Walkers low

What can I say now-

Only one of us two

Felt what I feel still

I broke my own rules

When I- felt again


Its too late to change

I’ll move on- soon

You can’t feel what you don’t

And I can lose, what I do

Natures way of creating- blue

Just my color, imbued


You’ll go your way

I’ll find mine soon

Dirt or a highway

I’ll hike it, all alone

I’ll feel- every step


It’s going to take time

Getting used to, nothing you

You came like a new dawn

Waking me from my dream

I didn’t realized, you didn’t belong

Now I have to, unfortunately for me

Natures way of creating- blue

Imbued by you


You can’t feel what you don’t

And I can’t lose…what I do


Poet of the Light © 2020


It defied odds of probability

Epitomizing the face of love

Bright, soft, most titillating

It was as if, you stole hope

From my most inner longing

Colored and then redisplayed

Adding your voice-over tone

Knowing I’d be lured to you

With those promising words

A masterful stroke of genius

Picture perfect for the imperfect

As I- merely a diehard romantic

I twas the moth, and you…the fire


Poet of the Light © 2020


We stumble through life

Relationships and mistakes

Damaging imperfect people and plans

Enduring heartbreak storms

And emotional pitfalls crashes

Things we said and didn’t say- linger

Some we mean, others we don’t

Like phantoms, fairies and ghost

Some you see, some you can’t

But you feel their ever presence

Between fear ridden hope

And elusive unfinished dreams

Wrinkling untried possibilities

Lost time and unwanted things

That ever so close, kind of incompleteness

Which can hold us at bay, at our fringes

In ourselves, life and wholeness

That only an authentic acceptance completes

When we’re bestowed…unconditional love


Poet of the Light © 2020


It’s bewildering: synchronicity

Stumbling over that threshold

Of someone else’s

Into the cold sobering air

Of reality; that waking sensation

That numb and yet accidental

Humiliation, all rolled into one moment

Experienced simultaneously

Wanted or not, shattering your delusion

Circumstances make for romantic fools

Time and time again over the ages

After you started believing in a love possibility

That would defy all odds of probability

But- instead find yourself facing- it not

Standing alone in that never ending moment

That you don’t have a chance in hell

To sum it all up, mildly

Not only are they silently rejecting you

But you have to fully admit

And responsibly evict your unwelcome self

As one of those “good ones” again

Another scar for your souls sleeve

Seen and praised for all your realness

You and your revealed heart of gold title

Are left in as a dark shivering of an answer

As not good enough to be the one wanted

And now you’re forced to silently…move on


Poet of the Light © 2020


I looked towards there a concrete jungle

It’s color lights and towering hemispheres

Filled with tribal noise of every nature

Where anyone in the open can disappear


Then back to the other a vast mountain

Whose summits lay hidden in soft clouds

Where silence is golden by the tonnage

And hidden is where one can grow old


I looked back and forth, time after time

Pulled to both for their different reasons

But only one choice I make can survive

Bound to lay the other and regrets behind


So I sought my heart to where I belonged

One is for living life for as long as I reside

The other for living life no one can forget

Then, the richer path appeared and…I went


Poet of the Light © 2020

Until then

When your life has become but a fog

And you struggle and stumble each day

Because you’ve nothing left to lean on

Let me be the one you come to…


When those close leave you behind

And the stars remain hidden at night

As the dark covers you in silence

Let me be the one you come to…


When conversations have run amuck

Or no one understands your bad luck

Is carrying you further from yourself

Let me be the one you come to…


When your heart become broken

By those who mattered most then

And leave you to clean their mess

Let me be the one you come to…


When your only embrace is cold

But it is making you more numb

And troubles follow your fears

Let me be the one you come to…


When love doesn’t seem to exist

No mater where you’ve looked for it

And you feel lost, empty and alone

Let me be the one you come to…


When you are too tired to even walk

Because your journey been so tough

Let me hold you awhile to find rest

Let me be a light for your darkness

Let me be the best one then… instead of them


Poet of the Light © 2020


Soft scented candlelight’s flicker

Breezes whisk time itself away

Chilled wine slowly breathing

Far from the worlds peering eyes

As wet whiten ashes fall down

Like pillow feathers of heaven

A lone near frozen stream gurgles

Alpine fire pops, in a slow burn

In a fireplace of glowing embers

Windows covered in an icy sheet

And your trusting hand takes mine

We embrace our bodies and eyes

As we waltz across a wooden floor

To an old romantic song playing

Kisses help us escape misplacement

Going someplace neither of us

Has ever known in love before

Slipping off into a pale moonlight

Where are hearts and souls soar

In heights, understanding, each other

Through loves sole divine language

Etching promises on the others skin

Sealed by our kisses and oath whispers

Only our souls- could ever…interpret


Poet of the Light © 2020


Some of my feral childhood memories

Crudely invade my fluid dreams

So much so that

Over the years they’ve become

Well- a bit more like family

Painful, dysfunctional and unkind

Dropping in unannounced

Always dredging up some stupid past

Thought completely resolved

But mostly, blaming me for it all

And truth be told, half the time

I wasn’t even there or involved

It just goes to show you

That time doesn’t change- everything

And for somethings that a real blessing

Other times, when friends are absent

Or queerly few and far between

Memories rush back to fill that gap

Some with tears, some with laughter

And still, others with learned refreshers

Of how import loving relationships are

In their made moments as well as the future

Its a moment we should review ourselves

On how good or bad we treat others

Memories are their forever vivid echos

Always there waiting for us

They’re meaningful and important

Like friends and foe alike to be cherished

To be understood and placed in context

Because at some point for some people

Memories are really all..we’ll have left


Poet of the Light © 2020


My heart’s whispers

Like weakened tree leaves

Have dried in the prevailing winds

Only to loosen and fallen- short

In symbolic message and love both


They’re now all scattered

About the landscapes and Hell’s gate

Furled, nearly colorless and chipped

Even the moon overlooks them

Strewn in the wide-open


Like unwanted weeds



Poet of the Light © 2020