Felled petals

I admit, it stills exist

In the midst of midnight hours

I’m waken every now and again

By some connected unknown force

Only to end up gently sipping

On steamy insipid coffee in my hand

Where I catch myself sleepily staring

In present with moonlit darkness

At those sworn walls of secrets

Buried like treasure beneath

Seemingly an unblemished surface

Boasting itself a new color

Somehow, I think you’d approve

Life’s strangeness and its ever-changes

That took place, in this room

Since those ole blushing times

When you were too fast for even time

To stop and think things through

And the more your anger thought

The greater that fire within grew

The walls that shattered flying glass

Remained just as scarred as our past

All the painful things you done and said

We both knew hurt and were never true

But all that messy time aside

I can sometimes hear whispers

Of your voice, however- faint

Its reverberation unlocks my restraints

Chills overcome my body

My eyes flood with unyielding tears

I can almost feel you touch me, Darling

Like after you’d stop and realized

Your shaky hands and desperate grip

Somethings were beyond your control

How hard, how hard we both tried

To acclimate the rest of the world to us

As we stood embraced in a torn near silence

A testament to life’s unwanted perplexities

Praying to reclaim, who we were, once

Oh, you were the blossom of a lifetime

Unfurling loves naked vulnerability, to me

Perfect imperfection in too short a life

A colorful and giving essence

Whenever you opened yourself up

But like all perfect divine petals

You were tied to human reality

Grasping for air, as all flames do

In an unchangeable destiny

And as we’ve both came to learn

Sometimes Angels have to fall hard

To live love reborn…as Butterflies

Poet of the Light © 2020


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