I learned a divine lesson long ago;

Tears are truly the blood of our soul

So- I know the real value of each drop shed


There are far too many who pontificate

like experts because they need to be needed

and have yet taken an honest self inventory


Why must or should I subject myself,

to any of the objectification by others;

once they discover, I’ve became a victim?


Whilst there are many who have endured

suffering at the hands of loved strangers

Know that, none of us are exactly the same


Trust- a journey often mistaken as an entitlement

simply because you’ve created some justification

to use like a guilty currency; thus buying your agenda


Know- there is a graceful solace in the silence

that keeps us far from the world’s touch, or view

A mere small fragment of heaven, unmolested


So at times we may well be uncharted islands

growing in aberrational ways and new values

None the less, perfecting who were are, as- us


Never am I required ever to open up myself

for inspection or criticism by anyone else

Stripping my autonomy is now… a boundary too far


Poet of the Light © 2019

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