My heart has declared you- felonious

You left an indelible impression on me

So much so- that even you’re velvet touch

Is invisibly etched forever on my very soul

Like fingerprints in a major crime scene

Blatant bloodstains fueling public myths

All the more reason, I feel- so- alone

Here meandering about in your absence

One preoccupied moment, develops into hours

Tantalizing fragments of memories such as

Your unmistakable Chanel scent of bare skin

That wrapped around all of my, nakedness

Making me a willing prisoner, of our lust

Rhythmic clusters exploding like new stars

Gasps of breathes escaping like particles of dust

Amongst tangible wispy clouds and candle flames

Your moist ruby lips still ghostly present- felt

As we voraciously- devour taste of each-other

My vivid retention’s come to life- emotionally

Dancing exotically on your echoed whispers

Blanketed sweat beads trace downwardly

Closed eyes as my heartbeats heighten it all

We’re so close in a real proximity yet- Not

And again, I’ve lost hours delving in…victimization 


Poet of the Light © 2019


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