Grey going black

It should be criminal
How you do me this way
I can see it all now
You don’t want my love
I’m just your passing time thing
To replace what you’ve lost
A temporary kind of ghost
Keeping you from going insane
How vulgar you’ve made me
Like an infection spreading
Now I need someone else
To be vulgar for me
A plaything to keep on a string
Whenever my emotions get to me
And I’m missing that touch
Of whispers caring bout me
I miss the shivers you gave to me
When I first believed
My mind is slowing dying
In a gray pall of reality
Because my heart is broken
And my cure left me on the floor
Not even one little taste
Unsatisfied in every way
In the darken pain of… unloved

Poet of the Light © 2020

In significance

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Another time, another life
I could be someone else living
On the other side of losing love
Where the sun shines just right
And I sleep intertwined in limbs
Of the woman that saves me everyday

Conversations, all the things you don’t say
Are like echoes returning
Repeating inside my foolish mind
And I don’t know why- as if
They’re trying to say something else
Maybe, none of it means a damn thing

Foolish dreamers always get hurt
Believing in lofty miracles
Just to keep hope alive inside
Instead of realizing, they're not enough
Of all the things she keeps needing
That she only finds, with someone else

She’s crying again, another tonight
He’s hurting her, every bruised emotion
Lies and manipulations of words
Shattering her heart and dreams
Making her feel lost and empty- alone
Instead of loved and truly wanted...forever

Poet of the Light © 2020


I’ve long gown tired of these
Immoral tossed out, drive by rescues
Of disingenuous platitude utterances
Being the new normal compensation
Temporal self-serving people now offer
Playing hero in their ensuing stories told
Instead of authentic human compassion
Only produced from an empathetic heart
Inherently true in truth of love

Poet of the Light © 2020


It’s bewildering: synchronicity

Stumbling over that threshold

Of someone else’s

Into the cold sobering air

Of reality; that waking sensation

That numb and yet accidental

Humiliation, all rolled into one moment

Experienced simultaneously

Wanted or not, shattering your delusion

Circumstances make for romantic fools

Time and time again over the ages

After you started believing in a love possibility

That would defy all odds of probability

But- instead find yourself facing- it not

Standing alone in that never ending moment

That you don’t have a chance in hell

To sum it all up, mildly

Not only are they silently rejecting you

But you have to fully admit

And responsibly evict your unwelcome self

As one of those “good ones” again

Another scar for your souls sleeve

Seen and praised for all your realness

You and your revealed heart of gold title

Are left in as a dark shivering of an answer

As not good enough to be the one wanted

And now you’re forced to silently…move on


Poet of the Light © 2020

Until then

When your life has become but a fog

And you struggle and stumble each day

Because you’ve nothing left to lean on

Let me be the one you come to…


When those close leave you behind

And the stars remain hidden at night

As the dark covers you in silence

Let me be the one you come to…


When conversations have run amuck

Or no one understands your bad luck

Is carrying you further from yourself

Let me be the one you come to…


When your heart become broken

By those who mattered most then

And leave you to clean their mess

Let me be the one you come to…


When your only embrace is cold

But it is making you more numb

And troubles follow your fears

Let me be the one you come to…


When love doesn’t seem to exist

No mater where you’ve looked for it

And you feel lost, empty and alone

Let me be the one you come to…


When you are too tired to even walk

Because your journey been so tough

Let me hold you awhile to find rest

Let me be a light for your darkness

Let me be the best one then… instead of them


Poet of the Light © 2020


My heart’s whispers

Like weakened tree leaves

Have dried in the prevailing winds

Only to loosen and fallen- short

In symbolic message and love both


They’re now all scattered

About the landscapes and Hell’s gate

Furled, nearly colorless and chipped

Even the moon overlooks them

Strewn in the wide-open


Like unwanted weeds



Poet of the Light © 2020


A beacon island of ourselves

Encircled by a tumultuous sea

We become a host sanctuary

Oft typically of a sound mind

Steeped by human experience

Our aged overcoat of gullibility

Tends to be accompanied by

A painted red face of credulity

At the expense, yet once again

Of being wounded unfortunately

As shame echoes in our corridors

Like a mocking Blue jay ghost

For believing in low probability

We might be seen as acceptable

Despite low odds of possibility

We are childishly brave- for love

When our fluid heart feels invincible

That’s proven inevitability wrong

After being broken- by someone

Who themselves have been hurt

And seeking a fairy-tale solution

To heal their own shattered heart

Oh- a hero role we play unwittingly

Because delusions can mirror reality

But we dare to remain unchanged

As human souls, believing in love

Who love beyond the nothing…left us


Poet of the Light © 2020


Face to face

Or faceless

Online or text

Written in ink

Or color crayola

Is fully irrelevant

Words like flowers

Reveal their values

And bloom or die

Trust is invisible

Fragile like glass

Stranger or friends

Makes no difference

Only broken hearts

Know not to start

To live their life or

Trust lips that utter

Any…broken promises


Poet of the Light © 2020

Beneath my pall

Their “misunderstandment” is charitable

For how my life and I came to be now

As a lump in my throat was swallowed

I’m a hodgepodge of unwanted things

That others shattered and threw away

I’m stained and slightly marred, per se

Only to survive despite their objectives

As I overcame their crueler rejections

When I silently turned up, if only barely

To reside on the fringe of a subsistence

And recognize there’s life- in stillness

Void of a fury or intellectual dishonesty

And further removed from a false beauty

But more importantly, broken promises

Predicated on things, liars just imagined

Oh- those heartbreaks seemed unending

Like the nights ever pending darkness

Captive shivers in its last coldest hour

As I sat alone, forgotten in my trusting

Just before the light of a dawns promise

And my fragile hope carried me onward

So I could breath freely for another day

Absorbing love falling on, as amber rays

Verifying I’m worthy to be loved…faithful


Poet of the Light © 2020


Oh- my dearest poor heart

What have I allowed done you?

What foolishness have I believed

That would leave you- this way?

You’re barely recognizable, even to me


To think of all those triumphant times

You were there for me, faithfully

Resounding deep here, in my chest

Providing life to flow so freely

Never restrictive when it mattered most


Oh- I’ve been a poor caregiver truly

I’ve opened the gates of hell it seems

Not knowing its pending consequence

Not knowing what comes, to devour thee

Like pillagers of life in the darkest night


I shamelessly fed thee to worldly wolves

When all I wanted was to let you… be loved


Poet of the Light © 2020