Breathtaking moments; absent

Wonderers of the world; average  

And my daydreams have waned

While hope fleeted into silence

Promised horizons; fog riddled

Colors became a dull ignorance

Life, like me, is losing meaning

In life’s envelope and surrounds         

It’s cruelty to learn our greatest

Resides ageless within our past           

To have come so far, yet so short        

In the little time, we’ve inherited     

To lose everything of any value  

After we understand…what matters


Poet of the Light © 2022  

15 thoughts on “Ageism

  1. I absolutely love the in depth meaning of your poetry! Sadly after we have lost much do we see the meaning we hoped we would of seen when in the midst of it. Blessings.

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  2. I understand this perspective and the poem hits the heart that has lost hope. I have found many different levels of the wonder on the earth – that is always right inside of me when ready to see. That has been my journey….pain and understanding and then beauty – same thing but new levels of beauty and love come with the understanding when the suffering subsides❤️💜❤️I wish for you the connection of joy with all that is on this planet and the angels watching over you🎁🌈♥️

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