I’m not scared to be lonely… anymore 
No amount of sorry said will suffice 
Or change the things I did- or didn’t do
With or for someone, maybe even you 
Negligent doesn’t always have a reason
I never wanted or tried to cause any pain
That will always be the absolute truth
At times we don’t know why things- happen
And no one cared to listened heart to heart  
I was simply living life best as I knew 
But I never became the best for anyone
Or so the gossip has now determined
I’ll never know now even for myself 
The innocent time I lost inside of doubts  
In every tear fallen- I cried, and I died 
Just a little bit more over all the years 
Making a river I visit in pure silence 
Knowing inside is an emotional hell alive 
Like my love, it will never end for me 
When I tried talking through my tears
You went quiet, hiding in your stoic self 
Unresolved became my isle of normalcy 
But the most painful lesson I’ve learned 
Water under our bridge was ...only mine 

Poet of the Light © 2021 


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