Watching others

Talking and laughing

As finger intertwine each other

Until they hurt me;

Here- in this moment

An unseen bloodied battlefield

Tearing at me visually, invisibly

Oh! how I feel you reining

Inside my cloaked insecurity

I’m blind and feeling so tiny

My tears- slowly fall

Blood drops of my hurt soul

Telling a story of their own

Truths of born fools

For those foolish enough

To dare a loves, cruel loss

Like I do- in shadows of you

Where all my defenses are stripped

If only- you’d take me

From these chaotic moments

In your missed mystical ways

Back to a life of our love

We both know in reality

I’m never going to change

Not my nature or my motive

When I follow where my heart leads

They’re simply untamable

By anyone, that’s not going to be, you

I belong only in the midst

Where acceptance found me at my best

Unashamedly au naturel

Beneath a singing moon

Slipped neatly in-between

Folds of your hearts rhythmic beat’s

Embraced; moments of silent comfort

Of your gentle breathes and…loving arms


Poet of the Light © 2019


7 thoughts on “Undyed

  1. It hurts like the dickens when those you love want, nay, demand you to change who you are for one reason or another. Doesn’t matter if such change is beneficial to all, it’s awash in rejection and feeling not good enough. That’s hard enough to deal with. Well, that’s what I picked up from this..and boy O’boy does it say a lot about me. lol

    Great write. Ya made me think.

    Liked by 1 person

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