All those times

You never knew

I- felt- so small

Unable to save you

Failed to be a hero in both

Your eyes, your heartache

I cried silently out of your view

So as to try to mimic- hope

So you’d might think, believe

I somehow remained strong

And maybe you’d cling on

To a wisp of a tangible belief

Too many times- became

One time too less

I prayed so hard to take your place

Even as I was breaking, myself

Believing love could erase

All the damage, the mess done

But in time, just like life, love

You even tired of me too

And for you- I left

Secretly I held out for you

But sadly, you never did call

Perhaps too reluctant

To trust what was- our love

You finally slipped off that threshold

Beyond my reach or comprehension

And now, for a moment each day

I recall- the we, we once shared

The love in all its glory, purpose

And I really don’t mind

In these moments, the shed tears

I cherish each drop, how they cling

To the sides of my cheeks

That you once silently caressed

And tenderly kissed

As they slowly mix

With dawns colorful rise

Creating a rainbow in my eyes

Oh Love- that perpetual candle

That burns in our hearts forever

Even when or if…their love is gone


Poet of the Light © 2019


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