We know our true selves, least of all
That incessant magnetism that pulls
Within all the seeable materialism
Like an innate metaphysical power
Drawing a river’s water downstream
Unseen in nature yet visually evident
Seductive, sweeping, seeping motion
We can capture the river in our hands
But never that elusive energy’s flow
Often misconstrued by our lean minds
Committing negligence unintentionally
That's prepared to sacrifice our bodies
Just to bathe in its powerful essence
Obtain euphoric sensational overload
Like a drug, that seizes control of us
Temptation masked as pure innocents
Desire mimicking love from our soul
And like children, we fall into its traps
Unwittingly thinking we can control it
Because desires by emotions are illusions
Because unhappiness radiates out pain
Because an honest love is void from us
Because we are lonely, lost and afraid
Because controlling desire require faith
Because love is unseen to our sensations
Because we are too weak to trust in- love
Do we placate the gulf or fulfill the soul?
Aftermath or celebration will reveal itself
Unlike love that gives, vices only takes
Pieces of us, bit by bit until- we are gone
Categorically abdicating in self surrender
Stealing us from ourselves, our own souls
Running interference to displace us again
From those who could’ve loved us, purely
Gifting them to us as love...unconditionally

Poet of the Light ©


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