My doctors appointment instigated a medical emergency

It had been awhile since a was seen by a woman

Her most intriguing scent of wild lilacs stole my attention

Near my age with eyes of a vast unknown universe

As my new physician began checking my hearts health

She became puzzled looking and then nervous as hell

She called for help, nurses rushed skillfully inwardly

It seems- she found a most queer heart anomaly; erupting

Thankful I guess, her office was connected to the hospital

And I was rushed in for surgery; exploratory review

Trained triage center for the most severer of cases

I recall the annoying squeaky wheels of my gurney

As they reckously raced me down a maze of hallways

I’m positive; one point- we were traveling on two wheels

Just prior to the loud slamming of the OR doors

As my footrest crashed most forcing them wide open

I can still feel the cold of the wakes wind caused

Chaos was a symphonic motion of people in scrubs

A stoic conductor in a white gown snapped out: “stat”

None-one was looking more concerned than me

My heart beating its own lyrical-less worried song

Last thing I remember; a masked anesthesiologist

Instructing me to count backwards- from a hundred

As my mind raced with my panicked heart for an escape

Suddenly– I was unconsciously at peace in a fog of repose

No noise at all, even my slow thoughts seemed lighter

What followed next- was my conscious, slowly waking

Machines were fastidiously monitoring my life essence

People outside were calmly shuffling about to and fro

My throat a bit horse, my lips cracked and dry- I thirsted

Beneath blood soaked badges my swollen chest hurt

Unable to utter much, I began feeling a bit neglected

Finally came the doctor and nurse- boasting of an update

Once again I felt transported to some aeriform place

Her eyes, like a magical threshold I guess, I attentively listened

It seems that anomaly that she uncovered, was simply

My soul pitter-pattering love; me being a…romantic at heart


Poet of the Light ©2019

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