Contrary to realities truth

I know I shouldn’t

But I never listened well

Even as a rebel child

A natural born aberration

I make myself, slip-

As I sip from the abyss

Just one more time

Ignoring my inner voice, for yours

As if- I’ve really no choice

Anticipation heighten moments

As that rush gently takes hold

Until its too sheepishly late

And my mind, vividly convulses

So- cold, all these memories

But I’m acclimating

To the ghost you’ve become

To me, and my dependent heart

So much so- I rarely shiver

When I close my eyes

As feel your moist whispers

Creep across my bare skin

Chase after my erupting emotions

And like a churning kaleidoscope

All my monochrome brokenness

Is colorfully in energetic motion

Feeling healed, feeling loved

A synthetic euphoria steals me

Into the dark hole, desperate fantasy

For a few moments, I feel you… again

Poet of the Light © 2019

Soundless falls


Amber silently leaks between beset trees

Giving unending chase to a creeping fog

That takes- refuge within their shadows

Upending rein of night, silently escaping


Unrecognizable noises slowly give way

To a natural symphony fresh at play

All while I sit, listening to its soliloquy

Life- colorfully being on our fringes


Hypnotic stars, fade like cooling embers

Ten thousand wishes will die with them

But the well wishers will never be the wiser

And forget them as quickly as those stars


And much like those stars and this night

I find myself a fog, falling upon… twilight


Poet of the Light © 2019



From the very first moment

I became- most enthralled by her

As the sun lowered its colors

Before her dainty steps of royalty

As she moved like a goddess

At least, from my own perspective

I couldn’t take my eyes off her

Or how the wind teased her hair

Her lavender scented silky skin

That spoke like spells in my head

Eyes that sparkled when she spoke

I also learned much of loves magic

How it stalled me- infused me

All while daring my courage

To approach her, to talk to her

I felt flushed as my heart rushed

As if smiling wasn’t hard enough

Hell- swallowing felt like choking

Especially when she gazed at me

Me: my bubble of emotional confusion

I wanted to claim her, with permission

But my innate shyness wore me down

Until- we were forced to sit together

My male counterparts became jealous

And she used me to taught them all

Loves perchance by alphabet lotto

I became her whore in full attention

Obsequiously objectified at…merely ten


Poet of the Light © 2019



At times, I experience dark storms

That just unexpectedly blow in

From seemingly out of nowhere

Despite a promising dawns break

Which was ushered in, cloudless


I do my best as to hunkering down

From experience time has taught

A bit more prepared on each event

Never knowing how long it will last

Unsure if rain or snow will also follow


I’ve learned to embrace them in stride

Though there are pain filled moments

Damaged- memories radiating from scars

Pretending to appear healed- to others

For those of us who’ve been really hurt


I cling to the belief, love will reclaim me one-day

A love filled with understandment- forgiveness

But still- inside those darker moments, I wonder

Just how my life and lasting love could’ve been

Had I not been altered, become; collateral damage


For me,

just living love would truly be…enough


Poet of the Light © 2019



Watching others

Talking and laughing

As finger intertwine each other

Until they hurt me;

Here- in this moment

An unseen bloodied battlefield

Tearing at me visually, invisibly

Oh! how I feel you reining

Inside my cloaked insecurity

I’m blind and feeling so tiny

My tears- slowly fall

Blood drops of my hurt soul

Telling a story of their own

Truths of born fools

For those foolish enough

To dare a loves, cruel loss

Like I do- in shadows of you

Where all my defenses are stripped

If only- you’d take me

From these chaotic moments

In your missed mystical ways

Back to a life of our love

We both know in reality

I’m never going to change

Not my nature or my motive

When I follow where my heart leads

They’re simply untamable

By anyone, that’s not going to be, you

I belong only in the midst

Where acceptance found me at my best

Unashamedly au naturel

Beneath a singing moon

Slipped neatly in-between

Folds of your hearts rhythmic beat’s

Embraced; moments of silent comfort

Of your gentle breathes and…loving arms


Poet of the Light © 2019



Adoring clopping of feet

Razzmatazz music plays

Through a thorny pathway

Markers- left unattended

It was a somber procession

All my memories in full tow

One after the other, slow-ly

Stepping like dead heartbeats

Across a barren heartscape

Leaving scarred fractures

Like spiderwebs, haunting

And their sound, echo-less

I’ve yet to toss my handful

Of dearth, in final acceptance

Our love had finally passed

But you always knew it would

Long before you fleeting on

Neglected: truth I must profess

You never came for its wake

Don’t worry, few did anyways

Never offering one last kiss

Your last, still ghostly enough

Nor sent a flower arrangement

In stillness, our love missed…you


Poet of the Light © 2019



Where to could I go;

Worn out now after you?

Who would want me now

After being tossed aside

As if I- became worthless

All because you deemed it so


Who could fill your void;

Albeit proven-cold and cruel?

Echoes of your condemnation

Still reverberate here daily

In laughter’s, as well as words

Who wouldn’t want that- erased?


I now agree, I was never your one

Someone who could give, endlessly

After all, you used all I was anyways

That’s your modus operandi, right?

Killing love and hearts in your wake

And I- was just another foolish…one


Poet of the Light © 2019