Your disappointment is obvious

Between the lines and avoidance

I’ve failed to live up to your hopes

But none of which I ever promised  

And I’ve been here before too often

It’s never pleasant or intentional      

And no amount of new platitudes

Will alleviate any destroyed illusions  

Inspiration rises in the same garden

It’s often planted with deeper roots    

Where inception is from the nexus

Patients, showers, and germination   

Transactional unions are tragedies

Ever fawning for … the real thing


Poet of the Light © 2023

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Rhetorical sips

Five p.m. and I’m eating breakfast

Doing daily choirs as quick as I can

To get drunk from neon moon nights

Followed by shots of my old memories

Some too strong to swallow so easily

Into a dozen sonnets, my soul has bled  

In lines and rhymes making no sense

Bloodshot eyes come the morning light

Finally got tired enough to fall asleep

These are the ways- I find my escape

I live love on a thousand inked lines

But feel like I’m only dying in my life

Maybe something wrong with my process

Of living life with the time…I’ve got left     


Poet of the Light © 2023


An impromptu hike causes me to rest

I fall into a deep sleep in moments

Seconds later I awake in a meadow

Of tall grasses damp with droplets

I’m embodied by a fogyish blanket

I’m perplexed but not at all afraid

Slowly I span for a sense of direction

Nothing clues me in on where to go

Slowly I’m treading carefully forth

The only sound produced is by myself      

And every now and again I look back   

Noticing my disturbed trail behind

And I use it as a means of guidance    

Awakened to our core mission…in life


Poet of the Light © 2023


Occasionally in these latest days

I find myself not quite fitting in

As if the world is outgrowing me

Or making me seem like an Island

I sought no high-ground protection

When whispers tell me to stay still

Perhaps all this is a natural event

As time fades from all that is left    

It is disconcerting, to say the least

Grey fogginess adds its blind effect    

Toying with my faith with old doubts

My faith has learned to play deaf   

I know in my heart where I belong

When it’s time for me to… go home


Poet of the Light © 2023  

Ink blots

I write genuine spiked sonnets

Not romantic novellas or novels

Tapping into a motley of emotions

Albeit some seem a bit predictable

I prefer to compose of a lived life

However antidotally portrayed

Between colorful words and lines

Perhaps old ventures to insanity  

Or a few dreamy trips to Xanadu

Only to retreat to my authenticity

And validation isn’t a prerequisite  

To share bits and pieces of myself     

While secretly longing to be found

In their shaded shadows… of now


Poet of the Light © 2023


More often now than in previous

I’m deterred by a stale fogginess

That lingers in place of my dawns  

As another derelict day passes by

Compressing on my inner passion

Of that fiery youth left within me

That tries arduously- to overcome      

Intellect hears clearly that creaking

Of time stalking between shadows       

Knowing all things will be buried    

In the settlement of dust, time sifts

By everything else that does follow    

In minor solace realizing my insight

Lays as fertile soil… after I’m gone


Poet of the Light © 2023


It defies gravity and perchance

It’s beyond effortless romance

And it’s not at all easy

To maintain some sense of balance

When life has gone crazy

Cause a pure heart just can’t deny

The love that lives inside

Burning a truth in its place

And words will never describe

Visceral emotions restrained but wild

Like mountain flowers blooming

As the touch of the sun comes calling     

Be all that makes me become myself

Come drown me… in your infinity  


Poet of the Light © 2023

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I experienced far too many things

In my younger days of romanticism

So much so, I thought myself adroit

To all the free samplings I’d tasted

As honey-sweet as they were for me

I rarely revealed their bitter departing

More pensive reflection may have seen

The fallacy in my premised knowledge     

Observation has its special advantages

Just as first experiences behold their own        

Truth be told- steeping is timely learnt  

Where one savors the truest of flavors     

Only now am I ready to gently simmer

Purity of love and life… with a lover


Poet of the Light © 2023

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Fallen like a raindrop from heaven

Coming here only to become broken

Learn about a love unconditioned

With the failing heart of a human

But deep inside of my human bones

I will long for those skies far above

Where once I only knew as my home

Origin from where my soul comes

And here I will feel errant emotions

Separate and distinct from Angels    

And taste the bitterness of my death

For the mission price of human strife

I’ll comprehend the depths of the abyss

Nonexistence without truth … of Light


Poet of the Light © 2023

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