Used to

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I used to love the moon at night 
Now it just some overt reminder 
There are other stars in the sky 

I used to wade into the waters 
Before water drowned me in tears 
Now I just watch it all from afar 

I’ve become estranged to believing 
At least the kind I used to trust in
Wordless, truth spoke in the eyes 

I used to love all beautiful things
Old, broken or misused by others 
Long before my whole life changed 

I used to be honest down to my bones 
But now- I can’t tell if I’ll love a lie 
That smiles and whispers: I’m alone 

I used to respect and know myself 
Before getting used to … loving hell 

Poet of the Light © 2021 


26 thoughts on “Used to

      1. It will come in time, and patients with yourself. Just pretend you are speaking (writing) to your best friend, trusting they won’t tell a soul. Start with smal insignificant writes, then start letting your heart speak frankly. Have faith, Kim.

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      2. Oh, I like that idea. Yes, I will try that. Now patience with myself feels like I’m climbing a mountain and cannot get to the top fast enough. Letting my heart speak… I will listen to it. thank you so much❤️

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