There are moments in life

When you come to recognize

It’s time- to simply let go

Albeit memories or people

Inevitability remains ugly  

What once held you is fraying

Unrelenting currents have grown  

Time is no longer a family friend        

And bending is no longer the answer      

Everything has its breaking point               

You relinquish to preserve yours

Stretching further already taught seconds                 

I do not relish nor go so easily

But I know, I can’t hold back…gravity 


Poet of the Light © 2022     


5 thoughts on “Pendulum

  1. This writing has hit home for me. YES! At times it is inevitable when we need to walk away from a relationship, but somehow seems harder to do when it is family…… Yet it is needful both for them and for you to keep ones peace. Strength, Hope and Love Always.

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