I knew it was a fresh early morning as

scent of coalescing dew and sun told me so

only to have it feel more like a rain storm

despite what my eyes could see before me.

This epitomized my current days, my life

fueling a need of change, understandment

a re-calibration of realities fact and fiction.

So- I sought a deep and honest conversation

with the man in the mirror but the mirror

only hung silently, depicting a stained fog.

Confused and nervously I pondered about

this elusive meaning, and the real cause

Only to discover the me I knew, was lost,

adrift inside a timeless realm of nothingness.

Somewhere during my peregrination of life

I somehow ended upon a path less taken

by choice while simple trying to survive

much the way a dew drop traverses a raging river

despite have been destined to thrive forever

upon colorful autonomous wave of a free ocean

as it joyfully churns from one wave to another.

It was at this point I realized, I was just a beset bubble

being tossed and turned inside chaos not of my making

and all I needed to do was to burst myself from the illusion

of doom cocooning me and live…my chosen destiny


Poet of the Light © 2019


12 thoughts on “Anomaly

  1. As I read this, I caught strains of music bursting into my thoughts. I thought it paired well, “Man in the Mirror” and this. Enjoyed this, thank you for sharing once again.

    Liked by 1 person

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