Love and time- limited only by

their motivation and direction


Sadness is an emotional storms

reaction to rain only we see unending

as it reverberates inside our lives, minds

and we can’t honestly explain- anything


Is it really so terrible of me

to sit here nearly praying, selfishly

that there was really someone else

to blame- for your sudden leaving?


Memories- ought to be called cruelty

when they plague you like a disease

blocking the present and my reality

from making new moments or dreams


How was I to know- time was a lie- in truth

and we don’t have all we want or need?

How was I to know time would steal you away

when it ran shorter for you than does…for me?


Poet of the Light © 2019

14 thoughts on “Counter-currents

    1. Thank you much for reading and commenting and yes, many memories do act in this way. For me, I think the cruelty aspect is predicated on the depth of love in which they were created…or in some cases, seared into our minds by devastation.

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