Maybe I just don’t wanna know-

Why you let me down, and broke

Everything between the two of us

Misusing me and trust, of our love


I can tell you now this pain won’t subside

Nothing you do now can make me smile

You’ve taken me far too far from there

Where you, life, love and us- mattered


Never in my own wildest imagination

Did I ever think you would make this happen

Not to what we had, or how far we came

From the life we lead, before our yesterdays


I’ve never known this inner state of

Numbness and bitter cold before

Nor this unwanted, blanket confusion

Or an unrelenting echo lies of horrors


No more foolish talking is needed, for me

My torn heart is already screaming, silently

Isn’t knowing simply…more than enough?


Poet of the Light © 2020


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