Past orally

Beneath a gray mattered skyline

When there are no givers taken

Like a shadow that peregrinates

Alongside unanswered heartbeats

He left a single set of footprints

Amongst threaded mud and snow

Squeaking of near frozen steel hinges

Echo out his obvious arriving presence

In an antique fading mirror, I see him

A heart shepherd with one mission

Maybe winds of change blew elsewhere

He stares nonchalantly out a window

A hefty pack clops on stained planks

Half filled with intangible mementos

A heavy mist plodders its way through

Surrounding sleeping mountain chasms

His hefty pack flops on stain planks

Half filled with intangible mementos

Her fingertips tease with his damp hair

Natural notions from cognitive wishes

To relive time with someone again

And purge the lonely cloak he wears

Chills wandered about my bones

As a lone fire snaps prismatic warmth

He hears the slowing of his own breath

Within his deafening environment

His lips eagerly grow drier by moments

Thirsting to be colorfully quenched

The nighest thing to cathartic music

Be that of the creaking wood cabin

Old cold timbers pressuring its nails

Prelude to slow acclimating comfort

Scented candle wisps mask staleness

Hidden in the visible dusty blanket

Moving daylight gives way to night

Not that he’d notice much difference

Tawny colored bottle offers itself

As a placebo for all that ails you

Undauntedly it continues to age

Staring into his hands empty palm

Closing his eyes to feel her clasp

Oh, time is cruel in loves absence

But circumspectly never as cruel as

Seemingly absent when…love is present

Poet of the Light © 2020


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