I was home

and at peace at loves retreat


Its truly deplorable in ones mind

To have so much to give, rejected

and yet, have it dismissively overlooked

To be curtly told time and time again

it fails to conform all others needs

for those seeking an unconditional love

but only if found in their conception


My aberrational heart flutters

blindly in a rebellious pilgrimage

making it bewildering to fathom

yet alone live without- her surface

Once the reality of truth is lose

from its bolt, it simply reborn as

a free agent, impossible to find again


The years have silently slipped by

as I peregrinate this dry empty life

in a new and unwanted fashion

In fact my steps have come to feel

far too comfortable in their appeal

as if I’ve traveled them all before

and my days are repeated circles


Many of times I have truly tried

and even vainly at times to override

this unwanted journey I find myself on

that seems to linger in a fog betwixt

the darkness of night and dawn

with dawn’s ever changing positions


It’s like a percussion wave went off

unexpectedly at lightening speed

flocks of panicked birds and I scattered

from that quaint and calm watery surface

bound to a safe place as my fluttering heart

soars but as yet to find it’s…renewed home


Poet of the Light © 2019


There are many of bound books

one could caresses; finger pointedly

beyond their dusty picturesque

but inside we find, the real stories

that brings a heart to life, happiness

Immersing yourself within their lines

As if it were a warm spring of ink

to soak our worried and battered soul


Like a character living the plights

We shed the tears, the smiles- the loss

live in confusion of clouds- dismay

The highs, the lows- and bitter falls

all while our longing grows on

awaiting to be read in the hands

of someone that comes along

to write us our happy ever after end


Like an atmospheric river lose

you unmistakably fall on me, all at once

breaching any and all hoped truce

and I slowly drown in our memories

as the currents of sadness- tugs

like ghostly hands upon my feet

until I surrender all myself- up

to lifelessly flow away in my grief

having realized, I’m left…unscripted


Poet of the Light © 2019