I’ve spent my full lifetime

Trying to express what’s inside me

You dismiss me like I’m worth nothing

But can you tell me where you were  

During the times of my darkest hours

When I was alone broken and hiding

Misunderstood, deep inside myself

From dark people like you’ve become

Pray tell, who would’ve thought

That the people I loved the most

Would become my darkest storms

How could I scar those I deeply love

And still lived with what I’d done

I’d rather live inside…my silence   


Poet of the Light © 2022

Photo by Ben Mack on


6 thoughts on “Crestfallen

  1. Beautifully expressed and I can relate to this feeling. When people are hurting they need the ones they love the most and often we learn who are real friends are. I am sending hugs and blessings to you and those you love for the holidays. 🌹 Joni

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