Like an unwanted flower

Mistaken for as a tattered weed

On the fringe in the wrong garden

I simply, want to live- that love

Others try to write poetry about

But can never seem to capture

In pictures nor mere words

Nor inflected by some ole

Mechanical punctuation

That can’t say the special things

Only a heart can communicate

A love- that expands the universe

In every breath, created and taken

By consummating lovers

Who’d rather give than take

More of themselves, the way

Only light and dark honestly portray

An unyielding bond that ignores

Temptational storms, only seeking

To bring us, broken promised rains

Oh Lord, hear theses my pleads

Send me into this realm of make believe

Where every second I have left

Is a lifetime in itself, that I liveLoved


Poet of the Light © 2019


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