In the normal moments of life

I learned a great many things

About love, even tragic sorrows


Some took days or years to know

None of which I’ve mastered at all

Moments of questions, left unanswered

To become emotions void of lessons


Most were trying but enlightening

Even in those times of darkness

When I felt the loneliest I’ve known


Those secret times I cried, silently

While standing amongst a crowd

And loudly when I really was- alone


Laughter that reflected a sense of joy

Moments not taken because of an inner voice

But in all of my life before I knew

I never understood, what I thought I did

Let alone felt my lesson’s in its moments


That out of body experience- realization

Something so real, yet most paradisaical

But you came along unexpectedly

The way long awaited answer seem to


You touched me in your own ways

Whenever you touched me, my frail heart

And I- realized, what quintessential…feels like


Poet of the Light © 2019


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