I’ve never gotten over anyone
I ever- loved or have ever lost
I carry them, those memories
And pain with me, in my heart
I don’t mind the extra burden
They won’t be unnoticed relics 
I’m never gonna get over them
They’re the whispering flickers
Of the eternal flame in my heart
And I’m never ashamed to cry
Once in a while...for the ones gone

Poet of the Light © 2020


I looked towards there a concrete jungle

It’s color lights and towering hemispheres

Filled with tribal noise of every nature

Where anyone in the open can disappear


Then back to the other a vast mountain

Whose summits lay hidden in soft clouds

Where silence is golden by the tonnage

And hidden is where one can grow old


I looked back and forth, time after time

Pulled to both for their different reasons

But only one choice I make can survive

Bound to lay the other and regrets behind


So I sought my heart to where I belonged

One is for living life for as long as I reside

The other for living life no one can forget

Then, the richer path appeared and…I went


Poet of the Light © 2020

Until then

When your life has become but a fog

And you struggle and stumble each day

Because you’ve nothing left to lean on

Let me be the one you come to…


When those close leave you behind

And the stars remain hidden at night

As the dark covers you in silence

Let me be the one you come to…


When conversations have run amuck

Or no one understands your bad luck

Is carrying you further from yourself

Let me be the one you come to…


When your heart become broken

By those who mattered most then

And leave you to clean their mess

Let me be the one you come to…


When your only embrace is cold

But it is making you more numb

And troubles follow your fears

Let me be the one you come to…


When love doesn’t seem to exist

No mater where you’ve looked for it

And you feel lost, empty and alone

Let me be the one you come to…


When you are too tired to even walk

Because your journey been so tough

Let me hold you awhile to find rest

Let me be a light for your darkness

Let me be the best one then… instead of them


Poet of the Light © 2020


Some of my feral childhood memories

Crudely invade my fluid dreams

So much so that

Over the years they’ve become

Well- a bit more like family

Painful, dysfunctional and unkind

Dropping in unannounced

Always dredging up some stupid past

Thought completely resolved

But mostly, blaming me for it all

And truth be told, half the time

I wasn’t even there or involved

It just goes to show you

That time doesn’t change- everything

And for somethings that a real blessing

Other times, when friends are absent

Or queerly few and far between

Memories rush back to fill that gap

Some with tears, some with laughter

And still, others with learned refreshers

Of how import loving relationships are

In their made moments as well as the future

Its a moment we should review ourselves

On how good or bad we treat others

Memories are their forever vivid echos

Always there waiting for us

They’re meaningful and important

Like friends and foe alike to be cherished

To be understood and placed in context

Because at some point for some people

Memories are really all..we’ll have left


Poet of the Light © 2020


My heart’s whispers

Like weakened tree leaves

Have dried in the prevailing winds

Only to loosen and fallen- short

In symbolic message and love both


They’re now all scattered

About the landscapes and Hell’s gate

Furled, nearly colorless and chipped

Even the moon overlooks them

Strewn in the wide-open


Like unwanted weeds



Poet of the Light © 2020


I no longer desire those accolades

Where the universe surrounded- me

In tangibles colors or exotic praises

Where people pretended to be anything

But mostly, everything they were not

Where cold and heartless; was their specialty

And artificial bright lights, were blinding

Where mirrors are shattered illusions

And closed minds instructed to simply believe

Lost after life’s first microsecond fall


Oh- how I’ve found comfort in the shadows

Of my foolish former selfish persona

And mustered the courage, like a warrior

Seizing and slaying most of my walls feelings

Ones my vitiated egos had my childish fear build

In hopes to keep lies in and angels of love at bay

Now- I require the true firm concreteness

That salvages pieces of my ravaged heart

Where honest beauty of love is hidden within

And all truths radiate from our forgotten soul


So that I might live real love- yet once as a human

On that abandoned pathway of loves…archaic self


Poet of the Light © 2020


A beacon island of ourselves

Encircled by a tumultuous sea

We become a host sanctuary

Oft typically of a sound mind

Steeped by human experience

Our aged overcoat of gullibility

Tends to be accompanied by

A painted red face of credulity

At the expense, yet once again

Of being wounded unfortunately

As shame echoes in our corridors

Like a mocking Blue jay ghost

For believing in low probability

We might be seen as acceptable

Despite low odds of possibility

We are childishly brave- for love

When our fluid heart feels invincible

That’s proven inevitability wrong

After being broken- by someone

Who themselves have been hurt

And seeking a fairy-tale solution

To heal their own shattered heart

Oh- a hero role we play unwittingly

Because delusions can mirror reality

But we dare to remain unchanged

As human souls, believing in love

Who love beyond the nothing…left us


Poet of the Light © 2020


Face to face

Or faceless

Online or text

Written in ink

Or color crayola

Is fully irrelevant

Words like flowers

Reveal their values

And bloom or die

Trust is invisible

Fragile like glass

Stranger or friends

Makes no difference

Only broken hearts

Know not to start

To live their life or

Trust lips that utter

Any…broken promises


Poet of the Light © 2020


Settlement may be a matter of subjective perception or position, as one defines their ultimate summit predicated on their ultimate objectiveness.


Newness is overrated and I was only new once- at my birth. There is something grand to be said of refinement the hands of time decides for us.


The depth I am is immeasurable in determining the height I stand. I don’t compete with the sun because I’ve come to understand my limits, I am sentient and a multipurpose free thinker whose time is limited whereas the sun is always myopic, senseless and caught within a timeless purpose not its own that serves everyone but itself.


I stopped rushing in choosing my paths and learned patients, which is where I also learned it’s the path that calls to someone and then leads them to true happiness. Euphoria is a short lived pleasure for an ego but the happiness found in Love.. is timeless to a soul fulfilled.


Poet of the Light © 2020



Oh ye woman of my dreams that visit me

Like a zephyr only my heart knows

And hides behind a veil of fogginess, hear me

I was taught all of mankind was born with a soul

But, another vision like you has come and spoke

I’ve learned- they were misleading many

They needed humanity not to know- absolute truth

And I accepted and swallowed their lies too

Like a child does it’s mothers milk

Eagerly seeking satisfaction I knew would come, fill me

Oh gluttony even then can still be a sin, unknown

To carry into all of eternities hollow halls alone

Twas most foolish of me, my weak humanism

No spirit resides inside like a hidden shadow

From a divine whisper at my conception called soul

Its vulgar, by design, dear woman, I tell you this

So much make so much sense- now that I know

My deep inner void and bouts of darkness

I could never drown even by spirited rivers

That have plague me like a quagmire since birth

That rage of thunders bolts that spears my heart

Storms of sorrow and insationable hunger

That ghostly thirst, ever present on thine lips

For that I do not have…nor can I ask- for it

I’ve learned now, the secret bounds, cursed some men

To do so, would taint it, taint me for all eternity

I’m alive for purpose not my own to pretend, to mimic

Like those who can fall in love like springs rain drops

To be tested, tempered by invisible fire that burns

A mission assigned, and set forth unknowingly

To be gifted- of that what I do not have

While possessing that which I do have, but cannot gift, as yet

Oh such truths can be bitter tasting I swear, dear woman

Oh Lord- why has thou bequeath me such a burden;

Only to laden me more so by learning- of its truth?

Woman I secretly utter now, I’m one: a treasure chest

Born with a gift of everlasting love inside, for one

But I have no key and cannot release it

Because I have no soul to call love to me

That holds the answer key, in her heart

Unblemished by truth, caring and moved within

A spirit enough of hers for two- humans

And open the chest: me-

By its only designed key…Love


Poet of the Light © 2020