The perfection of my heart

Has slipped from my life

I’m lost alone now in the dark

Trying to grasp, perfect fragments


Her voice, her touch, and love

Was that of an earthly angel

Too good to be true- but was

Someone I never really deserved


Perfection in every possible way

Making us a perfect, in everyday

Till the day, perfection went away

I relive that impossible day, each day


If only she had embodied imperfection

Maybe she would’ve remained… mine


Poet of the Light © 2021

Summit conversations

Beneath a moldy marble skyline

How strange- I must really look

To walk here nearly everyday

It takes hours to reach the top

Where I sit a while in this space

Just to image you here- again

As my heart speaks in echoes  

Without thought I begin to talk

Trusting you’ll hear every word

I feel you in the sun and the wind

The wildflowers carry yours scent

And I am overtaken once again

Getting lost between the memories

And the heartbeats …of my dreams  


Poet of the Light © 2021


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I want to forget all the nights

We loved into steamy mornings

And all the sounds of delight

That made every dawn blush


I want to forget the whispers

That sent chills up my spine

Driving my scorched mind wild

With visual naked reminders  


I want to forget your tinted eyes

How they looked through me

Capturing the essence of my life

Amplifying my every heartbeat


I want to forget everything you

But my soul don’t … want me to


Poet of the Light © 2021


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Where the moons mellifluous hum 
Is heard but- slowly fading away 
Over the oceans horizontal waves
Never to return again, unchanged 

Where the sun always comes 
To kiss love on the broken waves 
Rejected by an unrelenting quay 
I will still imagine us together 

Where silence feels too alone 
To even whisper any sound 
And snowflakes fall like feathers
I will be there waiting with my love 

Where our laughter's embrace time 
And you fall in love … in my arms  

Poet of the Light © 2021 


Its queer how directions are altered 
By the slightest pressure or presence 
Accidental or by nefarious intentions
Still, a new trajectory begs the questions 
Is it for the worser or for ones bettering? 
How far is too far, if permissible at all?  

Then there are thresholds I cannot cross
Some by my own choice of conscious 
While others, remain caused by a cause
Beyond my own feeble understandment 
I can’t speak of or put into real words 
Some things are better left- discolored  

Between the ever-changing spectrum 
Of societies moral and immoral beliefs 
I have strayed guilty and just innocently 
Childish heart over-ruling the elder mind
Lesson learned from pain filled failings 
And some, not of my own personal doing 
But evermore present in spirit and scars 
But then- there are those thresholds
That just refuse to leave me- alone 
As if they are reluctant friends, sort of 
In the way a second shadow shows up
But really wanting to be totally free
Of any responsibility for the beset… me  

Poet of the Light © 2021 



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Stepping off to myself and heaven 
Beneath clouds, birds, and sunrays 
I can’t begin to count the times
I’d stop- in a bewildering pause 
Feeling tired and certainly lost 
Trying to understand, what I didn’t
About what was so complicated 
And seemingly looming at hand
About what was really going on
While I- myself felt nearly off  
I’d find myself so far from my plans
I nearly forgot, just- what they were
Almost as if they were someone else’s  
Without comprehending- as to why 
And in these times, my head bowed 
As I would simply ask aloud 
What was I doing- so wrong? 
Oft, I’d feel the whisper of the breezes 
Respond by caressing me gently 
Like unseen angelic wings 
Embracing the whole of my smallness 
While silently saying to me … hold on 

Poet of the Light © 2021 

Opportunity cost

We only miss what matters  
In our life, minds, and hearts 
You knew that when you were here
Almost as if it was your mission 
How I wish I would have listened 
Sometimes I stand amazed 
Beneath the warming sun- rays 
As ocean ripples crash silently 
On shores I’ll never see or reach 
I’m feeling something deep within
Emptiness stays where love touched 
A place I don’t think I even own 
But somehow- I’ve come to know 
I’m realizing just how much I- miss
Those little moments with you 
And all those little things you done
In fashionable ways only you owned 
They brought smiles to me each day
Made a difference most of us overlook 
Misuse of living in the wrong moment   
Now I know, I don’t have a right
To feel so sadly unfulfilled in my life
But life is feeling a little less lived … now 

Poet of the Light © 2021 

Used to

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I used to love the moon at night 
Now it just some overt reminder 
There are other stars in the sky 

I used to wade into the waters 
Before water drowned me in tears 
Now I just watch it all from afar 

I’ve become estranged to believing 
At least the kind I used to trust in
Wordless, truth spoke in the eyes 

I used to love all beautiful things
Old, broken or misused by others 
Long before my whole life changed 

I used to be honest down to my bones 
But now- I can’t tell if I’ll love a lie 
That smiles and whispers: I’m alone 

I used to respect and know myself 
Before getting used to … loving hell 

Poet of the Light © 2021 


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It starts like magic so innocently 
Resistance begets that new friction  
A whiff, a look- maybe simply nothing 
Like a flame growing out of control 
Everything about you is right here 
I’m bewitched- but I just do not care 
Once I see your eyes I am hypnotized 
The touch of your fingers, caressing
Sending fiery chills all throughout me 
Weight of your body covering mine 
Sweet dampness of your lips pressing  
And I’m falling in an imaginary truth
So much for calling this a peaceful truce  
I degust your kisses; so intoxicating
Then I am lost to you from everything  
I feel you pulsing trough my veins 
Like a drug- making me feel insane 
I can’t hold on, and I can’t let go
Am I coming here or am I going there?
I don’t know- what is wrong or right
The sun suddenly blacks out just in time 
Can’t seem to reboot my …muscle memories   

Poet of the Light © 2021 


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They often asked what was bothering me
Rarely did I hear what they’re saying 
When they saw me stop cold and stare 
I was simply locked into a moment 
Suddenly triggered by something
In the air or just lying there in the silence
Time steals me back to that place called- us 
Before it crumbled into broken trust  
Goosebumps erupt over my skin 
Maybe the world is coming to an end 
Has the sun fallen for the moon’s shadow?
How could I know when I get like this?    
I don’t usually even realize 
Teardrops breaking from my eyes 
Or that my heart tries- escaping my chest 
Misbelieving you’ve returned to stay 
That you are sorry and want to change 
All I really know is there are fragments 
Of you and your essence at large and everlasting 
Admittedly, sometimes I don’t notice 
They have stopped asking me … anything   

Poet of the Light © 2021