I seem to be living in a time

Doubt rises with the dawn

Long before I open my eyes

I got a whole lot going on

Winds of change circle me

Like a cloud of confusion

Nothing is gained or freed

I’m left with no one to talk to

Lord knows- this ain’t easy

But I wish it could be with you      

Knowing you were listening

Made all the difference for me  

When I felt like I was being heard

And my words mattered… too


Poet of the Light © 2022


Nearly all we do is transitory

Much like many aspects of life

Happiness itself- is oft fleeting  

In its very authentical fashion

From one moment to moments

Chaos only reins in its absence

We are so sensitive to change

To those often-missed nuances

Noticing more the empty voids             

Attributing something outside

Of our own self for love and joy

Oft correlated it to other people

Forgetting we are centrical to it

As both may seek refuge… in us


Poet of the Light © 2022

Black ice

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Betrayal is an accessibility door

To the core of my vulnerability

The headquarters of all that I am

Where I deduce my truest realities

Where I’m secure in a certainness

My secrets, my fears, my weakness

My trust is nurtured and matured  

A conscious place I may retreat to

From the world at large or at times

When my realm has become ugly

Or that ugliness is now my chaos  

When trust is unexpectedly broken

When my love for another is marred

By a friend proven to be …a stranger


Poet of the Light © 2022

Tabula rasa

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In some respects: “The path not taken”

May well have been the very right one

But for all the wrong reasons unknown

Our diverging moments never do return

However, their wise lessons taught, will

Right and wrong will forever serve us

In predication for our pending futures

I’ve taken many preverbal right roads

Discovering it wasn’t where I belonged       

Whilst a few notorious- wrong roads     

Were more comfortable for my palate

Coziness can retard one’s inner growth     

Just as unjust punishment prevents love

Diverge your past- then… embark again


Poet of the Light © 2022

Duty of truth

I’ve searched my erstwhile times

When I had a love affair with life

Like a child’s prepubescent crush  

On someone in walls of silence

Where even my soul celebrated

And I was devoid of responsibilities

But time ushered in newer knowledge

Often in those lackluster lessons             

Where I learned about authentic

And genuine held separate distinctions            

Love is a mature act all its own

But far too often nefariously misused    

Conflating preference, with loves actions

As children when adults… know better


Poet of the Light © 2022

To myself

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Sleepless nights walking

Across memory avenues

There are no exits available  

Dampness lingers in the air

Locked inside a music tune

That endlessly toys with me

I sit silently and keenly wait

As yesterday becomes today

A blanket of amber and blue  

As dawn breaks the horizon

And proud tears in my eyes

I watch- baby roses bloom

Much as I unwantonly realize

My babygirl is…an Angel too


Poet of the Light © 2022

Le cinq reflets

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I miss the way we

Danced in rarity

Of your early years  


I miss the way

You sang with me

In a car going down a road


I miss the way we

Stormed the woods

As I watched a man grow


I miss the way we

Played games for hours

Laughter was our wild card


I miss the way

We talked about anything

It always filled my heart


I confess, I’ll miss it all more

Those here now or already gone

When time comes … to depart    


Poet of the Light © 2022


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I bear the scars rented

From misbegotten love

From ten thousand roads

From where I have trodden

By both my body and soul

Where I’ve walked dusty  

Where my lips have thirsted

Where I felt unfulfilled hunger

Where I cloaked in only cold       

Where my heart was broken

Where the darkness reined

When the sun was unrelenting

Where came the nonstop rain    

Where Grace accompanied me

Where I am…for all of my days


Poet of the Light © 2022


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My only sun is broken

Its fire turned direction

And I- but a forest deep   

Its depravity burns harsh  

Its salvation all dried up

And my moon, out of site

Much like a rat’s wheel

My world still churns

For its own amusement

And I- merely a puppet           

The courts seek victims

So, the jesters can play

And all the judges laugh

This was my…life stage


Poet of the Light © 2022


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I felt a flow of abeyance today

Lingering off the near horizon

In an unexpected conversation

Between implied and inferences

Where notice of frayed teethers

Were being taught a bit tighter

Straining corroding tie points

Aspects feel a tug now and then  

Things age within their lifetime

Just as some lifetimes are shorter

And some become more corroded     

So now, I must prepare- myself     

For razor-sharp words to speak

And a wounded heart to… bleed


Poet of the Light © 2022