Clarifying distortions


How easy it is to fake glossing over the obvious   

Learning those cues from our nurturing parents or friends    

Only taking brief notice of the far-off horizon we never intended to discover

It’s simply an unwillingness to accept what we’re really after

Our humanistic failing to recognize the true distinct matter that matters

Between our life and our true overinflated journeys  

Whereas people just seem to conflate them into one convenient stop

If they go to “that spot “somehow their lives are suddenly richer

I would posit, life and journeys are not all that different

However, you must refresh them in their proper context

Places are merely environmental destinations, like the Moon or Mars

These are just attributes left behind by others and time alike

They’ve just commercialized clutter people learn as children to desire  

They require nor provide any sort of refinement or secret answers

We’ve foolishly come to view people as mere objects like rocks to be skipped

Over the surface of time and break up our childish boredom

But “life” is a short hallway throughout an unknown expanse  

Where the real jewels and values are meant to be collected

People’s spirits are our “true journeys” to love and experience

Yet people venture out into the vast openness looking for fools’ gold

Then come back bragging about all the life-altering things they learned

They romanticize their travels and speak about exotic things

 But somehow, they never express or live that knowledge gained

Albeit some may embark into a new philosophy- briefly

People venture because it provides them a placebic sense of control

Or like trinkets to garner narcissistic fodder from others

Places help us justify some faked need of change for ourselves

After all, we can intellectualize anything we dare desire appropriate

But- what we’ll remember and cherish most of all

Is the transit to and fro with “someone” more so than the place visited

These places are romanticized dirt and rock or color and glitter

The real journey loved and lived was the accompanying person(s)

We have forgotten how fleeting and unique lives are, until they’re gone

How we fail to venture into the depths of those closest to our hearts

And create lives worth taking with us, in our own departures

We’ve fallen so in love with the suitable idea of being in love- is enough  

Without daring to wade the journey of someone…out of love itself

Poet of the Light © 2023

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It is telling, much in the way

Footfalls echo down a hallway

The queer notion of presence

Is enough to be a disturbance

Stimuli are nursed impulses

Darkness feeds into our fears

Take us to unexpected places

Our cognizant is led by biases

Having achieved but a fallacy

After leaving logic in darkness     

We become frighted by sound

That is as innocent as a child

Returning to comfort of safety

To leave us feeling… infantile    


Poet of the Light © 2023

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Not guilty

I used to argue with my other self 

That self that never believed in me 

Always interfering in everything  

Making my life completely chaotic   

And always dragging me down 

But that self is no longer around 

Now- I’m not saying it was murder 

But I’d call it more like self-defense 

It’s not my fault, I wasn’t myself  

That self was just making me crazy   

I went back to check out the scene  

When I got there, there was no body 

Besides no evidence of any crime   

I’d just claim…temporary insanity  


Poet of the Light © 2022  


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I may have been the next Holden Caulfield

But life intervened in a charitable fashion

That’s not to say that I hadn’t been affected

By things I experienced, witnessed, or lived

Clearly, I’d be one of the first to fully admit

People let you down, though it’s uncertain

If each time it was intentionally motivated

I error on the side of caution, to believe not     

If I am truly the product of my environment

Who is it by name, to fault, to seek recompense?        

What would any of that gain me now, so late;

A dying flower will still wilt away, will it not?     

Rather than become an imaginary inky character

I became the outcome of myself… in real life  


Poet of the Light © 2022

Out of her element

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Her brown eyes captured him

The moment he walked inside

Her gaze followed his presence

As her imagination detonated

Her awareness, now a prisoner

As she imaged the two of them

Slowly strolling hand in hand

Waves rushing on a naked beach       

Sun setting as the moon chased

Igniting their intimate embrace      

Coupled, they slink to the sand

Where passion rose even higher

Freeing her when he asked her    

“You ready to take… my order?”


Poet of the Light © 2022

Prima facie

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Puffs of oyster color clouds

Floated across the skyline  

Marbled with cerulean blue

As both reflected in her eyes

Inexplicably I stared intensely

Enraptured by her innate beauty

In my most indefensible moments   

Her voice is certainly mellifluous    

Pulling me further from myself

My throat dry, my mind jumbled                 

I was smitten by a spell of love

My heart panicked as I trembled

As she vividly touched my soul                                    

Then her kiss just stole…my heart    

Poet of the Light © 2022


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(shakes head) Just when

I thought I had said it all

I took a welcomed deep breath

The days and nights lingered

And you came back to mind

I don’t know why, now I’ve discovered

I’ve only begun to speak openly

Knowing I’m still broken

And I still hurt, just not as bad

But I’m finding my way alone

To whom I was, who I need to be

Baby steps over these deep cracks   

I need desperately this path of patience

So, I can clarify any last…ambiguities


Poet of the Light © 2021


The fashion of your alluring legs  

Wading within moon lit shallows

As tinged beams of luminous reflect

Off submissiveness of warm ripples


The way our morning after sunlight  

Basked in the beauty of your presence

Making its way over sleepy chasms

As I sit in awe of heavens creations  


That adorable manner we hold hands

While we gaze at wonderment of stars

As if they’re all chapters of our story

Whilst unabashedly delaying any finality


I waltz on the cusp of pure immortality    

Whenever I’m embraced … in your arms


Poet of the Light © 2021

Sacred Petals

She was named after a flower

That grew even in harsh winters

Solidifying her magical essence

Cloaked in a tender silky surface

Touting bold irises of ocean blues

I willingly befell to her from afar

It was something she never knew

Love beats whispered from my heart

But I was too timid to risk rejection

Desires wanted to pluck as my own

But I knew she deserved much better

Then I honestly felt I could deliver

Loving her enough to truly let her go

I set out across the vast horizons

Leaving my bleeding heart- there  

Within the soils that nurtured her

Closest fashion my love could live   

Forever in …the Rose left behind


Poet of the Light © 2021

#Wednesday 4 word prompt-

The rose left behind


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When I fell in love with you

I threw- caution to the wind

I’m afraid it has come to collect

This idealistic lover’s old debt  


I’m not sure which is the worse

To seem selfish and go first

Or follow a heartbroken embrace

Lingering behind in pain- as last


I feel anger and sudden desperation

Come upon me in merciless waves

As if I were pulled in a caustic ocean

I want to let go, and hold on to today


The sweet taste of death is a surprise

As tears flow now from my eyes

It is time laced by all the drops

As I kiss my greatest love … (narrator softly exhales)


Poet of the Light © 2021

Inspired by Caruso